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In this video I will share with you online application in Acadsoc plus tips and guide Is it your first time to be here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the Subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads This is part 2 of our Acadsoc video Part 1 is in the video description which is about Acadsoc How much can you earn from here? Part-time: 8k to 15k per month Full-time:30k to 50k per month or more That’s how much you can earn here It’s for students, moms, or those who are looking for part-time The process is through online application you don’t need to go out of your house These are the 4 steps of their hiring process Online application, skype interview, training, and demo class We’re not including the Qualified steps anymore Make sure to finish the video Watch the whole video Teacher Justine is an ESL Tutor She gave tips for the demo class Her tips are applicaple in Skype interview and demo class First step is online application In our video description, Application link click that and you’ll be taken to a google form This is the application form Just fill up this one page form Fake details are not allowed You can answer that Skype ID is not required if you don’t have one It’s still better if you create one Because in the online world or if you have a foreign client, Skype is a must Create one if you don’t have It’s okay even if you’re in any country You can be in KSA Malaysia Indonesia America You can all apply here in Acadsoc If ever you didn’t pass in the first step as soon as you meet the requirements you can already reapply Second step is Skype interview You’ll be interviewed with the Acadsoc HR It’s just basic questions Tell me something about yourself Just like that After the interview, you’ll have a 5-minute mock lesson They’ll try your teaching skills After passing the Skype interview, They’ll give you an offer or rate For newbies without certificates, it’s 90 pesos per hour as the lowest but if you didn’t like the offer still go for it because if your performance is outstanding here you’ll get a rate increase Receive contract is not included, this one’s outdated You’ll know right away the result of the Skype interview If you didn’t pass, you have to wait 3 months before reapplying Step three is training After Skype interview, if you fininshed it in the morning you can have your training in the afternoon or the next day Step three is training You’ll have your login details and the training kit is on the website You’ll also get trainings from your trainer You can reschedule your training date if ever you’re not yet available Last step is demo class you’ll be having a class with chinese student Do your best This is the final step Prepare yourself and do your best Salary increase in Acadsoc is performance-based If you do your best here it’s not impossible that the initial rate that was given to you can go even higher I am not saying it’ll automatically happen but it’s not impossible I’m with T. Justine to give tips for the demo class James: What tips can you give for background? T.Justine: For background, I have this tarpaulin but at first, when I applied it’s just plain Plain background Plain is what’s advisable Any color but it’s bright colors are better If there are picture frames in the background or curtain, much better to remove it first during the interview The point there is that if you do demo class the student might get disturbed “Oh teacher, what’s that?” “Teacher, what’s that?” They get disturbed by what’s in the background Plain is advisable Even if it’s not white as long as it’s plain You need confidence even if you’re not that good as long as you’re lively They want cheerful teachers Since you’re a teacher, they want you to always smile so they’ll like you You should really be lively really energetic that’s number 1 and cheerful too James: Are you putting on make-up? T.Justine: I don’t Just putting on liptint but you may if you like to put some if that’ll make you more confident then you may put on make-up It’s not prohibited but it should be presentable make-up Not too much make-up Like full-packed make-up like you have a prty to go to Make it presentable like a teacher should be and also decent James: Earings? T.Justine: They are not prohibiting that James: Clothing or shirt? T.Justine: You should look presentable Since you’re a teacher you want to gain student’s respect so you need to wear something professional You can put on blazer or anything that has a collar as long as it’s presentable James: How about lower? T.Justine: There’s none since they can’t see that Mostly, I’m in my pajamas shorts, you’re just at home anyways James: Top is what’s important T.Justine: Visible in the screen just like that Sometimes, it’s just until here because you’re just close to the camera since it’s a one-on-one They’ll just see your collar and your face Putting perfume is not required [laughs] For Final demo class, you’ll be given a schedule You’ll see int in your schedule If today is Monday my demo class is tomorrow Check your schedule The name is there and time click that then you’ll see the lessons There’s a mark there if it’s in yellow that’s your lesson since your class is still tomorrow there might be other teachers to do demo class the lesson might change What we’re usually doing you’re checking the next lessons in advance You’ll read through it Review it then your preparation– In final demo class, the student usually is adult A university student or working adult Meaning, they know how to speak they know English not like for kids that you’ll play puppets or slow pacing If you want to you may depends on your strategy You need to ready your dictionary online dictionary you can just search online and the Chinese and English translator You can use Google wherever you’re most comfortable It should translate English to Chinese You’ll read the lesson You’ll strategize on how much time per page You have to maximize the 25 minutes There are really long lessons and lessons that are really short You have to strategize Like for first page, vocabulary words Usually, it’s vocabulary words You should know it you should know how to discuss there are meanings but in final demo class, since your student is not that good they want your explanation to be very simple What I can advise when it comes to vocabulary words explain it using our own words If you depend online, it’s to deep Explain it based on your own understanding that you can explain it to your student easier After that if the word can be searched as picture you can search in Google type the word the picture will appear send it through chatbox The student will see that that is the word It’s the meaning This picture is what it means It’s more clear since it’s a picture he understand it because it’s the word James: That’s just a sample T.Justine:Yes, an example. Let’s say for number one, once the student understood the meaning of number 1 vocabulary word You can tell them “Can you try to make a sentence?” That’s where you’re going to check their understanding Checking the understanding of the student So, you’ll know if the student understood it That’s the goal They’re studying to learn Let them try if they know how to use it in a sentence then after that go to the next page Tip is before we move to the next page, ask them Do you have any questions in this page? To make it clear that he understood then go to the next page Another tip, when the student is reading an article or sentences we should actively listen if they mispronounce a word, we can correct them right away “Okay, this is the correct pronounciation” You’ll type it in your notes the words that are mispronounced because after the lesson like for wrap up once you’re done with your lesson you’re done studying it in 23 minutes since it should be 25 You can stop at 23rd minute Wrap up Tell them “Okay, it’s almost time so let’s talk about the feedback” These are my feedbacks for you those that you typed these are the words that you need to remember so please practice them then give them tips Number one, we can say you can read English books Short stories, and news number 2, watch English movies and TV shows or number 3, Find a partner or a friend and try to have a simple conversation in English So, it can be instilled in their minds on how they can continue studying you can also say “Lastly, you should have more English classes with us” For them to learn more Tell them your name For the introduction Let’s try to make them comfortable with us I forgot about that You’ll just give a brief introduction about yourself James: Sample ma’am This is her work station She has a computer and chair She’s now ready for her student This is her headset How much is it? 4,500 pesos You can use it for music too [music]

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  2. Thank you Sir James for this video, plano ko talaga mag home based job lalo na yung pag turo ng English. My tanong lang ako kahit walang diploma or certificate pwede mg apply?

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  13. Pa help po guys. anu po ba ang mas magandang specs sa laptop na pang online tutorial at anu ang brand? budget 6k to 8k kahit second hand lang 🙂

  14. Sir OK ba to use MacBook Pro (laptop) with AcadSoc system? Thanks

    How about using bluetooth earphones like my AirPods?

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    I was working in here for about 3 5months .

    * Low Salary , Delayed pa Salary
    *Yung TM is always busy ,hirap ma follow up
    *Parang lakas lakasan
    *Yung advertisement is malayong malayo sa Reality
    *Hindi ka naman talaga maka full work eh kasi tamad yung ibang TM.

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