How long coin battery will last – Or it is unlimited free energy – Science Experiment

what is the beautiful people this is Roy and Welcome to another brand new video on this channel near about 4-5 months back i upload a video about Coin charge a basically you can charge your phone using coin. And this video get me and about 5 million views and 50k like so this video I am going to answer some of your questions regarding Coin charger and the most frequent question was how long this coin battery will last so let’s find out guys. Rishi comments will this work with 1 or 2 rupees coin Yes bro it works with 1 rs or 2 rs coin any coin that has little bit copper in it This is piece aluminum sheet a 1 rupee coin it’s a piece of clothes put them together like this now you test them you will find little bit voltage near about 0.2 volts just making a battery that going to power a LED you need at least 12 Coin i am using Indian 10 Rs coin coin you can use any coin now place an aluminum sheet and this will become your ground and here i have 12 screen cleaning paper that’s come with skin guard and it is soaked in vinegar place one here now place a coin so this is become a single battery cell and its generating near about 0.4 volt Second cell 0.7 volt I have finished building the cell And here I have total 12 cells pilled up over each other 5.27 V and if you guys are wondering what is this is called a digital multi-meter now check the amps the current is care about 2 mili-amps it’s going to make a battery that can charge your phone around 1amp you need least 500 of this kind of cells I set my go pro 5 on time laps mode and the LED is running on on this battery for near about an hour It has been near about 3 days since I build this battery Battery and the LED is still glowing guys a little bit the light is really dull but which is still working guys when I started this experiment I thought like this battery might work for couple of minutes maximum an hour but this thing below my mind is working for near about three days so better is completely dried out this and all of this coin turn little bit Brown looks like it’s kind of burned out and this is a vinegar strokes tissue and we completely dried out and the vinegar is turned out kind of salt so the battery is now completely dead now I’m going to drop some acetic acid on the battery and let’s see whether we get some voltage or not. it took near about 10 minutes to reach 5 volts And the current is never about 1.25 mill amps The battery is fully restored now give it a test say it is ground to put here and this is positive so guys how bright it is super bright so many people complain about this video is this fake it is not fake hundred percent legit guys at it okay if I move this still working I remove them still working Three cell one Now one Two three Four one two three four There is six cells now test it again this walking there is no battery nothing inside this This all cells Let test it again 11 these two three four five six seven eight eight nine ten eleven twelve and This is thirteen I show you guys bright light light little dim Working still working now not working from third cell it is not working Next i will test one two three four five on a 13-6 and a lighter okay with it give light five full bright look at how bright is this light thing is really bright and i think i can make a torch out of it yeah you can make a torch out of this light hey guys thanks for hope you like this video if you liked it make sure you smoke a big tons of this video and meet with you on my next video till the end tata bye bye and peace

100 thoughts on “How long coin battery will last – Or it is unlimited free energy – Science Experiment

  1. with these many 10 rs coin i can buy a cheap old power bank which is rechargeable. just kidding this is better than any other

  2. Hey, I am trying this but the internal resistance is way too high and there is negligible current flowing. Any tips?

  3. Interesting! So, the trick here is to keepย all of itย wet. What if it was enclosed in a container that wouldn't allow evaporation? How long would it work then?

  4. Hey Dude!
    i tried it on 3 times but its not working i am using silver coins, cardboard, fruit vinegar and foil paper

    Its there anything that i am missing?

  5. Sir can I use face wipes or baby wipes becuse when I search it I get images of kids wipes like jhinson baby?? Tell me plz

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  7. the coin will last for a centry you know why because the voltage never drops and as you know you can store that energy is a battery to increase amps to charge your phone second its the connection that build up voltage so putting them properly will generate more power and aluminum and copper or any strong water resistance will last for a long time maybe out last a solar panel heck i had my led running 4 months straight on iron and copper but the iron got too hydrogenized and got corroded so i switch it to aluminum can and got no corroded spots and im still experimenting this on earth cells and was able to store that energy in nickel cadmium and put sum voltage in 1200 farad capacitors and light up a lamp

  8. so actualy i can build a bigass generator which i can refill all the time with vinegar, so instead of paying my bills i'll just buy lots of vinegar haha, watering my generators like flowers,

  9. All that he is doing is making a easy "transistor"…….. Basically just layers of thin metal and then something between the layers that isn't metal…. It's used to amplify voltages…… Energy isn't created or distorted you just got to find out how to use it….. All physical property's have some type of energy form or another even plastic….. Yes I said it even plastic….

  10. I tried this for how many times by why is it not working? I used copper coin, cardboard, and aluminum but why?? My teacher said that it need a seperator but why does it work here without one??

  11. 500 cells x 10 coins. thats aprox 5000 coins to charge a phone? i would rather use those 5000 coins to buy a huge leisure battery.

  12. Need Help! Dunno whatโ€™s the problem with the coin battery that i made. It only made a really short flicker then dead. What could be the solution for this.

  13. so when are you going to make a penny battery that will run an inverter to power a house ? otherwise just shut up and eat curry because you have nothing worth saying .

  14. Should we defenately use the cloth, what's the reason for using it
    And how long can we charge the phone

  15. I want to power up a 1.5V DC motor using Penny Battery after directly connecting them, it doesn't work i'm wondering if i could use a Joule Thief to increase its voltage will it work ?

  16. I just comment to thank you!!! Cool wonderful video!! I learned something valuable and useful from you. Thank you for your generous sharing of this idea ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  17. You have to seal the coins in something to prevent evaporation. I've made US penny batteries from copper clad zinc coins that lasted over four months which were only sealed in vinyl electrician tape.
    Just don't stretch the tape, as it will compress the coins and cause either the fabric/cardboard to leach electrolytes which short circuit between coins or cause the materials between coins to touch which short circuits between coins.

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