Gun Appreciation Day Chairman Abruptly Ends Interview During Questioning

joining is larry ward is the chairman of
gun appreciation day off for the
president of political media
incorporated larry what is gone
appreciation day when is it the most
importantly y
organization should be is is simply
being belief for citizens to go up
insure their appreciation for the second
amendment to go out to damage is done
shows uh… gems shops and buy a few
bullish if u bullets
and bring your angry like we should
bring your hands off my gun signs and
send a message to
now i know the president but also
members of congress who uh… uh…
infringes on the second amendment
now i’m interested in doing this because
he say
the show appreciation who were they
trying to show the appreciation to
another what i would assume as gun
owners they already appreciate the
second amendment so this is really to
get other people’s attention
in other the state wasn’t an issue of
british asian
uh… you know to the country
niyati to those who don’t really
understand or
have been misled about what the second i
mean isn’t when it’s about
uh… other citizens and and you know we
believe that
uh… we’re not we’re not going to to
push off the site we’re gonna win
so let’s talk about what i get to the
second amendment part
in a second go but first
i was looking at the list of the
coalition members for gun appreciation
day and at last check
the n_r_a_ is is it not been
conspicuously missing from that list
what why is that the n_r_a_ part of it
the inmates i’m not being in charge of
the n_r_a_ so i don’t know you weeds and
called them i’m sure there are two
uh… in i’m sure it’s a discussion
so that they’re ignoring for now is what
you said you haven’t heard back from
them at all
and and you know i i didn’t expect you
you’ve got the wrong thing in the do
their own thing in
and that’s great and then we would like
to have mister mccollum
is it possible that because the fed at
according to latest polls that the
public perception of the n_r_a_
is this has taken a significant hit in
the last month or so
is it possible that they may realize
that this gun appreciation day is
probably going to sink them further and
they just want no part and i mean is
that a possibility larry
now i don’t think so i think um… you
know i think you you know they’ll still
they’re going to take the bob i mean
they’re getting bumped from the
preaching she died
positioning uh… hundreds of thousands
in two thousand people signed up
originally since since uh…
these laws of but that will propose a
top being talked about
ipso what it does interesting what bomb
for the n_r_a_ get prevent appreciation
day specifically
but you know they’ve got memberships
assailants of people yeah they’ve got
the incidents of people think you know
when it comes to you
done rates and by nineteen don’t get
some spillover uh…
bluesy awsome
and sell some oil memberships
so how it got appreciation day founder
funded in other words and are their
costs associated with this like are the
coding the coalition members
pay you to be tube to be involved how
does that work
noted from here
you’re you’re paying for this i thought
that yet
uh… the uh…
that collision and resilient military
coalition members to come on board we do
now we are asking for some contribution
raised a little bit of money not not a
whole lot
so far in invaluable will receive that
uses does managers contributions right
back all the times and more today
so you talked about president obama so i
want to touch on that just a little bit
uh… president obama said back in two
thousand eight in a speech that
foxnews only aired the first part of
what we were able to uncover the full
video where president obama
initially says
he supports the second amendment he’s
not going to take people’s handguns so
on and so forth
and then back for fox topic but we found
the rest of the video where he says he
does support gun control measures now
he’s been elected twice at this point
what’s the message you want to send the
president obama given that he with clear
about his position on guns
and he was elected twice didn’t people
vote their for exactly what president
obama is doing otherwise he would have
faltered and you know that the same
undersea resting in on you
on wall hasn’t president obama
what is president obama dungeon for
gender second i want to meet susan
because he had to run for re-election
is not what he has done it’s what he’s
planning to get you said very clearly
uh… to bang ran on that is that there
is doing what he ran off
named guaranteed ladybug from that
wasn’t cheap
probably said it
it certainly wasn’t she wasn’t was it
something he taught was brought up in
two days for as i know
in the benefit of his fault them in his
part you can
but let’s let’s take a step and check
out what i brought up in the debate
about the movie if at all
understand that your political
you you would know where all austin’s on
gun control if you’re interested in your
you’re someone who wants to
uh… inactive user someone who really
follows politics but the average
ordinary person
you know is doesn’t necessarily know
with president obama stand second in
iraq to back down there fault that
people being uninformed aps
where people insult what we’re trying to
is we’re trying
to uh…
we tried it yet
the those people in forums
about where people stay in bed with
president clinton
dianne feinstein and others
where they stand
uh… on these issues entity
what the egg in
you know what they intend to do
uh… that will hold a second
but the thing is larry that when you
look at polls people opens generally
more than fifty percent agree with what
president obama and the impact that
looking to do that the things so i uh…
it sounds like they’re trying to build a
coalition of people
that already are on the record and kind
of baked into those polling numbers as
opposing what they’re doing but it’s not
the majority of perfect do you do you
know as well as i do all numbers go up
and down right now there was an
emotional charger
that the president and dianne feinstein
in the rest of the
uh… the liberals and republicans in
congress and jumped on this gun control
uh… and quite frankly exploited
geeky the uh…
the tragedy in we intend to
pastor gun control measures uh… didn’t
believe incident beeper
when one of those lines wary
do you buy into the just to get you on
the record as a yes or no here do you
buy into the theories that president
obama or the white house for the
administration was somehow involved in
uh… planning or allowing sandy hook to
happen for political gain do you buy
into that at all
okay market
you know if islam you know as certainly
i certainly hope that our police in
honor of the media
would be would be uh…
a little more
the responsible too
you know not height sex objects
let’s talk about the second amendment
what you wanted to which you alluded to
the first that i think this is a good
time to talk about it continued as the
second amendment in
that people should be allowed to own any
so this includes
weapons of mass destruction apache
helicopters all that stuff
dino it dot
something he said yes but i mean no it
isn’t there
i do not believe that it did in
individuals who have nuclear weapons and
so i tend to forget about the nuclear
weapons i would not
and out right now we have twenty
twenty thousand ones
on the books from gun control
those twenty thousand most fans
they failed in in virginia tech they
failed in aurora he failed to see temple
the failed in in there
eating in uh…
in newtown
and and you know those people’s lives
were lost because those
gun control measures
stay apart but larry i what i want to
stay i want to keep the focus is narrow
cuz i think this is a big deal with the
second amendment forget about the laws
per second
youbet so you said yes that should mean
any weapon but not nuclear weapons so
that’s that’s a restriction you’re
putting on their where did you get back
to the celtic restriction here
when i get that restriction
first of all amt
you know eight
average ordinary citizen does
but you know it’s it’s a ridiculous on
uh… i don’t think but no i don’t think
it is so let’s let’s take a step down
and forget for a second
about the nuclear weapon topic which i
don’t know how you deeds for example if
you would it be ok for for humans but
all of you know uh… individuals in an
attempt by indeed
while you’re here today
is is that the the second amendment is
is very clear
is the only in men
uh… in in uh…
entity is young women in the
constitution has the word shoma be
and and d dissect them and it was put
together for three reasons one so people
can defend their set themselves in the
so that people could uh…
who’ve been married to defend himself
from what would be for invader
so american to defend itself from uh…
uh… potential that time
in takeover i’m done
in you know those three things that
affect eight-b_ the act absolute best
statement and the machines from
just a part-time and personal
from uh… supporting and promoting
undue delay we’re getting way out track
of your oklahoma let me touch football
missing and
one personally uh… for promoting
peanin ex-presidents eighty-seven right
that day
the second amendment is is the right
to shoot
the right
teaching dear
yes that’s a powerful statement because
that is what the second mandates ballet
again were way off track you said you
were coming back to the point i’m not
you’ve got to nuclear weapon
if if the united states government
or a foreign government
uh… we’re using nuclear weapon
begins as people
then you know i’d be all four
retaliating with a nuclear weapon
from the citizens
uh… but they’re not talking about you
nuclear warfare you know it’s not or or
reaching you should instruction
now we’re talking about that
you know the thing is though
if those were the initial three uh…
reasons for the second amendment why did
the supreme court have to rule
for the first time in two thousand eight
that the second amendment means citizens
have a right to guns not firm alicia
used in other words legally up until
just a few years ago all those things
you just cited were true it sounds like
we’re getting very mixed up here
mold that’s the reason the founding
fathers led credence very clear is
very clear but then if it was so clear
whether the supreme court up to rule out
of the four years ago report makes
mistakes in in this uh… big mistake
you know recently with a biology
you know about him a call that a secular
obama care that they do it
i want to get back to my main point
police are said to be a chorus dizzy and
all the all hands saying that the spirit
or at least the state so i think what
would happen if economic really have two
options here
either the second amendment means
then people can own the weapons that
were available at the time the second
amendment was written
a_k_a_ must gets or means anyone can own
any weapon that exist anything else wary
everything you know i think it let me
finish my thought
anything else
is this is a totally subjective
evaluation you or anyone else is doing
and therefore why is it any more
subjective for president old bomb or
anyone else to ban assault weapons
and create if a nuclear weapons are part
of it
because of the reason i just said it if
they if the government if there was if
there was any uh… president and in the
government using nuclear suitcase
against its citizens
then i would never before
i’m having a citizen using nuclear
cities gets done
followed by the government has his
nuclear weapons against other countries
why why does that so i think larry that
this is making no sense to me i think
when i get an answer from you get this
guy i you know hypothesis that you know
just citizens are gonna make nukes
that’s not the case
we’re talking about the right to bear
uh… don’s as the government used
assault weapons against against
it’s it and against citizens in in any
kind of uh… i pack repression ap
because we have gone to look at look at
every single columbia where you were at
work and makes no sense this is not a
sense that you are you making any sense
but what about attacked what about
attack has that the government have
really protecting them from erica
now because we have our stiffer than
americans should be able to have tax
right because that’s when that happened
what what is this is that i have really
really gone with this actually have
another interview
uh… packaging and i’m sure
what’s at how convenient larry okay so i
i guess what we’re getting theory here
is the you’ve got appreciation day is
funded by you
you’ve decided what weapons the second
amendment does and doesn’t allow but
you’re not okay with president obama
things and i get us where we got it
uh… the constitution
uh… upset
well the cause of this is a view that
there are all ok roaming muscat for okay
but you’ve
your apparently putting what he said the
friend of freedom three you can apply it
to the person
the daily had these papers and only that
affected the curfew to three rd
so the only newspapers back into the
first mentally applies to print
newspapers it doesn’t play theater no
well that’s the thing we actually came
after that i thought the second either
hyperbole norcal or it applies to on or
the differences
with the second amendment you’re saying
now if neither of those at the end
between that it’s okay for you to decide
but not the president and makes no sense
it doesn’t stand up where
thank you very much appreciated
all right larry ending the trailer
deciding to end the interview
lay reward chairman of the appreciation
day certainly not liking the direction
that it went but we do appreciate uh…
there is a kind of thought we appreciate
ending on a it’s too bad that the
student he’s been doing some interviews
apparently he was able to sit through
all of them except for this one
until the end we’ll take a break stated
back after this

100 thoughts on “Gun Appreciation Day Chairman Abruptly Ends Interview During Questioning

  1. I just watched a photographer whom has been filming Greenland for the last five years in stop motion photography. They are melting at record levels, and only escalating. Makes one wonder about aerosol use by military as well as geo-engineering labs also be creating the problem of not letting gases out of the atmosphere.?

  2. and I agree…I can only hope that we can curve mans behavior on this planet. I truly do. But lets get to those topics, and at least discus them as more then what they are being discussed has right now. We waist ten plus years deciding what a Conspiracy Theory is before we do anything about it. Kind of like GMO;s Here we are ten years in, and still no labeling. Let alone anything else.

  3. Theres fuck all wrong with GMOs and labeling is idiotic. Look as I have said its VERY hard talking to someone as proudly naive as you without getting VERY frustrated. Read some science and dissident literature – I can't keep doing this with you…

  4. Started well finished in total idiocy. SCIENCE and PEER REVIEW – find out about them and take off the tin foil hat…

  5. Then dont…Go out and enjoy yourself. Leave the dirty work to the rest of us. We will get it done just fine with out you. Seeing has myself and anyone who doesn't agree with you is just stupid and in complete delusional dream worlds.

  6. Hopefully the people who dont believe in the 2nd amendment are never put in a situation that finally makes them see the light.

  7. check out waco dumb ass, what about when the government dropped a bomb from a helicopter with people inside the building.

  8. will some one please tell Kirk Cameron to shut up and get a clue.Muskets were when the military had MUSKETS. we have the right to own anything that police and military uses.You are an idiot.

  9. I think you are very misinformed young man. UMDs and IEDs are not the issue. You should have stuck to the issue at hand and you may not have looked like a uninformed idiot. Your stance is weak nad you need to give up.

  10. Larry Ward probably had to cut the interview because he had a gun celebration cake in the oven and didn't want to burn it.

  11. This kid is a little shit head. The stupid nuclear weapon argument. A militia needs soldier, regular run of the mill soldiers. For the people to form that militia they need the weapons of regular soldiers. So citizens must be able to have the weapons of a regular foot soldier to be able to do that. In the military there are specialized jobs that people have to take additional training to be able to do that job, such as tank drivers. They are no longer foot soldiers.

  12. Oh, and by the way. We are not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic where 99% of the people can not take away the rights of the 1%.

  13. Before the reelection I tried for days to find any information online about Obama's views about gun control. I could not find information at all about his views and his plans. The information was not out there. I was not able to find it for a reason. Because they didn't want people to know what his opinions were.

  14. Tip to interviewing, when your opponent is starting to make a valid point, shut him up and ask him a question so fucking retarded that he can't help but stop and say, "da fuq was that?"

    case and point look at 7:30

  15. David your dad wants his suit back NOW! And your an idiot WANNABE reporter,You should go back to school and stop pretending that you know anything.Now SHHHHH! and go to bed like a good lil boy.

  16. Lets remember all these law makers like Diane Fienstein and vote them out of office come next election. Vote out all politicians who are againts our 2nd ammendment rights.

  17. When your a big boy then maybe you will understand that grown ups are defending your rights. I dont know why he even gave a kid an interview.

  18. When the second was written, there was only muskets. The military and citizens were equal in fire power. I think vehicles and WMDs are a different class than "arms" defined today as small arms. And anyone with cleaning supplies has a potential IED. He left cause this interviewer is just silly and uses juvenile logic to push his argument.

  19. David Parkman seems to think that if you have a majority that it is ok to take other peoples rights. That's how Germany got the Nazi party and WW2. David would have fit right in back then.

  20. David Parkman-
    If your going to debate an issues you should LET EACH SIDE EXPLAIN THEIR POSITION IN THEY WAY THEY FEEL IS BEST….The way I saw you treat your guest was disgusting. Remember when people come on your on your show they are called Guests. So treat them as such. Your guests are there to promote their positions and, if you have any decency, you should let them. Be the way, It's OK to have opposing ideas.

  21. The media is one sided and they only tell you what they want they are using their professions to get their views crossed.They are supposed to report facts and news but they don't

  22. David Parkman you not my friend are part of the problem. And when they start dragging people to the chamber and shooting the people in the back I HOPE YOUR FIRST!!! because history repeats it's self.You trying to put a spin on it is just you wanting to get your point across and discrediting others Obama is and always has been a liar and that makes you a fool

  23. One night when a robber/ murderer breaks into this guy's house he will only be able to fight back with FERRY GLITTER!!!

  24. The majority? Yawl keep saying that like you can dictate to the rest of us what to do. 51% does not make for a whole country.The NRA is junk, Ill give you that. But do not blame gun violence all on them. Hell you didn't even mention the Psychotropic Drugs these people were on.The guns are here because the American people 48 to 52 million of them want them. Because of cases that neither one of these guys mentioned. The Deaths at Mount Carmel Center as well as the Weaver family deaths. Look em up.

  25. Actually they through the incideary device on top…They did not drop from Helicopter. But your point is very valid. Also they used two tanks and multiple tanks were used against the weaver family at Ruby Ridge.

  26. So you are trying to kill the second amendment on that? Really? Would the Federal Government use Nuclear weapons on the American people? There is food for thought.

  27. I can not believe that there were 3 separate idiots at the gun shows for this event who actually fired their weapons accidentally. With them, Alex Jones, and James Yeager as pro-gun advocates are doing a fine job of making the point for more limits on guns. Progressives don't have to do anything but shut up and watch the gun nut funnies!

  28. If you are going to call someone stupid please make sure you proof read. At the least spell stupid correctly. Can't even say it was a typo, as it wss spelled wrong more than once.

  29. Whoops was referring to the "MOVE" incident in 1985? I think where police dropped a bomb from a heli and I think 65 houses caught on fire. along with adults and children dieing.

  30. I guess he has forgotten about Kent State? The Ohio National Guard shot and killed 4 unarmed students and wounded 9 others… So to answer one of the interviewers questions… Yes the US Government HAS used assault rifles against their own people. To ask about nukes, tanks, and helicopters is just stupid. That has no bearing on anything that is happening right now with the 2nd Amendment. Way to skirt around the issue by inputting asinine ideas. I don't blame him for cutting off the interview.

  31. The 2nd amendment is all inclusive including nuclear weapons, tanks, apaches, and whatever else could possibly be used against the citizens. Don't forget about aerial drones. If you can afford to buy it, it shall be legal to own.

  32. 1. The 2nd amendment says NOTHING about needing weapons to protect one's property. This guy just pulled that out of his ass. 2. The 2nd amendment is VERY specific when it states, "a well regulated militia", and to defend the "state". Not individuals to defend themselves, but regulated militias. Let's not forget this was written before the US had standing armies; no national guards, police forces, etc. 3. Excellent debate, David. You were hitting all the right notes. Would love to see more!

  33. Of course he ended it. The host was being stupid with his thoughts. Really a neckwear bomb? He said "guns" but the host gies off in left feild and brings up nuclear weapons tanks attack hrlicopters etc. we have a right to be as well armed as a infantry soldier in terms of small arms. the host was trying to turn the conversation into thr ludicris gor his own beliefs. He made a retarded argument… Btw we can own tanks.

  34. And BTW.. That was an act of Posse Comitatis. I think that's how its spelled. And if you really think about it. Using the National Guard for something like that should have never happened. Our troops used on our own people. Just plain WRONG. No doubt there..

  35. He only decided to cut it short once you started in with what felt like to me at least was ad hominem leaning rhetoric. You started to get very emotional and irrational David. I'm not saying that out of disrespect or hatered, but I think it's unfair to bring in the idea of nuclear bombs and tanks when the discussion is about guns. Why is it okay for you to get emotional and use ad hominem but not anyone who supports private gun ownership. Where have all the mass shootings happened btw? gun free?

  36. and please, before out discussion takes off on wild tangents and personal attacks, i simply will not participate in a one-sided discussion either way. Both sides have been espousing some rather violent rhetoric the past few days, not in my name sir. I am a peaceful man.

  37. unbelievable cherry picking. Let me post the entire amendment so you can't get away with that. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  38. Also, well before gun powder existed, human beings had every right and reason to defend themselves from an attacker. No one could tell them otherwise, nor can they stop them from doing so, unless of course they themselves are doing the attacking. Which side of that do you fall on?

  39. Larry is a smart man unlike david with his ridiculous topic of nukes. Yes some citizens own tanks, bazookas, mortars and such.
    Another unsuccessful attempt to discredit firearm enthusiasts.
    To answer the question is. A line in the sand must be drawn and where we are at now is it. Chipping away any more will leave us with only muskets and completly unable to form a "well regulated militia". The feds have already taken our states organized militia in 1908. Calling it National Guard.

  40. Bearing arms is what the common soldier does. The common soldier does not carry a nuke in a briefcase or a helicopter in his pocket. The intent was to arm the citizenry as a foot soldier would be armed, which is still applicable today.

  41. I was all for making this guy look stupid, but I actually got angry when he started berating him about "Has the government used tanks or assault rifles on American citizens?" as if they haven't. Does anyone remember Waco, Tx? Ruby Ridge? Shit the 6 soldiers who supposedly killed Osama Bin Laden have all been murdered in the last year. Motherfuckers be warned.

  42. The 2nd amendment guarantees the right to bear personal arms. Nucular bombs and apache helicopters are not owned by individuals. We have the right to own the weapons a militia would own.

  43. What Rock did this Moron crawl out from under? David, you need to get a life and stop being an ass. If you are going to interview a person, let them speak, stop interupting them, and stop being a facetious! You are not even in the ballpark with your arguments, Oh and David you are the moron.

  44. David Parkman is a yet another idiot idealogue trying to make a name for himself on the gun control agenda. !0 thumbs down for this junior trainee jerkwad.

  45. the 2nd was to protect weapons that are used by militias. It expressly protects military weapons, the Supreme court has ruled on this. You could make a better argument that we should not be allowed non military weapons. If any weapon should be allowed, it should be the AR-15. And if you don't think tyranny is threat, wake up. Every amendment in the Bill Of Rights has been broken, except the third.!!!! Why do you want to give your rights up? do you not value freedom?

  46. No his comment is not valid, its idiotic. Its a deceptive ploy. If you don't understand that there is not point discussing it with you. That's why Larry just left, no point in arguing with an idiot who is just trying to bring out an emotional or erratic response.

  47. Incorrect. When the Constitution was penned, they had access to the state of the arts weapons then. The Founders were smart enough to know that technology would progress and citizens should have access to the same weapons to guard against govt and for protection. I take it you've never held/shot a firearm before – the civilian version of the AR-15/M4 is NOT an assault weapon, nor is it a "large caliber" rifle by any stretch. Comparing my 5.56mm to my 7mm Rem Mag is pretty funny.

  48. Stupid people say this all the time. Representative democracy is a variety of democracy founded on the principle of elected people representing a group of people, as opposed to direct democracy.[1] All modern Western style democracies are various types of representative democracies, for example the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and Poland is a parliamentary republic.

  49. Um, they're still made, and you can get one provided you can actually get a Class III license and tax stamp, and then at least $15,000 – $20,000 (or more, depending what you want) to buy it. If you have the cash, I would highly recommend an M249. It shoots the puny 5.56mm round (same as the M4/AR-15 types), but is much cheaper to shoot and lighter to carry. Great home defense weapon if you were planning to remodel your entire home interior.

  50. David, he was a very respectful guest. I am not pleased with how you treated him. Usually, I am on your side, but this time you were inappropriately rude. I have come to expect more from you.

  51. Could you please be more specific in terms of "assault weapon"? Any item that is used for assault is an "assault weapon". If you mean the M4 type of rifles – gun crimes won't change because they're used in less than 2% of gun crimes. Ten million of us own them – if they were a "problem", you'd hear about mass shootings every day. If they were banned, then the only people allowed to have them are criminals and police. Us law abiding folks, of course, have to follow laws. Felons don't.

  52. I agree, why shouldn't honest citzens have machine guns. machine gun owners are THE most honest gun owners, only two (2) murders since 1950 have been comitted with register class# machine guns. Just like only 2% of crime is committed with assault weapons. you just taking away guns for no reason, they are not the problem.

  53. Yep. Extremely. How much professional training have you had in either? Can you fix problems that arise with either of them?

  54. That would mean all guns then. All firearms were designed for some type of military trial. Name me a firearm and I can tell you what period it was designed. Like the Mosin Nagant? A Soviet rifle used in both World Wars as well as the Bolshevik Revolution. How about the Mauser 98K? Used by Germany in World War 2. Both of them bolt actions. So should those be banned? Using your logic that means yes.

  55. The Constitution, in Article I, allows armed citizens in militias to “suppress Insurrections,” not cause them. The Constitution defines treason as “levying War” against the government in Article III, and the states can ask the federal government for assistance “against domestic Violence” under Article IV.

    There is nothing in the constitution or any law passed by congress that gives anyone the right to take up arms against their own country under any circumstances!

  56. He was being a bit unfair towards the end laughing at the guys responses. Though Larry Ward's defense was "Well the Supreme court gets things wrong" and "We're not talking about a nuclear holocaust". I wish there was a single legitimate conservative argument that made sense to me.

  57. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. ok now, this has Nothing to do with hunting, it has to do with security, and the ability to defend that security from those who would try to take it away, ie. and invaiding army, or a tyranical government, or a crook off the streets, facts are facts, look at the federal crime stats, and world history, people with guns can defend themselves.

  58. You are such a good interviewer! Mainstream media can take a few lessons on interviewing from you! Great job, David!

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