How The Stars Of Teen Mom Really Make Their Money

The cast of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise is predominantly
comprised of women who really know how to hustle. Whether they’re promoting tons of products
on Instagram, writing books, or launching brands, these young moms do way more than
stir up irresistible drama for the channel that used to be non-stop music videos. Though some cast members have been more forthcoming
than others about how much they make on the show, it’s clear that over the years, they’ve
all gone from their tough high school pregnancies, to living pretty comfortable lives. So how are they raking in that bank? Here’s how the stars of Teen Mom really make
their money. Mom brand Teen Mom fan favorite Chelsea DeBoer got lots
of support from her father, Dr. Randy Houska, when she had daughter Aubree with then-boyfriend
Adam Lind. Since then, she probably doesn’t need the
help anymore thanks to a slew of Instagram endorsements, including sunglasses, waist
trainers, and mommy-focused lifestyle brands. According to Business Insider, so-called “social
media influencers”, like DeBoer who has north of five million followers as of 2018, have
the potential to earn “six-figure incomes and as much as $9,000 per post.” “You were staring at me.” “That was leaned up, like, wonder if she thinks
I’m cool.” “You were cool, obviously” On top of that, she and her current husband,
Cole DeBoer, have actual jobs. He’s a “traffic control specialist” in their
home state in South Dakota and Chelsea works as an esthetician at a spa. “Where ya sittin? Oh my goodness, right there?” “He’s mine.” “He’s mine.” That’s not even counting the salary Chelsea
makes for Teen Mom, which her ex, Adam Lind, claimed in an Instagram rant was $250,000
for the 2015 season of the show, and upwards of $300,000 for subsequent seasons. Making it Reign Stay-at-home mom Catelynn Lowell and husband
Tyler Baltierra have admitted they’re not sure what they want to do with their lives,
so it’s a good thing they have reality TV to sustain them until they figure it out. “One day I’m gonna marry this kid. He might not know it, but he’s f——-. He’s f——-…He’s gonna be my husband.” On top of making bank off of Teen Mom, they
tried to cash in on another reality series for MTV called Reunited, which ended up turning
into a “one-time special.” The duo also appeared on VH1’s Couples Therapy
in 2013, for which they were rumored to make an estimated $100,000. Outside of TV, Baltierra and Lowell wrote
a book, Conquering Chaos, and launched a clothing line called Tierra Reign. Back in 2014, Lowell told In Touch that she
and Baltierra were “financially stable,” holding down gigs “caring for developmentally disabled
adults”, although it’s unclear these days whether they’re still punching that clock. Both Lowell and Baltierra also seem to be
monetizing their Instagram accounts with sponsored posts. Instagram idol While she’s had a few jobs during her time
on Teen Mom, including gigs as a tanning salon clerk and a Mary Kay consultant, Leah Messer
still seems to be searching for the perfect career. She took a crack at cosmetology school and
briefly enrolled at West Virginia State University. However, her struggles with depression and
anxiety, as well as the difficulties of balancing a job with taking care of her three children,
have recently taken top priority. “Like sometimes you can crash by trying to
be too much, y’know? And I don’t want that to happen either.” As far as side hustles go, Messer has been
known to promote assorted products. In Touch reported that she repped lipstick
company LipSense in 2017, and in 2018, she got involved with a customized clothing line
called Live Your Standard, which she plugs on Instagram. Thankfully, Messer also has income from the
show as well as child support from both her exes. One of them, Jeremy Calvert, reportedly takes
home around $200,000 a year as a pipeline engineer, according to OK!. If she keeps going with those potentially
lucrative Instagram promos, the sky’s the limit. Business savvy According to The Herald Bulletin, Amber Portwood
disclosed in a court hearing that she made “$140,000 for a six-month contract with MTV”
in 2010. Assuming she’s been able to negotiate up from
there since then, that’s a nice chunk of change to be making on its own. She also wrote a book, started a house-flipping
company, and launched a makeup line and clothing boutique. She explained her multifaceted approach to
money-making, telling IBT, “I like to be independent in that way. I like to invest my money in a lot of things
instead of just living off of it. […] I don’t see how any of us could star
on Teen Mom and go and work [for] somebody. […] I think we need to be smart.” Jenelle’s Jacksons Revealing in a 2015 radio interview that she’d
made over half a million dollars on Teen Mom since first appearing on the series in 2009,
Jenelle Evans has since earned a degree in medical assisting and written a book. According to E! News, Evans’ role on the show
was in question in 2018, after her husband, David Eason, got booted for allegedly making
homophobic remarks on social media. Evans then openly lamented being unable to
leave the show, due to her contractual obligation. But she also has a few other side streams
going. Her makeup and clothing lines launched in
late 2017. Evans has even entered the the tech sector
with an emoji app. Bookout’s book smarts According to an interview with The Ashley’s
Reality Roundup, Maci Bookout graduated from Chattanooga State Community College with an
associate’s degree in media technology in 2015. She put those book smarts to use by founding
her own social media marketing company, telling IBT, “I don’t brand it as me from MTV or on TV,
if people don’t watch the show then they would never know that I’m on TV. I don’t bring it up.” On top of that, Bookout is involved with her
husband’s apparel company, Things That Matter, which is routinely featured on the show. “Shouts to Maci she planned everything.” “And I didn’t tell anybody” She’s also hip to the Instagram branding game,
promoting everything from movies, to fitness products and weight loss tea. Not enough for you? Bookout has also written two books. Scandalous stacks Though she’s no longer on the series, Farrah
Abraham is arguably the most successful outside of it, thanks in part to her forays into adult forms of
entertainment. But Abraham also makes plenty of loot in other
ways, promoting weight loss teas and other items on social media, as well as operating
a boutique, a furniture store, and a froyo shop. She even acted in a few B-movies, dabbled
in pop music, and managed to land a spot on Couples Therapy by allegedly faking a relationship. As a result, she clocked an estimated net
worth of more than $1 million in 2017, according to The Squander, which is far and above any
of her MTV peers.

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