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Hello everyone, let’s open the worksheet Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel you can find the link to this app in the comments below And today we’re going to be counting some coins, but before we count coins in total Let’s remind ourselves the value of each coin that we have in the United States our First coin is pretty small and it’s not worth that much either. It’s one penny and it’s worth one cent Our next coin is a little bit bigger It’s called a nickel and it’s worth five cents Our third coin believe it or not is our smallest coin. We call it a dime but a dime has a greater value than the other two coins a dime is worth ten cents and Lastly our biggest coin which is worth. The most is a quarter and a quarter is worth 25 cents Let’s use this information to help us complete our worksheet. Let’s read the directions get started right away Settle the set of coins on the right that equal the cents on left In order to complete today’s worksheet. We’re going to count both sets of coins to make sure that we have the right answer Let’s get started our first problem wants us to find 23 cents So I know when I add up my coins or count them together. I want a total of 23 cents Let’s count the first coins I always want to start with the biggest coin So my first problem, I see a quarter well. I know a quarter is worth 25 cents so Already I’m starting to think this isn’t the right answer, but let’s count up all the coins just to make sure So I have a quarter. I also see that I have a nickel. I know nickels worth five cents And I also have one penny and two pennies. I’ll list them separately as well So if I wanted to add this up I can add five plus five and five plus five is ten But I have to add one two more Ten plus two is twelve and to write twelve in this problem. I’m gonna have to write it two in the ones place Carry over my ten to the tens place and I can add two plus one To give me 32 and the first group of coins. Give me a total of 32 cents. That’s not correct Let’s check the next group of coins again. Let’s start with the biggest coins Remember we have our goal of 23 cents Well in this problem. I see two dimes, so I’m gonna write two tens And if I’m already doing some quick mental math, I know that 10 plus 10 is 20 so I know I’m getting close to my goal and now I see three pennies So I’m going to put three ones in one place Now if I were to add these up 10 plus 10 like we said is 20 plus one plus one plus one Well in the ones place we have a three and in the tens place 1 plus 1 is 2 and Voila we have our total of 23 coins the second group of coins shows us 23. Let’s take a look at the next example In the next example we have a goal of 7 cents So again, let’s start with the biggest coins in the first group add them up or count them So in the first group we have a nickel which is worth 5 cents We also have two pennies, so I’ll add those in our ones place as well if we added 5 plus 1 plus 1 5 6 7 well that’s our goal right there 7? But let’s check the other one just to make sure in my other group of coins I have a dime our biggest coin which is worth 10 so already I know this is not the right answer, but I’ll finish it just to be a good student I have a nickel as well, so that’s worth five I’ll add that to my ones place and a penny which is worth one and if we were to add ten plus five plus one in the ones place 5 plus 1 is 6 And the tens place 1 plus nothing is 1 and that’s 16 cents That’s too much, so I know the first group of coins and represents 7 cents Let’s check out our third example In this problem, we have a goal of 16 cents, so let’s count that first group of coins again starting with the biggest coin So we have 10 cents With a dime we also have 5 cents from the nickel and 1 cent from our penny and if we were to add up 10 plus 5 plus 1 Well, we have 5 plus 1 in the ones place in that 6 and we have a 1 in the tens place That’s one and that matches we have 16 cents in this first group that seems pretty good to me But as always let’s just check the second group of coins just to be sure My second group of coins. I actually have two quarters That’s 25 plus 25. I know that’s way too much, but of course I’ll count all the coins. I have one more penny, so let’s add these up If I add 5 plus 5 in there once place. I know that’s 10 if I had one more That’s 11 So I know I can put one in the ones place and carry my 10 One into my tens place and now when I add 2 plus 2, that’s 4 Plus 1 more than 4 plus 1 is 5 that’s 51 cents. That’s way too much So I know the first group of coins really represents 16 cents For our last problem. We have a goal of 40 cents, so let’s count up the coins In our first group. I see a quarter is worth 25 cents I See 2 dimes which is worth 10 cents each, so let’s write down our two tens and Then I also see one nickel, so let’s write down our five for our nickel And we add five plus five in our ones place. We have ten Put the zero in the ones place carry over the one if I were to add one plus one. That’s two Two plus two is four and four plus one is five. That’s fifty cents. That’s a little bit too much I don’t think this is the right answer Let’s check and count the second group of coins for my second group of coins I see twenty five cents with a quarter I See a dime, which is worth ten cents and a nickel so let’s add five plus five in the ones place 5 Plus 5 is 10 0 and carry the 1 1 plus 2 is 3 and 3 plus 1 is 4 Giving us our goal of 40 cents Making the second set of coordinates the correct representation Remember boys girls remind yourself how much each coin is worth And line them up using place value and add the coins together to be able to count your coins correctly Great job boys and girls. See you next time Like us and subscribe to our channel find links to our apps and comments below

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