How Much Money Do Models Make? (Modeling Career Salary = Shocking)

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how much do models really make the truth well I’m gonna cover all of that but
watch until the end so you can get my best tips on how to really make money in
modeling so the first important thing is guys and girls get paid differently
girls get paid almost two times as much as guys I know yeah that is not fair
but that is how it is in the rest of the world people complain that you
should not be paid less based on your sex right well in modeling guys are
still paid a lot less than girls but that being said there are also a lot
more jobs for girls than there is for guys now that’s not normally a good
thing because there are also a lot more girls so the competition for girls is a
lot bigger so how much can you really get paid well the truth is you can get
paid anything from absolutely nothing nothing nothing yes you’re not guaranteed any
money in this industry but it can go up to millions yes millions but only for
supermodels and they are less than one point probably 0.1% I would say there is
also a huge difference between international modeling and modeling in a
certain country international modeling that’s a lot different you work on
contracts you go to for two or three months to a specific country if you work
really well you can extend it and you can stay a little bit longer and so in
that specific country they pay you a specific amount so that’s different some
countries like China pay per hour right and some countries pay for a half day and
a fullday and it’s all different okay I just want to apologize for the noises in the
background because I cannot find a quiet place here anyway so please bear with me
alright alright so let’s just recap guys and girls get paid differently you can
get paid anything from absolutely nothing to millions and the third thing
is countries pay differently now I have looked at some of the YouTube videos and
I am a little bit shocked by what some of the models would say they would say
hey you can get paid anything from 1000 US to 10,000 per day well that’s not
true that’s only if you get a job and jobs don’t come easily if you don’t have
a job you get paid absolutely nothing it doesn’t work like a normal job you don’t
get paid per month you only get paid for the jobs that you do now you get paid
for different kind of jobs there’s showrooms there is photoshoots, there is TV
commercials, fashion shows there’s a lot of different jobs now showrooms and
fashion shows and events they are the jobs that well they don’t really pay
that well photo shoots pay a little bit more but it depends on what kind of
photo shoot you do e-commerce doesn’t play that well and then you get better
photo shoots where you get paid more if it is for campaigns or for stills print
and that kind of stuff and then TV commercials man they pay the most another factor that comes into play is
models get paid differently because of their rank and their experience so what does that mean well when you start out modeling you start out brand new you don’t
have a lot of good photos and you don’t have good experience but as the years
pass you portfolio looks at a lot better to present to the clients and you have a
lot more experience so you get paid more for the jobs now different agencies also
have different reputations and so they also have different prices for example
Turkey Istanbul the agencies there have different prices for their models so if
you go to a good agency you might get a little bit more money if you go with a
so-so agency you might get a little bit less money but some agencies are also
very good but they just drop the prices so that they can get more jobs so be
very careful when you choose an agency now the main question everybody has is how
much does the average model make well well to be honest the average model
is struggling to survive so they get second and third jobs it’s
not that easy to be a model right now it used to be a lot easier even when I
started there used to be less agencies and less models so less competitions now
what happened is you have Booker’s that work with an agency for a few years and
then they leave and then they start their own agency so the agencies just
get bigger and more so what happens is they get more models and more models and
there’s not enough jobs for everybody that is the truth now some of you have
asked how much do I make Daniel now how much money do you make and is it
risky well for me on some contracts I have made nothing that just happens it’s the
risk that comes with Modeling but some of my best contracts I’ve made up to 30,000
US dollars which is a lot of money right but I did not make thirty thousand US
dollars when I started out as a model that comes with experience and the more
your portfolio grows and as you grow you get smarter with castings in the
countries that you go to in the decisions that you make with your
modeling career and you also need a very good mother agency so guys what I’m
trying to say here is there is no guarantee in how much money you can make
in modeling it’s very hard for different kind of people and it really depends on
the way you carry yourself remember what Gavin said but ultimately
it’s about setting your self so can you walk into your home and sell yourself
does the client want you to be the name and face of that package whatever the
product may be so it’s about your look it’s about selling yourself and it’s
about being professional but a lot of people don’t realize about modeling is
that it is a job and if you’re a secretary or doctor or lawyer
you show up on time you make your appointments you act in a professional
way and being a model it has the same requirements so it’s about how you
look but also how you conduct yourself because it’s easy to say I’m a
male model but am i a working male model that’s where the difference is so yes
your look and your height and your size but also how professional are you and that’s
what can make you a successful model Modeling is grueling especially for
girls because there’s a lot of work there’s a lot of travel you need to be
physically and mentally fit to be a successful model you see it really
depends on how you carry yourself the decisions that you make modeling can be
awesome you can go to these most amazing places but it does come with a lot of
sacrifices and a lot of challenges I’ll make a video about the cost of modeling
just so you know how hard it can be and I’ll talk about some personal
experiences that I had in my life I know some of these stuff is maybe not
something that you expected but I’d rather really speak the truth so that
you know how it really works now I told you I will tell you the best ways to
make money if you watch the video to the end so here we go
number one build your book up as fast as you can if you cannot pay for
photoshoots go online to websites like model mayhem and other websites and look
for photographers that are also new and they are also looking to build their
portfolios up and then you start to talk to them and say hey can we do a photo
shoot where you use my photos for your book and I’ll use your photos for my
book and then you build a portfolio up it might not be that great at the
beginning but you’ll have a lot more pictures and the clients can see the
different kind of poses that you can do and what you can really bring to them
and as time goes on all the jobs that you do make sure you write those names
down get those pictures and remember clients are
stingy photographers as well sometimes they say hey I’ll send you the pictures
but they don’t I think I’ve only gotten around 30% of all the photos that I did
in my whole modeling career so it’s hard to get the photos write down the name
and if the client or photographer don’t want to give you the pictures go and
look for it online when it is available second get a very good mother agency
that believes in you and your talents it’s very very hard and there’s been so
many of my friends that just had bad agencies that don’t believe in them and
they just don’t get anywhere with their modeling career so make sure you choose
the right agency if they don’t really care about you
don’t stick around get another agency that believes in you
sometimes the mistake models make is that they try to go for all the big names big
agencies and then they go for them but there are so many models and what ends
up happening is that they are just another number so they don’t get the attention
that they need you need that attention especially at the start of your modeling
career but there are also bigger agencies that are really good and they
do really care so try to find an agency that will really care about your
modeling career and about your own future now my third tip is when you
start traveling you go to all the international markets right it’s a lot
of fun but then you start realizing in which markets you work really well for
example you might go to let’s say Paris and you don’t work that well but then
you go to Germany and you work a lot then you go to China and it’s like not
so good then you go to South Korea and Wow suddenly you start to work so you
start to realize which markets suit your specific look
and then what you do is after a few years you just go over those markets
where you work really well why well because you start to build more clients
so when you go the first time you might make only four thousand us next time you
go you might make seven then the third time you go you might make twelve and
then it just increases because we you come back the clients and the studios
remember you and they’re like hey Paul’s back Jennifer is back hey we’d
like to work with her again and so your client base grows and that is how a
model really start to make money all right my fourth tip is guaranteed
contracts now what is a guaranteed contract now a guaranteed contract is
basically a contract that guarantees you money it means an agency offers you a
contract where they say hey come over here work for us for two or three months
and we guarantee you a specific amount of money of let’s say four thousand US
dollars eight thousand US dollars or more it depends on the quality of model
that you are howput your book is and how much experience you have
unfortunately guaranteed contracts are only offered to really good models
that’s been working for a few years but as time goes on and you’re book grows
and you grow you will get there now I also just want to add that you
don’t need to go to a modeling school to start modeling if an agency believes in
you they will help you to get where you need to go because they are in charge of
organizing and helping your model career grow so you don’t need a model school
especially a model school that is not a model agency there are also model schools that
claim that they can get you jobs but it’s a lie they just want you
to pay them dont fall for it all right now go check out the videos on my
youtube channel there’s a playlist about modeling that will really help you out
now if you really want to get a lot more tips about castings how to make money
all these kind of stuff and also the countries you can travel to there’s a
lot of stuff that I talked about in my model book. I’ve added the link here in
the description down below so check it out now if you’re new on my channel and
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