How to Do Magic Coin Tricks : Back Palm Coin Magic Trick

My name is Wayne Phelps. I’m a professional
magician, and this is What I’m going to teach you guys how to do the
back palm. To do the back palm just show your hand empty, reach up and produce a coin. You
can take a hat, bring the coin down into the hat and put in the hat, come back up and produce
another coin, put that in the hat or the bag and produce another coin; and this can be
done over and over again until you are blue in the face. This, guys, takes a little bit
of practice. I want you guys to understand that I don’t want you to be frustrated if
you can’t back palm a coin right from the get-go. You have to understand what you’re
doing is teaching your hands a motor skill, a motor function. You’re going to drop the
coin, you’re going to throw the coin, you’re going to get frustrated and you’re going
to say you can’t do it. It took me quite a while to learn how to back palm a coin.
So just stick with it and practice it but I promise you this is an effect well worth
practice. This is how it’s done. I recommend using a silver dollar for this. You’re going
to want a larger coin because of what you have to do with the coin. Small coins typically
don’t work. You’re going to practice holding the coin clip between the pinky and the first
finger in your hand, the palm of your hand just like this. The important thing is you
want your hand to look natural and straight, not bent. You’re going to then practice
holding the coin clip between your pinky and your first finger on the back of the hand
just like this, at the back of the palm as well as the front of the palm. To do the back
palm, you’re going to clip it with your thumb, middle and pointer finger, press the
coin against the back of your fingers, clip it with your fingers and then now your hand
is straighten out. This is probably when you’re going to drop the coin for the first couple
of times. So it looks like your hand is empty, reach up, produce the coin and then just move
it to the back to vanish it and when we have an empty hat, a paper bag or something, you
can put that coin into the hat and just produce another coin. Put it into the hat. Produce
another coin. Put that into the hat as well and you can keep doing this as many times
as you want, coin, hat, coin. That’s the back palm.

100 thoughts on “How to Do Magic Coin Tricks : Back Palm Coin Magic Trick

  1. tried it with a sacajuwhatshername dollar coin – too small. and where am I gonna get a halfdollar or silverdollar??

  2. I live in the EU….. we don't have silver dollars, stupid €2 coins are the biggest but they are smaller than silver dollars:(

  3. u produce a coin, keep it in a hat. produce a coin, keep it in the hat and so on. but what r u going to do with the "produced coins" and the hat?

  4. I paused it at 20 seconds to drink some water and I'm like
    "So, he just puts it between his fingers… Professional magic- Oh, it's shitty ol' expertvillage."
    God, I hate this channel.

  5. @tylerduncan000 Only other option is an old silver dollar, but I haven't seen one in years. People most be holding on to them.

  6. i love how everyone spends half of their tutorial talking about how much time it takes to learn and how much frustration it causes rather than just going straight to the tutorial

  7. @the2ndend dude I wouldn't drop out of collage to lurn this trick, and by the way if theres a way try and get back into your collage or self educate (my spelling is bad soz). Anyways my point is just to give you some support so that you don't feel on your own k? ^_^

  8. i hate you … 1st reason is that i have to small hands 🙁 2nd reason is that i have a too big coin!!! 3rd is that i still have to small hands so you can see the GIGANT coin … its from malta 😛

  9. only if the australian 50 cent was bigger!
    The biggest coin doesn't even make it past my two fingers together

  10. I tried this for days and days. Then I noticed that the coin I used was simply to small for my rather big fingers…
    Now I use a poker chip.
    It worked right the first time I tried it… 😀

  11. I can do it with a dollar so first fold the dollar up and do it the same way but I takes more practice

  12. I have a question, have you wondered this method called the Intellitus Cash System? (google it). My uncle says it gets people oodles of cash.

  13. Umm… People don't think a super stiff straight hand is normal. They would believe bent. Imagin yourself walking with stuff hands.-.

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