Halifax – Making Payments

With Halifax online banking, it’s easy to
make payments. You can pay a bill, send money to family or friends, set up standing orders,
and review direct debits. Just go to the My Accounts page, select the
account you wish to pay from, click ‘Make a payment’.
Choose from a list of existing payments, or if you need to pay someone new, click ‘Set
up a new recipient’. To pay family or friends, select ‘Pay a person’. To pay a company such
as your energy provider, or your credit card, go to ‘Pay a bill’.
You can search for a company by entering the name. You can find popular searches here too.
Next, enter a reference. This would normally be the account or credit card number that
you’re paying. Re-enter it to confirm, and then enter the amount you wish to pay. Then
select when you want to pay, either as soon as possible, or any date up to 31 days ahead.
The first time you make a payment to someone new, we’ll need to authorise the transaction
to make sure it’s safe. A confirmation code will be displayed on your screen. You’ll receive
an automated phone call shortly afterwards, where we’ll ask you to type in this code using
your phone. Be sure to stay on this page while you’re completing the confirmation.
You’ll go through the same process to set up a standing order and will just choose how
often you want the payment to be sent. And that’s it.
So register for Halifax online banking today, at Halifax.co.uk.

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