How I Learned to Pray about Finances | money | today

I have asked Brother Hagin if he would come and share some things with us today in the area of “knowing how to pray properly
for finances” and anything else he wants to share.
so if our leader would come we’d like to hear from you we don’t get this very
often amen hallelujah. he came up there while ago this microphone said you gonna
do something I said yep “call hogs” amen No, Ken wanted me to share it with you
just a little bit. about “how I learned to pray about finances” for the first number
of years of my ministry I just like everybody else and every church our
pastor tell you the real truth about it we struggle because I really didn’t know
how you know we just do think of somebody else does it but I left my last
Church February 4 1949 and january of nineteen and fifty was the twelfth month
I’ve been out on the field holding meeting going in the church to church
holding meetings we call them revivals and I got a hold of the scripture they
said if you’d be willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land well
I believe that’s symbolic not only gonna eat the good but that means you’re aware
the good you live in the good your everything would be good but we
certainly weren’t doing that we were living in a three-room apartment only
three bedroom I mean three rooms Ken had a rollaway bed he slept in the kitchen
on the rollaway bed in the summertime they was a screened-in back porch and so
on the summertime he had to sleep back there and so my children were not being
adequately housed that’s not the good of the land not being adequately fed and
not being adequately clue and so I’ve been out on the field as I
said for a year and my car wore out I sold it for junk you couldn’t get
anything out of it except sell it to the junkyard and I got just enough money
from it to pay the interest on three different notes I had I had a note in
the Tyler Texas I had no collateral myself but one of
the Deacons the last church I pastor went on the note signed it
I had a note in Henderson Texas at the First National Bank and one of the
ministers went out there I had a note in Garland the First National Bank the
local pastor signed the note I paid the interest on all three notes no nothing
on the principle and bought a little bit of clothes for the kids and let out and
lit out on the field of foot and so I got all my figures together and I went
to the Lord in prayer I said and fasting Lord you know here’s the figured last
year my church the last Church I pastored the last year paid me so much
money plus I had the house or parsonage first and actually it was the best
parsonage that we lived in in all the whole years and all the utilities were
furnished and half of what we eat were furnished and people always bring into
something and then the church would send us to whatever conventions we need to go
to they’d pay your way and furnish your Motel hotel a lot of times buy you a new
suit sometimes your wife a new dress because see we’re going representing
them and folks will judge the congregation by the way the preacher
looks if he looks a big drag or they’ll wonder what kind of crowd he’s got amen
that’s the truth and so here though my total income
gross income was a $800 less than what I’ve got the last Church Plus on top of
that I had to pay my own house rent out of this less I had to go through the
conventions at my own expense and so you could understand I’m a hurt and
financially and so I got a hold of the script if you’d be willing and obedient
you shall eat so good and so you know you knew it was there all the time but
some way another just didn’t take hold of it and so I’m bringing that scripture
to the Lord and fasting well every day I’m taking some time out and afternoon
to pray and pray along this same line bring these same figures to the Lord and
so the third day of my fast the Lord said to me the reason you’re not eating
the good of the land is because you don’t qualify well I felt insulted
offended if I said Lord you hit me a low blow you know I will beat you I did what
you said do I wouldn’t have left the church because we were the most
comfortable we had ever been in our lives and the most money we ever had and
I wouldn’t have left if you hadn’t said so but I will made you he said well
that’s right yeah yeah you did it all right but the scripture said if you’d be
willing and obedient you weren’t willing you did it but not willing now don’t
tell me it takes a long time to get willing because I know better I mean I
made a little adjustment down here on the inside about 10 seconds and I said
to the Lord now you already said and I know as I obeyed but now I’m willing I’m
willing I know I’m willing you know I’m willing Jesus knows I’m willing the Holy
Ghost knows I’m willing the devil knows I’m willing now I’m ready lower the god
to eat the good of the land but then you see he had to correct my thinking a lot
of times wrong thinking defeats us amen because your mind is filled with what
you’ve been taught whether Scripture or not and many times we have been
religiously brainwashed instead of New Testament taught and so the Lord knew he
had to correct my thinking and so he said go back to the book of beginnings
well I knew that was the book of Genesis of course and so we went back to the
book of beginnings and he said I made the world and the fullness thereof and
then after I made the world and everything that’s there and all the
fullness that over the scripture caught it then I made my man Adam and I said
Adam I gave you dominion I give you dominion over all the work of my hands
now he went on to say to me the fiftieth Psalm says the world and the foolish
thereof is the Lord’s now he said it’s not mine because it’s in my hands it’s
mine because I made it because after I made the world and the food is that up
I’ve turned it over to Adam I said Adam you know what’s yours
but you see Adam then committed high treason and sold us all out the Bible
said in 2nd Corinthians 4:4 Satan is the god of this world well he wasn’t the God
of the world to begin with Adam was the god of the world I give you dominion
over all how much all the work of my hands so the word of the food is set up
he has dominion over the world and the food is there up again it says the
cattle of a thousand hills of the Lord’s well they’re not the Lord because
they’re in his hand they’re their Lord because he made them and he gave them to
Adam but Adam turned it over to Satan I give you dominion he said to Adam over
all the work of my hands well then the cattle of a Thousand Hills belongs to
Adam the silver and the gold he said but is the Lord in the Psalms what you see
is not the Lord and that’s what he said to me because it’s in my hand because
most of the silver the gold is in the hands of the world
the sinners but he said for whom did I make all these things the world and the
food acero the cattle of a Thousand Hills the
children to go for whom did I make all that for the devil and his crowd no I
made it for my man Adam a man now see he needed to correct my thinking because
you see we had so much preaching well I don’t want any of this world’s goods
well that implies that there’s something wrong with this world of goods but you
see folk could see that it’s in the hand of sinners and so they thought it wasn’t
good but it is good because God made it and he didn’t make it for the devil in
his crowd he made all of it for his man Adam are for his people in other words a
man so he had to correct my thinking because you see you can’t believe beyond
what you know faith comes by hearing hearing by the Word of God amen
hallelujah and so then the Lord said to me as I waited on him on my knees in
prayer he said to me now it’s not me that’s withholding from
you it’s not me that’s withholding from your children he said I’m not going to
send any money down from heaven because I don’t have any up here I’m not gonna
rain any money down on you dollar bills or five dollars or $100 no money I don’t
have any appeared and if I did have it would be counterfeit and I’m not a
counterfeit what you need is down there how many of you know that the money you
need is down there now it’s not me that’s withholding from you I put it
there for you so now then don’t pray anymore about money like you have been
praying he said number one claim whatever you need claim it
and then secondly he said say to Satan take your hand off my money because you
see Satan’s a god of this world he’s controlling what’s in this world but you
and I have authority because Jesus gave it to us unless we exercise it he can’t
do anything about it nothing will be done unless you do something so number
one he said claim whatever you need secondly say Satan take your hand off of
my money third say go ministering spirits and calls the money to come
well I question that part of it go ministering spirits is that Scripture he
said I asked him he said well the first chapter of Hebrews right at the end of
the chapter said angels are ministering spirits who are sent to minister far now
I only thought that said – and I quoted it wrong I thought I said they
ministered to us they don’t minister to us they minister farah vast difference
and somebody doing something far you amen
sent to minister far those who are the heirs of salvation so tell them gold
cause the money to come well I said yeah but now now aren’t we supposed to in
that the Holy Spirit is going to speak to people well yes but the Lord said to
me demons and evil spirits are here and they influence people
angels are good spirits they’re here they want to influence people they only
influence them to do good hallelujah praise God so say Gold ministering
spirits and calls the money to come now before you see we’d pray and pray and
pray and fast and pray and slobber and cry we
amen he’d been and barely skinned by by the skin of our teeth
so then I changed actually I got up from off my knees I was in the parsonage in
my bedroom where I was holding this meeting praying and I went out to the
church and I stood on the platform they will forget I stood here on the platform
out there in the empty church and with fear and trembling Paul talks about in
that second chapter of 1st Corinthians when he came to Corinth you know he he
pioneered that new work church there in Corinth and he said I came with fear and
trembling well they don’t mean he is afraid like
you’re afraid of a snake you get into the presence of God it’s awesome and
I’ll be honest with you my knees literally shook and I said well now I’d
already figured it up I knew what he took 150 dollars a week to meet my
budget and so I said I I’m just going to be here in one week in this meeting and
the weeks nearly don’t go on now this is just a fillion between meetings and I
said I claim one hundred and fifty dollars this week and then I said Satan
take your hand off of my finances then I said go ministering spirits and cause
the money to come now once you’ve done that you don’t pray that over again
that’s it that’s it you see Romans the fifth chapter xvii verse said
we that have received of the gift of righteousness and so long shall reign in
life by Christ Jesus and the amplified said shall reign as kings in life where
in life and so like when a king mix up a decree you don’t have to do it tomorrow
tomorrow I mean it’s gone so then I said to the pastor
don’t make any special pool for me for an offer don’t take up a pledge offering
now it was our custom there in East Texas to take up a pledge offering
another word who will give the who will give a dollar who
give this so so you got to realize on back there then we’re talking about
almost 50 or 49 years ago actually 49 years ago this past January and he said
brother Hagin if we don’t take a pledge off and you won’t you you won’t get
anything got folks who used to give it anyway you you might not even get a
quarter I said if I don’t get but a quarter you won’t hear me say a word I
just go down the road praising God in out don’t take up a pledge offering he
meant now I had preached before I left my last
Church the year before I had preached at two weeks meeting in this same church
now they got a different pastor now I’d preach and they gave me four to seven
dollars fifteen cents a week and two weeks time a hundred and fourteen
dollars and thirty cents and I knew that they and this congregation is about the
same size there’s only two people different what it was a year before and
I knew if you’ve got fifty dollars they thought that was big and if you’ve got
75 dollars they said man that’s out that wonderful and if you’d mentioned 100
dollars then he said well Jesus Christ himself here he wouldn’t get to 100
dollars and if you’d mentioned 150 that all fainted but I didn’t tell the pastor
never said a word to him all that said to him what don’t make any poor don’t
take up a pledge offer just say this is a brother Hagins offering pass the plate he meant well we got to go in real good
towards in the week and he said can you stay with I said well I got another
meeting starting the next Sunday I was gonna say well stay with us till
Wednesday night and so I stayed on to Wednesday night and then I changed it
because I’m going a little longer I claimed 200 now just passing the plates
making no pull for money in ten days I had two hundred and forty two dollars
and some odd cents praise God so my next meeting was down in Alabama
I went down to Alabama never been down there before to preach and little old
church you know I set there on the platform counter you know I drove
straight through so I didn’t get into about midnight past one me pretty I
thought you go ahead and preach Sunday morning now he just built a new
auditorium and he could imagine that we’re over there over because he only
had 70 people actually it’s 72 counting babies and all had no nursing and I’m
sitting on the platform the devil said now boy you played it you will get
enough money to get back home you looked out over that little bunch well he’d
built new old Tom next door and you could you could put foldings on eight
hundred folding chairs in it and I come to find out that there were several
other churches three assembly God two churches of God and an independent
Pentecostal church that was cooperating with a meeting and so I just sit there
on the platform real quietly while the pastor was preaching and said I claim
one hundred and fifty dollars a week Satan take your hand off of my finances
Gold ministering spirits and calls the money to come I was at three weeks I
didn’t pray another prayer about finding not one thing of prayer I just said to
the pastor don’t make any pool just pass the plate when the three weeks were up
I’d claim 150 dollars a week which would be 450 I had 907 my dollars in cash
and they bought me a new set of tires on top of that I purposely would go to a
small church do the same thing it worked every single time I was a scheduled 1953
to start a meeting the last Sunday of the month and north well with I guess
Texas West Texas not a way out west but the beginning of the West quite a large
church but the last meeting I’m holding just before Christmas I the Lord kept
deadly with me not to go there right now I thought lord I don’t want to disrupt
that pastor you know I’m supposed to go but three
nights I just couldn’t sleep I just finally I said well Lord I’ll call him
now he’s got my word one of the characteristics of the spiritual pilgrim
is he that swear to his own hurt and change is not and so I won’t change if
he lets me all find if he doesn’t I’ll go and so uh I’ll call him
well I we did until after 5:00 p.m. because long-distance calls were cheaper
and I said to the pastor I’ll get the cup the charges and pay you for it
fine I just started to pick up the phone because I’m standing too parted with the
fact in this famine and the phone ring so I just picked it up you know and said
Jones wrote parsonage and and a lady said long-distance telephone call for a
Reverend Kenneth Hagin I said this is he and so she said something to somebody
and so this pastor came on but very faster than that Bob to call I said doc
I’m glad you called save me a long-distance telephone call I
just fixin to call on you he said why are you gonna call me about I said well
you got to me first so you tell me that I’ll tell you he said well now you’re
coming to me now next aren’t you I said yeah he said certain situation has
arisen he said now the assistant pastor will
take charge sir but I’m gonna have to be gone the first week but now you come
right on and now he said what you call me but I said well the last two or three
nights the Lord didn’t deal with me about not coming right now and so I was
going to call you to see if you’ve letting the old foot oh he said brother
Hagin I didn’t miss put you so that’s the reason I just I said don’t bother
about me I got all kind of calls I got enough caused the last two weeks over
into the Millennium haha well he said it won’t miss put you I said new not neat
not not all because I said he said well you will come I said oh yeah yeah I’ll
come I’m not canceling I’m just postponing it so I did get two years
later I didn’t get there eventually so now then I’m
I feel good God just release now now Lord I’m sure Garcia I’m gonna be off
here for Christmas a few days no income and so I’m sure now you want me to go so
and so another pastor just build a new audit or him he could also seed 800 he
could put a thousand in it big for the day you have to understand and and I’m
sure you want to beat me to go there no instead I want you to go down and
mess in the country church well I said no I can’t afford to go down to that
little old church in the country he don’t have but one man in the church one
man remember I’ll rest on my ladies they don’t have any income there you know I
can’t afford to go down well he said that’s where I want you to go I said ok
ok I’ll go but I expect you to me he said you do the go and I’ll do the doing
so and I did the same thing I claimed hundred dollars a week and just one
prayer I never prayed any more Satan take your hand off my finances go see
that’s where the money is here that’s where the money is here
take your hand off my finances Gold Minister Experian cause the money to
come show high drove down on Sunday afternoon going to start that night the
last Sunday night of the year and the pastor said brother Hagin he said I
started to call you and tell you not to come I realize it’s wintertime you have
a family to support you know I only have one man remember much I know he’s a
carpenter pastor worked as a carpenter that’s the way he said the most I ever
got here one one week I got $25 from the church that’s the most and he said
besides that he said you know the folks that will be coming we’re farmers here
see we’re in the country we got two main crops tomato crop it comes off in June
and he said became a storm in the hail beat that to me they’re just you know
tomato crop and then a cotton crop in the fall and the Bo weed was got that so
we had it to me the crop Fagen we had a cotton crop
well I said dear brother I’ve been as you mentioned the subject would you mind
me saying something he said notes they won’t
I said well number one don’t make any pull for an offering for me just pass
the plate say that’s brother Hagins offering secondly I said don’t get up
there and say we had a cotton crop fated we added to me the crop finger we’re not
able to give know if you’re gonna say anything said well the world the
fullness thereof is the Lord’s and what the Lord belongs to us so we’re all well
evil to give I saw then right away why God wanted me there actually I saw then
that ten days would get it done we had 32 people came to receive the baptism of
the Holy Ghost out of the 32 people 29 of them received instant because the
Lord had just said to me lay hands on people to be filled out of the 29 they
were 13 grown men and out of the 13 grown men they were 12 who were heads of
families he got baptized the Holy Ghost and he had 12 brand-new families in his
church within 10 days amen and they gave me 247 lakh dollars in 10
days amen now just one one room see no no prayer
room just one room on Sunday school you know what class said over here in the
class said over there you know that on top of one another and the kids you know
and and some other ones all in this one room down in East Texas I said to him
why don’t you build an annex you know across the back of yeah we call it a tea
across the back of the church for Sunday School room for the children at least
well we were going to actually said these are not too far from here was a
sawmill a good Baptist Deacon owned it I talked to him and he said well
Venice’s to church yeah I can furnish everything I can furnish everything
except the windows and the doors and he offered me all the lumber and everything
at wholesale and then he’d give 10% himself if I’d give him a receipt for it
to take it off then come day I said man why didn’t you do that
well we added to me the crop failure we had a cotton crop failure and then this
little old church is he didn’t buy a wooden stool out here in the middle of
the thing and this is January and it can get cold in East Texas
nippy stick I separate part the upper part of the Big Thicket as they call it
and then the passage not one little little sheet on here you know wood stove
in the living room bedroom cold as a refrigerated and and the kitchen they
got a kerosene we call it a coal or kerosene cook stove and it sold you came
by parts for it and it doesn’t cook right and everything you eat tastes like
kerosene I said damn why didn’t you put a butane system in here and you know
heat you could put for stoves in each corner of the little church hog top heat
the thing and then over here in the pastas a cook stove and put a little
heater in either everone well he said I wasn’t into I inquired down here such a
such a place Crockett take somebody another good Baptist thank God for the
Babbitt good Baptist Deacon and he said oh yeah yeah for the church we put up
this big tank out behind the church and over you know two or three I don’t know
several hundred gallons of fuel and and and and and all the stoves and the
stoves for the pastas and he’d do it for him 10% below wholesale because it’s a
church and then he had furnished some butane thereafter forever for nothing
he’s 150 gallon tanks weather was you know he the crop failure we had a cotton
crop failure so on Sunday morning see I started this Sunday night and ran ten
days so I’ve just they’re fully one Sunday Sunday morning after Sunday
school he he wanted me to preach and for our priest I said to it
I asked the pastor about this building this across the back of the Church of
T’s we called it you know he’d run out a little father on either side rooms for
Sunday School room for the children at least and the smaller classes and he’s
got he’s got a figure here for all the lumber and I said I don’t live here but
I ministered enough in it for the children’s sake I’d give so much on that
and before I could get him stopped people jumped up all over and we had all
the money go rid of God and then that night they took up an offering for me
and I got up to preach I said to him I don’t know how you folks bet over the
parsonage or not I know I can see some of you here when
it you know nodded to it got real cold and shivering because that little old
stove in the middle of the thing don’t heat it up and you come over and eat
with us and everything heat tastes like kerosene but now here this company down
here good Baptist Deacon furnish you know put the stoves in do all the piping
furnish all the stoves 150 gallon tank bound here behind and then furnish
butane hereafter forever for the church and parsley free of charge here’s the
figure what we’re gonna do about it people jumped up all over the building I
mean eight and then this time we got paid for she you talk about the lack of
finances he stops it from coming in amen hallelujah hallelujah well I would talk
to pastors about they said well that’ll work for you cuz you’re out there on the
field you know I wouldn’t work in the church so I said Lauren I know I can’t
pass through the mall cause you told me that like last church I pastor you said
the last church that ever pastor but somewhere not if I could prove this I
like to prove things out so 1953 I was holding meeting in Dallas Texas no
cliffs my god Trish for brother HC Noah I was there set one week seven weeks
revival and then brother Noah said brother Hagin
I’m going this summer with brother Osman some missionary heating rallies I’ll be
going over summer would you stay here and do the preaching now the associate
pastor will do the pastoral work they tasted all that you just preached Sunday
morning Sunday night Wednesday night our Tuesday night Friday night had for
services you do the preacher well I prayed about it and the Lord said
here’s your opportunity three months and so I said yeah I’ll do it
well now among other thing but the Noah had a daily radio program he just got on
KSK why we’re on this takes it been on it for 30 years still older but he said
brother Noah started just himself and you know and got behind because people
who think the church is supported but it’s just his program daily Monday
through Friday and so the church founder said the board said well Tuesday night
we’ll make that radio light and help keep the radio program going cause it
does help the church well they got behind actually between three and four
thousand dollars behind so the radio station if they don’t pay this week’s
bill we’re gonna put them off and then pay a little bit on what they are in
arrears during my seven weeks meeting every Tuesday night brother know what
bless his heart took never less than 45 minutes and one time an hour and a half
raising the money 45 minutes to receive raising the money up to an hour and a
half every Tuesday night if you don’t we’re going off and then I was
soliciting money to come in if it don’t come in you know we go off you know when
we’ll be all next week what I never said you thing but I just the last Sunday
when he was there he preached he encouraged people to be Fame I’m just
sitting on the platform and I said not for the church
I claim every need met and when summer’s over and brother Noah
comes back will be in the black not in the red you know
and then Satan take your hand off the finance and then gold ministers pretty
because the money to come now I never prayed about the finances anymore for
three months I praised God then I said to the associate pastor because he was
the announcer on the radio program now don’t don’t say we’re going off because
we’re not and then I said on Tuesday night don’t take any time just pass the
plate this is the radio offer well he said brother Hagin will lose his program
we’re thirty seven hundred and fifty dollars in arrears now and I said no no
I couldn’t have done it but I said don’t bother about it don’t ever pay it myself
and so they had one to call the radio preacher now he didn’t do any preaching
on the radio he answered the mail came in he came to me and said brother Hagin
the may be on his double and before the summers out without without making any
pools we had his original program in the in the black all paid far he got back we
had a meeting with all the church board and secretary-treasurer and he gave the
he gave the report and every day bill was paid and they had eight dollars over
in the back I said well all nine claim was just just would be in the black
brother no I said ask the Brethren that’s the Secretary of Treasury said
this is a miracle I’ve been here eight years we never operate in the black in
the summertime we got a reserve fund we dip into in the summertime this is the
first time the history of the church that we’ve ever operated in the black
amen so I proved it worked I could tell you
many more experience but thank God for the word I said thank God for the word
hallelujah hallelujah and so I was on the field holding Mingo
in the church the church didn’t take up any offerings from herself still don’t
pick up any offerings for myself I take of Alton for the meeting offering for
the school but I said that I never took up an offering for Miss out
the pastor nasty I’m there as a guess for 13 years 49 through 62 and in 63 and
I never yet told the pastor I’ve got to have so much I need so much money
I need this never never never never never never make any demands
in fact pastors would ask me what does it take for you to get my to meet your
budget I wouldn’t tell him because I knew it’d scare oh don’t sound big but
it was big then so you want to mean big for them
for instance one pastor he kept after me come you know and I just
wait you know for the Lord said go fine but he said that maybe brother Hagin
sometimes you know emergencies arises and shit and and and schedules change
and if you could just come for a week just come for a week sometimes just you
know just to work it in and fill up through time you might have if you just
let me know about Thursday I can get it into our paper on Saturday and Sunday
paper and so finally I had one of these slots just a week so I fooled him and he
said yeah come on yeah I’ll get it I’ll get it advertised so I went on started
with him actually a closed Sunday night somewhere I started him on Monday night
just gonna be there now through the next Sunday because I’m going to another
place the next Monday well I stayed in the motel but I ate with him and he kept
after me every night we’d have a little body after church he kept after me what
does it take to meet your budget and I said I’ll never tell it I don’t talk
about those things I just believe God God and take care of yeah but you know
we’d like to know so we’re just setting that talking after we’d had a little my
setting in the Blue Room again and he just kept on gone fine I said takes it
all the way he fell out of the chair in the floor fool my God my God my God this
garden beating his head my God if I don’t know neither wouldn’t ask you to
come I said I know it I dreamed I didn’t tell you well he said brother Hagin the
most way he mentioned a certain nationally known I wasn’t nationally
known then I just known verily you know in Texas and a little bit in over home
I wasn’t nice to know he said they had so much so nicely known event it took me
40 minutes to raise $90 for him I said don’t take any time to raise money for
me just say this brother Hagins offered he said my lord so I said your brother
would you do this please no try to believe for anything you you just stayed
neutral just stay neutral let me do the brief well we got to run in real good he
moon in this state longer so I called the pastor I spoke to go through it he
said brother hate me stay as long as the Lord says when you get through come on
here so we’re going on the second week well I got home we were off on Saturday
had no services on sale yeah so Friday night after church I drove home about
150 miles so I drove home about 4 o’clock morning time I got into bed and
my wife told me for officer an emergency has arisen and stood $150 a week we need
$300 a week well the Bible said casting all your
care upon him for he cares for you that’s one of my cares it took me some
time but I finally got it off on the Lord and left to sleep I went back to
home he took up Sunday night offering it in those days they just they’d make a
record that but just hand you the offering if there’s any checks that
music cast them for you just give you the money so we counted it my offerings
$125 where I bought that’s the most we have done I’m sorry didn’t I confess it
don’t bother Bobby it’s coming it’s the whole thing’s coming see when you’re in
faith you stay there it’s coming and I said to him besides that I told him what
my wife said we need 300 he fell off the chair again in the floor I mean in the
floor just the moaning gold I said give that brother now don’t you try don’t you
try to believe for anything we finally wound up running three weeks
there when the three weeks was over I figured it up I had to live my hundred
and some odd dollars and a man came and bought me a new suit the pastor of
grinning when his daughter said I’ll tell you one thing you have nothing else
God sent you here to teach us how to believe God for money thank God for the
Word of God yeah but not what about my situation
well the same thing true concerning you what you need is here God do so-and-so
God doesn’t do anything Jesus doesn’t do anything on the earth except through the
church you see Jesus is the head we’re the body
then I want the Bible said do you know what the Bible said first chapter of
Ephesians the if I finish up well your head can’t do a thing without your body Jesus can’t do a thing in the world
about your finances except through the body of Christ through his body which is
the church they meant they were always trying to get God to do something but
Jesus to do something and they can’t do anything let’s see your body get up walk
out him leave your head here or let’s see your head get up and go back to work
leave your body here No they’re depending the one on the other the head
carries out all of its orders through the body and all the orders of Jesus are
carried out through the body so you see if you don’t exercise authority none
will be exercised he meant now you could spend a lot more time if
you had time talking about see people a lot of times have dealt unwisely the
Bible said you know God told Joshua the word of this law we would paraphrase it
the Word of God shall not depart out of thy mouth but thou shalt meditate
therein day and night that thou mayest observe to do according all this written
therein for then thou shalt make my way promise
now who’s going to make your way prosperous you are and if you don’t make
it it never will be then thou shalt make my way prosperous and thou shalt be able
to deal wisely in the affairs of life our King James that you’ll have good
success but you couldn’t have good success without leaving wildly in the
affairs of life another translation said you’ll be able to deal wisely in the
affairs of life and a lot of people are in trouble financially because they
haven’t dealt wisely and affairs survive we had a Rhema a couple of graduate both
of the graduates of Rhema Bible Training Center who live here and work here in
this area Warner talked with me and mom they’re
having problems over finances now he’d buy up a thing inside bless his heart I
mean run every credit card right up to the limit finally got all them
consolidated you know whether they just got one less payment but all the cards
are free so he went out and filled them all up again that’s not dealing wisely
that’s stupid that’s asinine he meant deal wisely well God will basically
bring out all right and help you but you may have to for a little while tall amen
but you can clean God wants to meet every one of your
needs and he wants you to prosper and be blessed amen hallelujah praise God
praise God now meditate upon what you’ve heard
stand up everybody excuse me I’ll get carried away here and time gets away
from before we know it well the Word of God is good anyways amen hallelujah
thank your Lord Jesus now close your eyes and lift one hand up toward heaven
let your heart agree with it you know what I mean to that that is believe on
the inside of you Heavenly Father thank you for your holy
word thy Word is truth thy word works God’s
Word works for me I claim every need met
now you can specify whatever you want to hear but I claim every need meant Satan
take your hand off of my finances Gold ministering spirits and calls the money
to come thank your Lord the Bible says it I believe it that settles it
thank God that’s settled now lift up your other hand and thank God for
meeting every need thank your father for meeting every need
thank your father for meeting every need hallelujah praise God now this all get
in agreement hear about the ministry here follow me in faith father thank you
again for your Holy Word thank you for the privilege of being a doer of the
word and not a here only hallelujah we claim every need met for the Ministry
for Rhema Bible Training Center for Rhema Bible Church every arm of the
ministry we claim every need met and out of the red in the back
seyton take your hands off of our money take your hands off of god’s money take
your hands off of my money go ministering spirits and cause the money
to come hallelujah now that both ends in thank you thank you Father
Thank You father because every need is met
thank you father because every needs met glory to God thank you for speaking to
hearts and lives and then responding blessed should be your name forever
blessed should be your name for effort but that should be your name forever but
that should be your name forever hallelujah hallelujah praise God now
that doesn’t mean there might be testing trials Amen after I got a hold of God’s
Word along this line I’ve driven back down the road many a time Amen with a
dime in my pocket in the pocketknife I hold in the other pocket looked like
everything in the world except prosperity but I just went down the road
and praise and got thank god here’s another opportunity to believe God
here’s another opportunity to to exercise my faith Smith Wigglesworth
said great faith comes out of great trials and great tests you’ll never have
great faith if you don’t ever have a great trial or a great test amen again
we could watch that great victories come now to great battles great victories
comes out of great battles when you know that you’ll thank God for the test
you’ll thank God for the trial you’ll thank God for the battle amen no boxer
ever became heavyweight champion of the world without a few fights some great
battles amen no football team ever became world champions a team and Super
Bowl champions without a great several great battles amen no baseball team ever
became world champions he meant breeze God he meant without a
number of great battles along the way when you understand that then you thank
God for the battle great victory said out loud great victory comes out of
great battles great faith comes out of great test and great trials thank God
for the battle thank God for the test thank God for the trial just another
opportunity to believe God just another opportunity to exercise my faith
hallelujah you see in the natural if you’re going
to build up your body physically you have to feed it and exercise it if you
don’t exercise your muscle don’t perform right same things true spiritually keep
feeding your faith on God’s Word keep exercising your faith muscles amen
keep laughing hallelujah you want to talk raise the Lord well I I uh I I
wanted him do this because I needed to hear that again
I’ve heard it lots of times but I was to a point I need to hear it again now some
of you have heard it before but some of you haven’t and I just felt I’m just
driving into coming in for the meeting and I called him on a fire I feeling I
was asking Lord I said I feel like this what the Lord has us to do and and I
don’t you know I don’t know about you to help me straight to my faith again Reed
got me really fired a little bit anybody else didn’t help any rest of you
hallelujah praise the Lord and of course they ain’t nobody can do it like he does
it he’s the master at a man and might as well learn from the master Amen praise
the Lord well let’s go praise in the Lord now we made our confessions for you
personally we made our convention for the ministry now I don’t nobody else to
pray about them I want you to just thank God for like he said just
praise the Lord praise the Lord every time you think I praise the Lord
hallelujah you people in accounting as them as the money comes and just gets
praise the Lord as you count the money even if it ain’t even if it ain’t what
it should be keep on praising the Lord anyway hey man
praise the Lord glory to God all right we’re seeing you next time god bless

100 thoughts on “How I Learned to Pray about Finances | money | today

  1. It worked for me. After listening to this message, me and my wife prayed according to the outline. In the evening a call came asking me to send my details for fund transfer. To God's Glory, 100,000 Tzs was credited to me without begging or calling anybody..
    It's real.. I got the secret to financial breakthroughs….
    Pastor Chris from Tanzania.

  2. I've experienced breakthrough before I even heard this from kenneth hagin.

    I decided to spend more time with God, reminding myself of His promises of yes and amen no matter what and then I declared I am always praying under open heaven in Jesus name, I binded satan and his forces off God's breakthroughs for me and my families, and then loosed all thousands of angels ministering spirits from heaven to go get my breakthroughs from God. I've given thanks to God for all answered prayers. Not realizing weeks later I checked my bank acc and got a cash of almost $339 in my bank acc. I began to praise God and thank Him, then the usual me, asked for more confirmation, turns out God routed the money supernaturally on my bank acc. You just have to believe! Hallelujah! Jesus amen!

  3. Today I am Claiming all my blessings and favour, satan! loose my blessings and favour, ministering spirits go out and bring my blessings and favour in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen!!

  4. Good Word!! I needed this today. I'm facing unbelievable circumstances not caused by my own doing. I have $1.99 in my main bank account. I'm four months behind in mortgage, office rent is behind four months, several bills like electric, insurance, etc. Child support has stopped. It may look like I'm surround but I'm surrounded by You Lord. I believe that I'm exactly where I need to be. There will be a testimony. Speaking God's Word and Believing as I continue to serve in my calling.

  5. Honestly, I’ve never heard Kenneth Hagin preach about finances. Perfect timing and definitely an on time Word!

  6. Wow I have been following alot of Hagin's video here on YouTube and his videos don't get too much likes. But this video gets over 3.5k likes. Shows people are more into financial teachings and less about their faith life.. Get the word of God into your souls first that's more valuable than finance..

  7. I love listening to this Man of God !! It was an honor to be in his presence at my church when he ministered @ several times and it’s priceless ❤️❤️❤️

  8. I claim all bills paid in full the rest of the year & overflow.
    Satan, take your hands off my finances.
    Go ministering spirits and cause the money to come.
    In Jesus name!

  9. I listened to this video a couple of days ago and did as he instructed…..
    I claimed what I needed, then I told Satan in a firm sturn tone to get his hands off my finances!, then instructed the ministering spirits to go forth and bring to me what I asked for in the here and now. Then I let it go.
    I'm here to tell you….
    It works!!!!
    2 of my claims have arrived!
    This reaffirmed my beliefs that with God ANYTHING is possible as long as you firmly believe and let it go and let God work out the details.

  10. Go ministering spirits and release my blessing in the name of Jesus
    amen and amen praise God
    His word does not
    Void !!!!! Amen

  11. I didn't fully believe this. I always felt like that name it claim it stuff was bs. But I was so broke when I heard this message, I decided to try it anyways – so I got my thinking and speech in line with it, because I know that a doubting man will always go without (James 1:6). I got up at 12 am when I was listening to this; and, I wrote down what I would say first: "I claim $10,000 before the end of the month. Satan take your hands off my finances. Go ministering spirits, cause the money to come." This was August 24, 2019.

    On September 30th, I had been down to my church to ask for assistance to pay my rent a few days before. They did not help. I had to call my landlord, the light company, at&t and state farm to push my bills back. Every single one of them allowed me to wait for my first check without cutting me off. It was September 1st, on a trip home for a wedding that I had close family members offer me $15,000 to pay off my student loans. This is without me asking, or telling them that I was in a financial bind. Praise to the most High.

  12. Ok I prayed this at the end and as I was praying I got an email…"they apologize for any delay and have fixed the problem and removed any restriction on transfer and deposits. And gave me 2 months free gold membership. As I was praying this happened. Amazing!!! Jesus is LORD! Praise GOD!

  13. Satan take off your hands from my Finances. My business will prosper in millions to clear rent and all debts. I shall get workers with great skills for business.
    My children shall be heads and not tails. My son shall pass his exams and win a scholarship for university!
    Angels minister for me!
    Holy Spirit speak to me.
    Satan take off your hands from my finances.

  14. Oh thank you Jesus for your reviled word
    I claim what belongs to me , or what ever I need
    Satan take off your hands from what belongs to me
    Go ministering spirit and cause to come what ever belongs to me in Jesus name.

  15. 39:17 powerful "when you're in faith, you stay there"

    What a profound revelation, leave it to Jesus and simply believe His Word.

  16. I got this "technique" of claim & command from reading Neville Goddard & listening to Prayer Medic. I was practising it with some struggles, but Kenneth Hagin's message today struck me like lightning. I got this!

  17. Excellent preaching. Totally changing my perspective on finances.
    Slightly off topic, but can anyone tell me the name of the song/artists at the beginning of the recording?

  18. God we give you glory teach me to be more willing obedient and use the finances that I need to be wise and be a blessing to the kingdom of God and my family and others.

  19. Yes and amen l receive and believe satan get your hands off of my fiances and return 7×7 by the blood of our LORD JESUS go ministering angles return all that was and is lost. Praise ABBA, LORD JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT forever.

  20. Jesus is Lord holy spirt helps finacially too.St jude st Rita.Please satan take off your hands over my financies from now and ever.Am manifesting for lots of thai bhts to make my family happy and help poor people too.Jesus all my finacies are into your hands.

  21. I am a believer and many times I cry to God to bless me with my own house and we'll settled job. I believe God has answered but I never knew how to take it by force. Now I am listening to Papa Hagin's teaching, I'll apply the word I have hard and see what happens.
    I need 100,000 Dollars first to settle what I'm owning my bank, second I want to go to school for so long now , but finances has been my challenge. So from this $100,000, I'll start and finish school and thirdly, I don't have a home of my own. I keep staying in a friend's place because I don't have money, not even a dollar talkless of affording a rent fee. I have prayed to God for my own house in a very beautiful location where I'll dwell to worship him freely and build him an altar of prayer and worship.
    I believe in the word of God and I repent of all my sins and I surrender my whole heart to God.
    Right now, I command the Devil to get his cursed hands off my money!! I command the angels of God assigned to over the children of God's finances to go right now and source my money and bring it to me right now!! In Jesus name I pray!

  22. Father God i claim an income of $10,000 a month, and i will have the money to purchase my 1st home. Satan take your hand off my finances, go ministering spirits and cause the money (all that was stolen from me) to come. In jesus name.

  23. I listened to this sermon on Thursday and on Tuesday I got a message from someone that they have some money they want to give me. I was amazed but then I remembered to give thanks to Jesus. Thanks for sharing this sermon.

  24. Thank you Mighty God for this.
    I will be trying it.
    I pray everyone who prays this prayer receive whatever they claim in Jesus name. 💝💝. T F S.

  25. Since we have a BLOOD COVENANT with the Lord… our FATHER GOD withholds no good thing from us. EVERYTHING I have ask my Father for HE has given me. As "kings and lords" we rule the "kingdom" that God has given us the responsibility for. The wealth on this earth is ours for the asking and RECEIVING in FAITH. One of the Last Day's events is the transfer of wealth from the unrighteous to the righteous. Get into the position of "RIGHTEOUS" so you can move into your inheritance as "kings and lords". The HARVEST is going to be expensive. BLESSINGS in ABUNDANCE!

  26. Satan take your hands off my 2 millions dollars and I with the authority of the Holy Spirit send out my ministering Angels to Go for my money now in Jesus mighty name.

  27. New Upload! "how i learned to be successful | finances | ministry | life | today" Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin

  28. THIS IS GOOOOOD!! I am believing for a financial miracle, a good job, a place for us to live and the money to pay off a debt in Jesus' Name. GOD HELP ME AND HAVE MERCY. I REBUKE ALL THE MARINE SPIRITS THAT ARE STEALING FROM ME NOW IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!

  29. I listened to this yesterday afternoon after work. Great message very enjoyable. Can I download and share this on my Ministry channel. Either way thank you for sharing this.

  30. I claim $25 000 by the end of the month in Jesus name.Satan take your hands off my money.Go ministering spirits and cause the money to come.🙏

  31. I claim $20,000 in Jesus name. Satan take your hands off my money. Go ministering spirits and cause money to come to me now in Jesus name

  32. Satan take your hands off my father's money he worked for over the years
    Satan take your hands off my brother's money it's now 6months without his salary

  33. Awesome, I claim my finance in Christ name, Satan take your hands off my finance. Go i.e ministering spirits and cause my finance released.

  34. I listened to this video last weekend and I did as prescribed. I proclaimed the word and had faith in God. My declaration was that in 3 days I would have a certain amount of money. And this happened today – three days later. God is great! I am forever grateful. And praising God for His grace and favour

  35. Amen i know i m.going to start my natural hair and skin company very soon, satan take your hands off my wealth. I declare and claim victory in every area of my life in Jesus name. Amem

  36. My family and I enjoyed this message. These are some serious keys, and I believe that as we practice these keys in faith it shall be done.


  38. I was only 6 years old when Prophet Kenneth Hagin went to be with the Lord, how I wish I had that opportunity to hear him speak or preach live. This Man was filled so much with the word of God.

  39. Lord I claim $140 000 into my forex account before my 23rd Birthday , Satan loose your hands over my finances, Go ministering spirits and cause the money to come in Jesus Name.

  40. I had listened to this message in the latter part of August of this year, I was in need of a vehicle and it was something I was praying about. I used these keys shared in this message and by the mid of September I was driving my new car. I use them alllll the time now. Thank you man of God for sharing this powerful message. I am truly grateful to God. Thank you Jesus!

  41. Thank you so much for sharing this message. It was so needed for me at this time. Thank God you were willing to share so others could be blessed. Continue to be lead by the spirit in helping others obtain what they need. God bless you!

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  43. 1. I claim all my bills and debts paid in full the rest of the year and overflow with plenty left over.
    2. Satan, take your hands off my finances.
    3. Go, Ministering Spirit and cause money to come safely, easily and in peace in Jesus mighty NAME Amen!

  44. It always works for me- I run a business on the side of a full time job. When I use these principals I get customers- money isn't being mailed to me but I get work/orders

  45. I, as pastor, claim all ministry properties will be protected and remain in our hands. We will win the cases against the murder of babies in our county. We demand, command, and say in authority “I with Jesus, I say go you devils, go. Get the devil hands off of our finances. The finances coming through the love of God, will pay off the church and Missions. Go ministering Spirits of God and bring the mortgages in. Praise you Lord, for the fiancés.!

  46. I claim $10,000 to pay off all debt, before the end of the week!Father ABBA I owe no man but to love them.
    satan take your hand off my money !!!
    Go Ministering Spirits and cause the money to come

  47. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, You know you have to be right with God to do this. Not perfect. And like Hebrews 4:2b says, you must mix faith with the Word. And it's not always about needs only. In Mark 4:28,29 the Kingdom of God is like a man who scatters seed upon the ground and then continues sleeping and rising, night and day, while the seed (the Word of God, the promise of God to you about your situation. Look 'em up in the Bible), sprouts and grows and increases–he knows not how. The earth produces, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain the ear. But, when the grain (from the seed you sowed in like kind for the need, or the desire you claimed)is ripe and permits, immediately he sends forth the reapers and puts in the sickle because the harvest stands ready. (amplified Bible) Let the redeemed "say so"!

  48. I been waiting on some money to be released its been a year now .I declare the blood over my fiance
    Satan take your hands of my fiance
    I am expecting a large sum of money to fall into my life .

  49. Satan im a tither take yr hands out of my money. I claim it I send ministering angels to collect all my money in Jesus might name. I will pay all my bills my fees for my daughter

  50. I have heard a lot of teachings about finances but this teaching is radical thank you my dear brother for sharing this and may the Lord bless you for empowering my generation

  51. My heavenly father I claim
    my contracts for my business.
    My bank accounts to be in surplus
    My children to return.
    Every demonic spirit destroyed
    My new 4wd to drive and minister
    My new home to live in and minister from
    Satan in the Name of the Lord Jesus,
    I command you to take your hands off everything that I have mentioned, and I need.
    Ministering Angels in the name of Jesus I command you go on my behalf and bring everything that I have spoken back to me.
    I proclaim all this in Jesus name. Amen.

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