HAUNTED HOTEL AT NIGHT: Abandoned Hotel Beau Coin – Urbex Lost Places Horror Luxembourg

In February we went on our biggest urbex trip yet. Within nine days of nonstop urban exploration… …we have explored several abandoned places in Germany, Luxembourg, France and Belgium. After we had seen huge industrial facilities… …and long tunnels in the underground… …it was about time to explore some more residential houses. Together with our local friend Luca from the youtube channel UrbexLuca… …we were looking for abandoned buildings in Luxembourg on day seven of our road trip. In the middle of the night we arrived at the last spot for the day. …an abandoned hotel which is said to be haunted. Hotel Beau Coin is a small hotel located in a quiet area. On this picture postcard you can see how it used to look back then. Today this place is anything but cozy. In fact: It’s an absolute mess! It looks like this place was rummaged through multiple times. Traces of vandalism are everywhere. On the main floor there were a bar… …and the restaurant. The latter was known for the fine cooking. Today this place is kind of flooded with water and decay is progressing very fast here. It’s the menu. Lights out! Okay… Oh, you have keys for the different dishes. Over here are the beverages. For example something with cherry… Fanta, Sprite, American Beer, … …champagne, Coca Cola, orange juice, … You can type the order right away. And here you have food and accompaniments. Banana split, pineapple cherry, … Steak, … …and here’s gratin too. Sweet. Over here are plates which are… …portioned. In the middle you put the steak. Sauce to the left and the right. …as well as peas and potatoes. On the upper floors there are the hotel rooms. This place was built in 1964. Probably in 2001 it was abandoned. You can find calendars with that year’s number everywhere here. Sick! There’s a huge crack in the wall… It is said that the hotel had switched owners for some times. The last owners were said to be Dutch. It was a couple that crossed some borders to start a new life here. But it seems like their efforts have failed. The hotel had to close its doors because there were barely any guests here. Before we entered this place we’ve heard some ghost stories… We’re not that kind of people who believe in that stuff… …but the atmosphere was really creepy and you don’t want to be alone here in the middle of the night. Shit, dude… – You just scared the crap out of us! Here’s a child’s shoe made of porcelain?! It is said that the former owners found a young girl in front of the house one day. She didn’t want to talk and the married couple didn’t want to urge her. She got food, they played with the little girl… And so months went by… It seemed like they would become a real family. Until… …she just disappeared one day. The wedded couple searched the hotel but didn’t find her. So they asked the old neighbor and described what she looked like. Deep in thought the neighbor said the couple should take a seat. He left the room… …and returned with a yellowed picture. The pair from the hotel couldn’t believe their eyes. It was Mary on the picture – their little girl! The old man said that the hotel used to be a farmhouse many years ago. One day there was a fire… The peasant couple escaped the flames. But little Mary died in the inferno… When you’re quiet in here, you can still hear her crying for help. And on some days… …you can even see her body. Wait… What was that? Nahhh, just kidding. Of course this whole story is just bullshit. Well, at least that’s our guess. The tale is part of a geocache and we even found a note that belongs to the treasure hunt. The only thing in the hotel that came close to be ghosty was on the attic. Sweet. – Cool. We just solved the mystery of the ghost. It was just a weird sounding saw. In the next episode we will spend the night in a massive sanatorium. No problem for us, we thought. After all we just survived a haunted hotel, we thought. Well, we completely underestimated the intensity of the following night. But see for yourselves in the next episode.

61 thoughts on “HAUNTED HOTEL AT NIGHT: Abandoned Hotel Beau Coin – Urbex Lost Places Horror Luxembourg

  1. OMG! Will we survive the exploration of this haunted hotel??? 😱 Spoiler: Of course we will survive.
    As always we prepared some subtitles for international viewers.✌ Have fun watching this episode! 😁

  2. Tolles Video in dementsprechender Location, Broken Window Theory. Eure Urbex-Videos sind einfach supertoll und daher jedesmal wieder sehenswert. Frohe Pfingsten und viele Grüße 🙂

  3. Sehr spannendes Video!
    Bin schon gespannt wenn mal die Österreichischen Spots mit uns mal kommen. 😀 <3

  4. Moin Leute, da habt Ihr ein tolles Video gemacht! 😉 Dein Englisch wird immer besser und macht richtig Spaß! 🙂 Danke und beste Grüße, Timo.

  5. Schade, dass ihr nur so kurz da wart 🙁 War aber cool mit euch auf Tour 😀
    Hoffe wir sehen uns bald wieder 🙂
    Geiles video

  6. Oh, thank you for narrating and the subtitles! I totally love your explorations and can hardly wait for the next one.


  8. Hey. I love your videos. I'm curious about the cameras you use to make videos. Can you tell me what cameras you use?

  9. Daat ass een allen hotel an der geigend fun menger heemecht ech wess nek vill driwer mee ech hun enkeier owes lucht am haus gesin wei ech lanecht gefuer sen

  10. I like the picture you took of the bottle of wine and glasses in front of the window decaying, it was very artistic. How you told the story at the end when you made us think that little girl was there and the way you ended it was quite amusing. Lol And playing a turn on the old saw was fun!!…. Thank you for your video!

  11. Gute tolle video meine freunden . I enjoy always your exploration and you find beautyful places and your explane with litle germen englisch accent sounds funny  greets from Niederlande Grusse Chris.

  12. Another great video! One thing particularly impressive is how you get such amazing photos in a low light situation. What settings do you use??

  13. The true reason of this hotel's abandoning is that the owner fell into the pit behind the building and drowned in the water, which sounds kinda creepy too.

  14. Watching all these abandoned places, I keep asking myself the only question. Ok, the previous owners of any property went bankrupt or anything else. But what about the new buyers? If there is a ready-made hotel, why not take it over and start a new business? Why leave everything to decay and to be exposed to vandals?

  15. meine Freundin und ich waren vor ca einem Monat dort..ich hab mich ein bisschen darüber informiert (also die Vorgeschichte) als wir dort ankamen Wars so als wussten wir den weg schon wir sind direkt durch die Scheune/Garage gegangen wir sind eig echt keine Schisser… wir waren auch schon in mehreren lost places in der Umgebung wie Greiveldinger, Hotel de Chateau, Cafe Glasner etc. doch dort war es echt unheimlich meine Freundin kannte die Vorgeschichte nicht aber ich hab sie einmal gut erschrocken als ich eine tür auf machte und sie einmal gequietscht hat… wir gingen weiter rein mit einem mulmigen Gefühl.. nach ca 2-3 min als wir paar Bilder machten meinte meine Freundin ich fühl ich irgendwie beobachtet… du nicht? ich hab nur darauf geantwortet ich weiß gerade nicht was ich fühl wenn ich ehrlich bin ;/ wir gingen nach rechts weiter durch zum raum der bisschen unterwasser stand… da meinte meine Freundin sie würde Kratzgeräusche hören also gingen wir wieder zurück zur "Rezeption" auf einmal hörte ich irgendwas wie ein kleines Kind schreien aber relativ weit weg (ich denke das war mein Kopf der mit mir gespielt hat) paar Sekunden danach Knallte die tür hinter uns zu…. wir waren echt fertig mit den nerven… wir sind nicht mehr hoch gegangen… nach dem knall bewegten wir uns wieder Richtung Ausgang.. auf dem Heimweg hatte ich meiner Freundin von der Geschichte erzählt und danach meinte sie nur ich will nochmal rein haha
    bis jetzt waren wir nicht nochmal dort aber irgendwas reizt uns:)

  16. Well it is nice to see that you are not playing b rated spook music and flipin' out every time you think you might have heard a noise.. But I do share you sadness that some of these old places have to decay into rubble.. oh yeah.. sometimes your vids are a bit short.. I would have liked to see more of that place.. Carry on my friends carry on!

  17. I love the narrators voice 😍 and the places they go to give me chill. I would love to do this one day.

  18. I’m late to the party, but this must have been quite lovely in its day. So sad to see the vandalism and graffiti, although I do enjoy good graffiti art in its proper place. Very nice playing of the saw, and I’m glad little Mary didn’t follow you home. I’m enjoying catching up with your earlier explores as a new subscriber, thank you for sharing what you do. 🖤🇨🇦

  19. Bahaha I was drinking espresso when the ghost part came up….was not expecting that. Let's just say espresso went everywhere! So funny.

  20. Mit eurer Vermutung, dass das Hotel 2001 verlassen wurde, liegt ihr wahrscheinlich goldrichtig. =-) Auf der Weinkarte bei 2:09 sind die Preise jedenfalls noch in Luxemburger Franken angegeben. 😉

  21. That's a mighty ghostly looking place. Don't you ever sense the presence of those spirits from bygone years? I can't wait until you come face to face with one. LOL Great job with the ghost story.

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