How to Do the Scotch and Soda Coin Trick

46 thoughts on “How to Do the Scotch and Soda Coin Trick

  1. @CollegeLoheart You really thought this video was European? Which European country has accent like this or uses dollars? Wow, you're stupid. :-/

  2. @lillibullero yes it is there are few diversion of its Irish Scottish and old english are all divisions sos Cornish if i remember

  3. correction: whiskey comes the gaelic (scottish or irish) word for the drink which is "uisce beatha" pronounced as ishka baha-the word "scotch" simply denotes that the whisky is of scottish origin-also irish whiskey is spelt with the "e" whereas scotch whisky is spelt without-another way u can tell them apart-and i dont even drink it…

  4. @TheDibbly88 my exact thoughts lol…whats the point of the rest of us watching it if we dont even have the trick coins.

  5. @MrMacgeek1 It's a British ha'penny (or half penny), withdrawn c.1968. They measure exactly 1" in diameter

  6. oh great so i got the coins and now i did the trick for my parents. it worked 🙂 but that was just practice, i was going to show my friends and impress them buuuuuttt howcast didnt tell me how to get the coins unstuck! damn you howcast

  7. "Scotch" isn't Gaelic, it comes from the Anglo word meaning Scottish! The Gaelic word for Scottish is "Albannach." "Whisky" comes from the Gaelic "Uisge Beatha" meaning "water of life"

  8. YEAYYY finally this trick is RUINED for us all, since most of us won't even buy the trick coin..
    retards destroying magic like this, luckily there are people around like eric jones who kick ass in magic even without the gimmicks

  9. Why reveal it? Cuz only people interested in learning magic check these. The average person whom you'll be performing for, will not. So let free information be free.

  10. I bought this trick years ago and unless they changed the way they are made, it's NOT magnetized. It does snap in place like he said but the 2 are not being held in place by magnets. The 2 are held together by….well I'm not saying because I don't like these trick reveal videos, though I will still check them out. Also I don't believe that people only interested in doing magic are watching these. People who you will be performing in front of may have seen these videos.

  11. WTF… Scotch doesn't come for the Gaelic "Water of life".
    Uisce Beatha, which literally translates to "water of life", was the name given by Irish monks of the early Middle Ages to distilled alcohol.
    The word "whisky" (Scottish Spelling) or "whiskey" (Irish Spelling) is an anglicized version of this phrase.
    Educate yourself Fool.

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