How to book a FOREX rate in CurrencyXchanger (CXR) | Currency Exchange Software

Bookings and quotes. In this video I’m going to take you through how we can create a booking or a quote for a customer based on a certain currency that they’re actually wanting to book a rate for.
What we can do is go into our model for booking, so clicking right here, we need to create a new one. Up in our toolbar we’ll click on New and here we can enter in the information. For example, say we only want to do bookings for customers that are already in our system. You don’t necessarily want to create bookings for just any customer that we haven’t actually dealt with yet. We can enter in this information right here. We’ve got the value date first so let’s say our
customer wants to come in in a couple of day’s time. We can put in the date for a couple of days of when you want this booking for. The customer that’s come in or the customer that’s called us let’s say is Tony. Let’s see if we have a Tony. Yup. It’s Tony Blair. He’s on the phone; he wants to make a booking on a certain currency.
Let’s pick this customer. He wants to buy from us so that means we’re going to sell to him. Let’s check this We Sell button and now the amount. In this example he would like to buy 1,400 and Euros. Once I tab down it’s going to ask us what he wants to buy. He wants to buy this in cash so let’s select Cash and Okay. You’ll also see that the Exchange Rate has already been pulled through from the rates that we have so 1.43915. You also have your Inverse Rate underneath as well.
Now for this example, Tony happens to be a very longtime customer and we actually want to give him a bit of a better rate. You can actually edit this right here. Let’s edit this to just 1.4. Then it tells us how much Tony will actually owe us in our local currency, U.S. dollars, in order to purchase the Euros which is 1,960. For all of your bookings we want to put maybe a flat fee on that so let’s put a flat fee in there and then once we tab down, it calculates the total amount that now Tony will need to give us in order to get the Euros from us. We’ve got 1,962 U.S. dollars and fifty cents all in your local currency. We can now add any remarks that we want, any comments in this box right here. Let’s just say this is valid for one day only. Booking Method; Tony’s on the phone so we’re going to put phone as the Booking Method.
You’ll notice a checkbox, Check to Confirm right here. If this is actually a booking that Tony would like to confirm, we will select this box. If Tony’s just phoning up simply for a quote and he isn’t actually going to commit to buying these Euros from us, we don’t want to check this box.
The system will still save all of this information logging it in our records saying that Tony phoned, he was inquiring about this amount but it was just a quote. There was not commitment on either end, but if we want to make sure that it’s a booking, Tony’s going to come in in a couple of days and this is what he wants, we have to check this box, Check to Confirm.
Now we can save this booking. You’ll see that we have the booking already saved for us right here.
Now, Tony comes in two days later. Let’s complete this transaction. We go into our Invoices and on the toolbar we click New. We know that it’s Tony that’s just come in so we can type that in, select him and you’ll see that the system will actually generate a warning alert saying this customer has an outstanding booking. Great; let’s click on Okay. Now we need to pick that outstanding booking from a list of bookings that he may have created with us in the past. We only have one so we can just select the one that we created just recently. We can check some of the information; it’s Euros, the amount, the rate, the date that we did it on and then the valid date or the value date right here.
Yes, this is the one we want. We can also check Our Remarks, valid for only one day so we need to make sure that it’s the right . date that we’re doing this and then we can select Pick. The system will automatically bring through all of the information for us so we don’t need to populate anything. We now need to simply finish the transaction. Let’s click on Add Row and again, we’re having a little bit of a warning here saying that you were selling cheaper than the default selling rate. That’s because Tony was a longtime customer as we discussed and we’re giving him a better rate. It’s just good to know that the system will tell you that you are going cheaper than the default selling rate. Let’s just Ignore and Continue because we’re fine with that. Now we can click on Save. Again we’re getting our warnings just saying how we’re selling at a lower rate than the sell rate. That’s fine because we’ve already agreed to that with Tony, so Ignore and Continue and you can see that the line has been added. Now we just need to finish this transaction with Tony owing us 1,962.50 in U.S. dollars. Let’s say we’re going to add a row and he gives us 2,000. Click on Add Line and now we owe him 37.50 change. We can just issue that right now and just click on Add Line to finish the transaction. You can see that it’s all balanced so we can save this invoice. That is how you complete the transaction once you’ve created a booking for Tony. If we go back into our bookings module you’ll now see that when I filter them by Completed that Tony Blair, 1400 Euros has been completed, the booking has now been put through the invoices and no longer pending.

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