How a Copywriter Making $50K in Philly Spends Her Money | Glamour

100 thoughts on “How a Copywriter Making $50K in Philly Spends Her Money | Glamour

  1. I love all the plants! Also, an actual bar is not =bachelor pad. Hopefully, the fiance will convince her of that. It can be stylish and convenient.

  2. Lovely lady but is this a house tour of what they bought for the house . Is'nt this supposed to be "how SHE spends her money?" Where is her budget? Don't get the point of this video… I am lost…

  3. This lady is working in the field I am trying my best to get to. So this video was very helpful and gave me motivation to what my life could look like once I accomplish that goal!

  4. So proud of Chelsea! She is such a dope soul and vibe and energy! @thecoffeybreak is my jam!!! I needed this to be longer. I'll just wait for part two.

  5. Omg I love how organized she is! Also her voice is so freaking soothing, reminds me of Kerry Washington’s voice. Giving me Olivia Pope vibes.

  6. Random question but it's bothering me. If she installed shelves in a brick wall, will it leave damage? That seems pretty inconsiderate to the landlord if it's possible.

  7. I like the video. But it's not about how she, a copywriter, spends her money. She seems really smart and cool I'd love to hear her story. She said Warren's name so many times I got distracted!

  8. She’s so pretty but her shirt looks like one of those really expensive shirts that’s made to look like you are too poor to afford a shirt without a big hole ripped in it lol

  9. Can you guys post more of these videos with people who do not have partners . She’s living off of her and her fiancés salaries 🙄

  10. I clicked because of her job. Copywriter. I was interested in that, but she’s so beautiful and her voice is so angelic!

  11. I like it more when they hid their face I dont know why. Also I agree this is a house tour rather than the how they spend their money people used to do in their earlier videos on the money series

  12. I know someone straight out of college making about the same amount as her, and they live nothing like this in Philadelphia. Her fiancé is the reason she can live like this.

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