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Hi, this is Gary from Land of Coins com I’m going to do a video now and show you how to edit your auction if you place an
auction through Land of Coins com. I’m going to show you how you can go back to that auction at a later time and edit anything you want on it. You can edit the
title the description, you can edit pictures. You can even edit your pricing such as your starting prices, your reserve pricing. You can edit your time of duration of the auction too. We’re going to go to the computer and I’m going to show you step by step on how to do that. It’ll be a quick video, this way if you will
now know how to edit your options if something changes or you made a mistake. Again this is Gary from Land of Coins. Let’s go to the computer. We’re going to
show you how to adjust an auction, edit an auction that is, so let’s say you have
a coin for auction you want to make an adjustment to it. It could be
anything, it could be a title description, it could be a description of the coin. It
could be that you wanted to take it to a Buy it Now only from an auction, or vice
versa. Say it’s a Buy It Now and you want to let it
go to auction, which is what I’m going to do here buy it now only. Let’s say I want to change this coin to an auction coin, because right now it’s
Buy it Now only so what you do, you log in of course, which in this example we’re
logged in. On the navigation bar you’ll see my panel, just click my panel and this brings you into all your settings, internal settings then you’ll see
selling, click selling and then active auctions because we want to change an auction that’s currently active. Here’s our example, and right here you’ll
see edit on the line in 1897 Indian Head, that’s the one we want to edit. So you
click the edit button and it brings up the listing details, which is exactly the
same page as when you listed the coin. You can
make any adjustments that you want in here. Like I said, title, category, the
description, you can even change pictures if you like. What I want to do on
this one, is to show you is to change from a Buy it Now only, to an auction with a buy
now. What we do here, the first thing is to change the Buy It Now only, to No.
So it does have a buy it now, we changed it to No, which opened up the auction
pricing. Starting price, let’s say $975., and reserve price, say that we want to put a reserve on this because it’s an expensive coin and we’ll put the reserve at $976. because the reserve always has to be more than the starting price. It can’t be
the same and always has to be more. So we’ll make it $1. more. Everything else stays the same. Select Submit Auction and review everything carefully, make sure it’s correct. Right here we do have starting
reserve, everything is correct put your password in and submit the auction.
Confirmation is a success. Go back to auctions and you can look at it, and you’ll
see that it changed. I hope this helps with editing your auctions. Again, thanks for using Land of Coins com. If you haven’t subscribed yet it’s only
$15. a month. You can buy and sell as many coins as you want with no
transaction fees. So thanks again for watching the video.

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