He’s Loaded: How the Trump Re-election Campaign Raised So Much Money | Full Frontal on TBS

With all this good news, it’s tempting to
get complacent about the 2020 presidential election.
Unfortunately, we hooked up our stupid democracy wrong
when it came out of the box, so upsets in state and local races
don’t really tell the whole story of our next possible Electoral College disaster.
And we have breaking news in the race for President:
a series of brand new polls from the 6 battleground states that determined
the outcome of the election in 2016, and could very well decide it again in 2020.
It’s tight. Wicked tight. Wasn’t that Walter Cronkite’s original sign-off?
“And that’s the way it is. Wicked tight.” If this polling pattern holds, we could be
in for a repeat of 2016, with Trump defeating the candidate
who gets more votes. And that’s not the only awful reason his supporters
are feeling good. Impeachment might be hurting Trump with some
voters, but in 1 very important way, it’s actually
helping. President Trump and the RNC are touting the
fact today that they have raised almost $126 million in the 3rd quarter.
The President’s campaign manager says impeachment is a big factor
for why they’re burying the Democrats in fundraising. He writes, “the Democrats’ reckless, illegitimate
partisan impeachment farce has his supporters even more fired up”.
Oh yeah, nothing gets Trump’s elderly supporters sloppy in the dungarees
like their President facing impeachment. While the Democratic candidates are frantically
begging you to Venmo them gas money, the Republicans have
more than $150 million in cash on hand. Pro-Trump committees have already spent more
than a half-billion dollars, and he doesn’t even have an opponent yet.
Half a billion dollars! Even I can’t imagine how much money that is,
and I have a robot butler that does sex. Trump has even figured out a way to make money
off his colossal fuck-ups, thanks to merchandising.
Of course, campaign merchandise has a long history, from
“I like Ike” buttons to Abraham Lincoln’s stove-pipe onesies.
But our most shameless President has taken it to a new level,
turning each embarrassing gaffe into a lucrative gaffe-ortunity.
When he got caught doctoring a hurricane map with a Sharpie,
the campaign started selling fifteen-dollar packs of markers that raised $50,000.
When Mick Mulvaney admitted Trump’s quid pro quo and told everyone
to get over it, they sold thirty-dollar “Get Over It” shirts.
And when Trump stared into the eclipse, they put out a high-powered flashlight
for blinding yourself to own the Libs. But all of this merch brings in something
even more valuable than dollars. It is not just the money but the data.
What are the demographics, who are the people they can they target?
And now cross-reference that, let’s say, with Facebook, and now you can learn
those people’s hometowns, their family, their friends, that commercial data.
That data has been immensely useful to the Trump campaign.
It’s how they found out their key demographic is “world’s worst white people”.
Trump also has sneakier ways of gathering user data.
For example, he gets suckers to enter their personal info
for a chance to have dinner with him. Lots of candidates run that kind of contest
but in Trump’s case, there’s no evidence that anyone ever actually
wins. Which is pretty low.
Normally, to get stiffed on a promise of a free dinner,
you have to be me in college waiting for my date to show up at a restaurant.
He’ll be here, I just know he will! You’ll see!
Whether we like it or not, Trump is a money-making juggernaut,
and that should scare the crap out of his opponents.
I mean, sure, Biden has raised dozens of dollars with his
promotional sock garters. Slogan: “When our nuts go low, our socks go
high!”. But if any of Trump’s opponents want to beat
him, they’ll need more than just cash. They’ll also need the support of a unified
Democratic electorate. So we’re here to help on both of those counts
with our new app, “Full Frontal’s Totally Unrigged Primary”.
Are you looking for a way to spend more time thinking about the election?
Of course not, but we made the app anyway. And it’s really fun!
All you have to do is join your favorite candidate’s team and
answer questions and complete fun challenges to earn points for them as you
drive the road to Iowa. You can change teams at any time,
in case your candidate drops out or says something racist or is Tom Steyer,
and your points will follow you wherever you go,
just like all your bad decisions in life! Best of all, you can even donate real money
to a fund called “Sam Bee’s Political Swear Jar.”
Last week I donated $6 instead of getting my weekly upper lip wax.
You’re welcome, democracy! And when the game ends, just before the Iowa
Caucuses in February, we’ll give the entire fund to the candidate
whose players have earned the most points.
Now I know what you’re wondering: is this legal?
Well, it shouldn’t be, but it is. As we get closer to the election,
it’s super important that we all unite behind one candidate.
It’s the only way to win, and this game will give us a little practice doing that.
So text “game” to 40649 or go to the Apple or Google Play App Store,
download “Full Frontal’s Totally Unrigged Primary” for free, and start playing today.
See you on your phone! Just please try not to drop me in the toilet.

100 thoughts on “He’s Loaded: How the Trump Re-election Campaign Raised So Much Money | Full Frontal on TBS

  1. I would rather have the money raised donated to the candidate who wins the nomination rather than whoever gets the more points in this silly game before the primaries begin. Give it to the winner! That’s where we’ll need it the most!


  3. I'm not concerned about him making lots of cash for his campaign, I'd guess 99% of the money will pass through his colon because fast food quickly adds up.

  4. Remember the disappearing $40M, part of money raised by the inaugural committee?!? tRump was apoplectic in WH, yelling: You're stealing my money ($107M). Guess what – in the very back of Ivanka's walk-in closet, there is a separate compartment, behind a steel door (with an Abloy high security lock), stacked with 40 heavy bundles – a million each – so, the missing $40M (out of $107M). It's the money version of Ivanka, at 15, doing a lap-dance on dad's thigh – to the music by the Beach Boys. NOW, republicans, what do you think is happening with the current re-election moneys collected?!? You better check that safe in Ivanka's walk-in closet!

  5. America's problem is actually cos of that electoral thingy..cos kinda useless to vote but your vote not counted cos u have that thing there…😒😒

  6. Bernie will crush Trump, but noone else can. If you don't elect Bernie you are making a huge mistake. Is the app only available in the US? 😂 This was a game I wanted to play! 😅

  7. Ur app is not working. It seems to a lot of bugs. The app closes after I vote, it doesn’t come back. It’s very frustrating. That s why. Don’t play every day.

    So SANDERS has the most cash on hand of the dems… All from INDIVIDUAL DONORS. Yet Samantha and CNN still make an art out of ignoring him. So, they don't really want to get rid of trump that badly. Do they??? Sanders is likely the only candidate that has a chance of beating him. But the DNC would rather the GOP win. The system IS rigged.

  9. Funny Yang is not in the graphic behind her at 3:55. Even more entertaining is that Yang just moved from 5th to 2nd place on the app. #YangGang

  10. How have they not thought of making squid dolls that say squid pro quo?

    Don’t worry. According to a commercial I saw a fast food breakfast sandwich will replace the sun. Like the sun u will go blind if u look directly at it. Plus u will want to try to remove it from the sky and eat it.

  11. My generation the youth vote and millennials will not vote for Biden accept that now because he isn’t the front runner and if the dnc picks him it will just be a repeat

  12. Ugh, trust me I am very scared of another trump administration. I’m all in favor of impeachment but I really worry it’s going to cost us 2020

  13. So does more money mean you can afford to buy more votes? Is this how democratic elections work? I didn't know I could sell my vote. How much does ones vote go for these days?

  14. Amazing concept Sam from the app, and the jokes are fun, a really entertaining political trivia game. But please please please please, get it the resources it needs not to crash so often. Tnx

  15. Of course Trump will win again as long as Americans elect Muslims as congress women and blacks as governors. America is divided. But I don’t know if majority will ever win

  16. Trump could raise a lot more if he ran a contest where the prize was never, ever having to hear about Trump or his vile family ever again.

  17. Yang Media Blackout in full effect with Sam Bee. Very disappointing, but what were used to with corporate media. You've bought and sold democracy, keeping us misinformed

  18. Why don’t the cities Trump owes money to, take him to Court? Isn’t he committing fraud? He’s the biggest wimp ever, shame him with big posters and TV ads telling all his followers that he hasn’t paid for the rally they attended.

  19. This just shows how broken the democracy is in america. You should be elected on the basis of your merit, proposals and ideas. But everyone including the lefties all talk about how much money. Somehow in their mind money equates to power and status. Guess everyone forgets what type of business man this orange clown is, the gape in his hand is bigger than the holes in the wall he tries to build.

  20. Bit weird to point out how Trunm's campaingn dishonestly mines personal data and then promote a mobile app in the same segment.

  21. Andrew Yang, the King Of UBI, is here to stay. He will win the primary and the general. No usurping this coalition building, innovative, patriot.

  22. One night about a year ago I participated in a 'Trump poll' and I actually wrote in and gave him a piece of my mind. I was a little nervous about it but went ahead and hit 'send'. Since then, I get a MINIMUM of one email per day from him, or his daughter-in-law or Don Jr and they always use my name and ask me to contribute so I can be on 'the list of contributors that we will put in front of President Trump first thing tomorrow morning' or I will be put in a raffle to win an autographed MAGA hat (it doesn't say who will autograph it though). There is also an 'accidental' link to the merchandise page and they even had a Veteran's Day sale! I have kept on the mailing list just to see what jackassery they are up to and the propaganda is truly, truly frightening.

  23. I love how literally zero Samantha Bee followers know that she is fighting to prevent poor minorities from being bussed into her kids school district. Google it people. Samantha Bee is a fraud

  24. Sam calls out trump for running a gimmick to gather people’s info then proceeds to run gimmick that will gather people’s data.

  25. In so far as trump raising what some $106 million dollars, age old saying a fool and his money is soon parted. Enough said!!! Renegade 101st.

  26. Love the game, love your newsletter! Totally #YoutubeAndrewYang myself, but onboard with supporting whoever ends up with the nomination.

  27. One of his running points in 2016 was that he was self funding his campaign so couldn’t be bought. Of course he didn’t and us being bought and his supporters don’t care.

  28. He probably will use the money to pay back St Judes Hospital for children with cancer, and the other 9 charities he stole from. He is not a money maker he is a thief and con man. Vote blue !

  29. The ONE thing that the Republican Party fears to death — One VOTE is still just one vote! Which is why The ENTIRE United States public should always, always, ALWAYS vote Democrat.

  30. The ONE thing that the Republican Party fears to death — One VOTE is still just one vote! Which is why The ENTIRE United States public should always, always, ALWAYS vote Democrat.

  31. 1:28 Ummm my man Yang earned more than Biden and almost as much as Harris so why isn't he on that infographic?
    Edit: and if you are talking about all of the money that he's raised he's raised $14.5 million

  32. Imagine what a candidate could achieve by donating those funds to curing cancer, ending poverty etc. This is just crazy …

  33. Guess that's the only way dumacrats can get votes is to make a game out of the election so the millennials will get involved. They love playing games

  34. Trump hasn’t raised money, he just haven’t paid the bills for his rallies. People need to wake up. Stop sweeping everything this man does under the rug.

  35. Demakkkrats have nothing for Americans quid pro joe is curpt just like all demakkkrats Americans see the truth.

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