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100 thoughts on “How to Do the Retention Coin Vanish | Coin Tricks

  1. I know this magic ready it's simple The guy just put the quarter but not real put the quarter in his right hand instead he keep the quarter in his left hand

  2. I remember that I had a magnetic object that I attached to the inside of my long sleeve shirt to make coins disappear. It was called The Raven. it was really cool

  3. It's a fundamental move guys… through practice it can introduce a lot of tricks with this move (along with other vanishes). Yes, the trick may be obvious, but once u mastered it and involve it in some more advance routine, this simple vanish can be really effective.. Only a true practitioner of the mystic arts will understand 😉
    This is where it all began.

  4. I play guitar with carwash tokens and am learning this just to mess with kids and guitarist…add chicks into that

  5. Great Vanish, but it is more a reveal then How to do it. What do you do with your thumb of your right hand? When do you pull the coin back? Its not a good advertisement for your magic lessons..

  6. This is the first magic trick I've ever learned. I was so into magic, and now I'm a school – wide celebrity. Thank you Howcast and I thank you for starting my magic career

  7. The thing is, whoever you're doing this for, whether it be an audience, a few people, or just one person… Their first thought is to check the other hand. No matter how many times I've tried to palm a vanish trick, people always know.

  8. First time watching it I was so amazed, then I watched the reveal and rewatched the first part and now I think it's so obvious lol

  9. You may want to practice more befpre putting a video like this on youtube… you clearly havent begun tp practice it enough with the way it looks

  10. I saw a video where he completely vanished the coin, and open all of he's hands, sleeveless, no watch, hand was stretched out, all spaces of the fingers and the back of the hand where empty. He was also using one hand in this trick. He never bring the coin back. Please how did he did it???

  11. I did this once to my friends, so basically: I told them, give me 2€ (biggest euro coin u can get) if you couldn't guess what's my tricks is, then I'll have the 2€. Side effect is, I lost my friends

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