How to Earn FREE Bitcoin Cash to Coins PH using Mobile App Adroid. How to Register? (Recap)

hello guys
and welcome back
again on my youtube channel
and this is David Vlog’s
Learn and Earn to make money online
the video I share with you today
is just a recap of the previous video
that i created recetly
on how can we get
bitcoin cash wallet
in coins ph
if you are ready for this video
just stay there
and video is coming Up!
okay guys
welcome back again
I will teach you
how can we register
in free bitcoin cash
I’ve never shared it
in the previous video I made
so what we do now
I will teach you
on how to register
with this free Bitcoin cash app
mainly guys we just need
to have our email address
at the same time
is our bitcoin cash
wallet address
and that’s what comes
in coins ph
if you are new here
and you have no account on coins ph
I have another video tutorial
how we create an account
in coins ph
and how to verify it
for us to use
the full features of coins ph
and guys
you cannot search it
in App store and iOS
i will share the download link
in the description below
for you to download
on android and iOS
so guys lets start
when you’re new to it
there is a welcome message
to pop-up
minimum payout is 10k satoshi
and it is very easy to collect
on this app
and later
I’ll share with you my latest payout
so you can see
that they really pay their users
okay guys lets start
let’s click the Agree button
and we will ask
for an email address
let’s just input
our email to use
then click Submit
and next
we will ask
for bitcoin cash wallet
so let’s go to coins ph
because this is what we will use
for payout
Lets log-in
then select
BCH wallet
then tap recieve
show my BCH Address
click copy or share
then select copy wallet address
then go back to free bitcoin cash app
and paste it to an empty box
the BCH wallet address
then click submit
so here it’s easy to claim here guys
we have three options
for us to have satoshi
so guys if you can see it
here is our accumulated satoshi claim
that’s the one above with satoshi
here we can claim
in hourly claim
and bonus claim
and other option
you can invite friends
click invite friends
this is our referral link
if you want to share
just copy the link
and share it, in any social media account
that you have
and you can earn in your direct referral
10% each every direct referral you can refer
and I have
training course
that will be shared with you again
this is a free Training
how to make 6-figure side income online
so nice it guys
you will learn here
especially those who are often looking for
make money online
so those are the ones being taught here
about make money online
how we can make money online
so check in the description below
I will input the Link
on how to be register
this is a FREE Training
if you just want to
you can register Link in the Description
and for my latest payout
I tell you I will share it with you
if this app really pays users
lets just go to
my BCH Wallet
check my history
the date today, is friday
august 16, 2019
my last payout was on tuesday
august 13, 2019
if you can see
here it guys
free bitcoin cash paid me
I tell you guys the 10k satoshi
is easy to accumulate
this I recieved was 145k satoshi
okay guys
that’s just how easy
how we can earn
bitcoin cash
here in this app
so guys
my video is up to here
and Don’t forget to
click the Subscribe button
follow by
the notification bell
to notify you
if we have a new
video upload
about how to make money online
so guys thank you for watching
and God bless you all!

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  1. Thank you for watching guys, watch my previous video how to claim in hourly claims and bonus claim watch here: 👌👍

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