How To Do 2 IMPRESSIVE Flourish Tricks! – Coin Roll + Ring Roll (TUTORIAL)

60 thoughts on “How To Do 2 IMPRESSIVE Flourish Tricks! – Coin Roll + Ring Roll (TUTORIAL)

  1. When ever I watch Alex' vids and the wonderful locations presented within, resorts & spa's, luxury hotels, beaches and seasides (not to speak of the blonde lady in the breakfast pool 😉 I ask myself: How to make this kind of living from youtubbing and selling NOCs (and some other magic related activities)? Alex, I think THIS deserves a whole series of tutorials…

  2. No one else noticed you said "and that is the coin roll" at the end of the ring roll!! Loved the video Alex.. I've wanted to learn the coin roll for awhile. Thanks!!

  3. beautiful flourishes just one question…. with the coin flourish should we keep our hand parallel to the ground or inclined

  4. Hi Alex,
    I ordered a svngali 01 forbidden deck on august 23rd and on september 4th it says it was delivered, but I didn't get anything.
    It seems to be delivered at the airport in Frankfurt but I live in Cologne and nothing happens. I wrote many E-Mails and I got no answers. Can you help me in any way?
    The order is the number 1379

    Regards Julian

  5. Hi Alex

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