How To Add Funds To Your Steam Wallet With PayPal Or PaySafeCard

Hey guys, let’s see. Hey guys this is KeyBoardComedian2001 Because my dad is trying to sleep So today This Tutorial is on how to add funds to your Steam Wallet with PayPal So as you can see here this one Freedom Family Limited sent you Money on my PayPal account since I am with that Youtube partnership in In order Now you must have PayPal account, i already have it, so i’m not gonna create new one, so go in there *Music playing* Without further an do, let’s get started Today this is an tutorial So 1st, you must have your Steam account. When you are on there, click on *Account details* *Music playing still* Now, click add money to steam wallet Then prefer whatever you want, i’m gonna say 5€ And, you want PayPal account, make sure you sure PayPal Alright, so Alright guys, i’m gonna censor my phone number, and he in the address details. So anyone won’t find out *Music still playing* So guys, i bet it might take long So, type your Type your password Okay And I have censored my email address and phone number So anyone won’t see Now you gonna, what you gonna do? Click *Continue* Okay, so now, now click accept, and buy And there we go, you have added it So guys Thanks for watching this tutorial And that’s it, this is how you add funds to your Steam wallet with PayPal Before we end this video, you on PayPal account So, check it out, refresh. And boom There we go, we are here, you have sended that on Steam If you have problems with Steam and PayPal, comment down below, this is me saying, so yeah, goodbye.

13 thoughts on “How To Add Funds To Your Steam Wallet With PayPal Or PaySafeCard

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  2. Hi! thank you so much! im viewing this on 2017, btw newbie here! if i use paypal will it automatically added to may account? or they will send me a giftcard to my address? Thanks

  3. En ymmärrä ostin paysafen rkioskilta sit meen sinne lunasta steam lompakko koodi tai lompakko koodi sitte laitan koodin mut sanoo virhe

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