Human story is much more mysterious than we’ve been taught From more than quarter of a century I have been focusing on the possibility of a forgotten episode in human history of a lost civilization My evidence suggested very strongly that there had been a global Cataclysm somewhere around 10,500 BC This mass of new evidence comes out on precisely what I was talking about. I was three hundred years out If we were to have another event like the event that happened twelve thousand eight hundred years ago Our civilization would not survive it all these great buildings all this tech We would be gone Archaeologists should not take the view that they have got a firm and fixed picture of the past because actually we know so little What’s important is to question prevailing narratives all the time? Really for thousands of years human beings have worked with plant medicine they have been an integral part of human culture All ancient civilizations were using means to alter consciousness. They were central to some of the best and greatest achievements Consciousness is a is a giant mystery. There are lessons we can learn here in this level of vibration Maybe we should be considering that the depth of human experience is more than just material things and technology and our egos I think what’s needed is a recognition of how incredibly fortunate and blessed we are to live on this beautiful planet and Every minute of every day should be spent caring for it because if we don’t care for it It won’t care for us. Our choice always was always will be They say that the human race is doomed that we have lost touch with our true nature But the media has corrupted us and that the planet has the future. I Disagree I believe that humanity is full of hope and that our salvation Lies within each one of us My name is Brian rose in my job is to listen the oldest method of learning known to man Each week I seek out individuals that are changing the world people who are living and thinking in a different way their stories will challenge your beliefs make you question your choices and perhaps inspire you to change I never planned on doing any of this, but now I can’t stop Join me on this mission and make humanity something we can all be proud of I Will always love grandma Hancock because he was our first real guest six and a half years ago when we started the show We had him right before we went to Los Angeles to be on the Joe Rogan experience and we’ve had him back ever since This time Graham is back to talk about America but America a long time ago with evidence that the human species was around a hundred and thirty thousand years before in America and he’s got a fascinating book about it But more importantly I’m just glad that Graham is here because he nearly died From some seizures about two years ago when he’s really been back on this road to recovery And again what I love about Graham is that he was always a journalist he’s always questioning science and he’s pushing the envelope on the entire theory and Narrative we have about us as humans So I know you’re going to enjoy this episode as usual Graham brings it and totally delivers And of course here at London real we always deliver especially in the London real Academy We are closing out our speak to inspire course eight weeks I show you how to get on stage or how to pitch a corporate board or be better and social communication And of course very soon. 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That will make your dream a reality Join us and we’ll take your life to the next level together Our next accelerate of course is starting soon This is London real I am brian rose my guest today is Graham Hancock the British journalist and author of numerous best-selling books Which have sold more than nine million copies worldwide You specialize in unconventional theories involving ancient civilizations stone monuments and megaliths Astrological data from the past and altered states of consciousness. You’re best known for your nonfiction Investigations of historical mysteries including the blockbuster book fingerprints of the gods in 1995 and it’s 2015 Sequel magician’s of the Gods your new book America before the key to Earth’s lost civilization draws on the latest Archaeological and DNA evidence to explore the mysteries of the past and the profound implications of how we lead our lives today graham Welcome back to london real thank you. It’s a pleasure to be with you. Again. It’s amazing having you here I can’t wait to talk about so many things about you. It’s glad you’re here. I’m glad you’re here First of all because I know a couple years ago you had some interesting, you know scares with your health. Yeah I’ve had some I’ve had an interesting couple of years health-wise you know, it’s a strange thing this business of life because we you know, we start out full of strength and youth and For years, I never questioned my health. I just took it completely for granted that I had been gifted with a fully functional body and Able to just get out there and take on and take on any challenge but you know as the years go by the machine begins to wear down a little bit and then it throws you a curveball and the curveball that was thrown at me was was a series of massive epileptic seizures in 2017 while I was researching America before the first one happened in New Mexico Completely out of the blue totally totally unexpected the Santa wakes up during the night and finds me not in bed and Finds me on the floor in the bathroom with blood pouring out of my mouth whisked off to hospital totally unconscious whisked off to hospital sort of brought back to to functioning and discharged after 24 hours But that was a that was a minor one The really bad one happened in bath in in England where I live in August 2017 how much later phew so that was the first one was in May 2017 and the second one was in August 2017 and the one in August 2017 Started with a headache and I’m just lying on the sofa with Santa and then suddenly I’m gone and the rest of it is No memory for me. I’m only told about what happened. They have to call I’m writhing and and and Seizing so violently that they actually actually have to have to ambulance crews to bring me down downstairs on out into the ambulance. Apparently. I’m Roaring in the ambulance. I don’t remember anything about this and the ambulance is shaking from side to side. They take me to hospital They cannot stop the seizures I mean I’m in a state of just continuous continuous seizure and then the doctor takes Santa aside my wife Santa and says to her It’s bad news. We think you’re going to lose your husband And if he lives he’s probably going to be severely brain-damaged As a last resort, they put me in a 48-hour induced coma they just shut me down completely and Amazingly I came out of it still functional after after those after I didn’t know what had happened I woke up after those 48 hours and I saw several my kids standing around the bed one of those of my son who’s flown from Los Angeles, you know another has my daughter who’s flown from New York What are they doing? What’s happened to me? I had I had no idea. It was a very mysterious very very strange thing But I think it was sent to teach me some lessons. Okay? And what lessons are those DS? Well, the lesson is not to take anything too. Seriously, actually, that’s that’s that’s the problem you know, you have to be driven and committed to Do this kind of research and to make and to make big books and that’s all very well. But it also Takes a price From from from the body. So I’m I’m I’m just trying to be a little bit more laid-back in everything that I do and Enjoy life, right? I mean look at the size of this book and when you look through other books, yeah I mean you’re an intense guy and we just talked about, you know, you’re you’re writing regiment Yeah as we talked about once before you when you go in Yeah, you know after you’ve done all of your preparation and research when you go to write It’s 16 hour days seven days a week for up to six months as long as the book takes The it’s possible to spend Three or four years actually writing a book and I’ve done that in the past with a book like underworld that I published in in 2002 I allowed the writing to sprawl over a long period What I found and it really works for me is get all the travel and research that the really detailed research get all that done Get it thoroughly done and thoroughly in my head and then sit down and do nothing else, but write For as long as it takes and typically for a book of this length, the actual writing period can be six months But you’re looking at two to two and a half to three years of research in front of that before the book actually gets writing But the writing I like to keep it tight. I like to live with the book. I like to be Deeply immersed in the story not distracted from it in any way so I just drop emails. I don’t take telephone calls I don’t correspond with people I’m totally there serving the book and living the story and that works best for me And I think it works best for the story. I have to tell did the writing this come after It did and and this was this was an alarming prospect For me and by the way not strokes, but but seizures seizures. Yeah, it’s a different. It’s a different matter I Was concerned that I might have lost some memory. Uh, I actually did lose some memory In those massive seizures particularly the ones I had in August in England And I was concerned that this would affect my writing But interestingly enough it didn’t and that I think is it’s helped me to understand the process of of writing Which is which is in a way it’s a kind of download from the cloud and as long as your connection to the cloud Remains solid it’s alright everything everything is okay and I found that all of the things that I feared didn’t happen and I didn’t I didn’t suffer from lapses of memory that Would make it difficult for me to connect the dots in a big picture far from it in a way I think it opened me up more To that interesting and is this cloud? Some collective consciousness. So there’s some other things going on besides all of the research I’m just I’m just not sure what it is But what I’ve realized as a writer is the most important thing I can do is get out of my own way Don’t try and overthink it do all the groundwork get that absolutely solid, but when it comes to actually writing Don’t overthink it just let it flow There’s a there’s a flow that you get into and and that’s what I call the cloud It’s like it’s it’s like connecting to something outside oneself That’s where all the information is stored. That’s where Everything is stored and it’s drawing down from there. Okay, putting it into a picture and how is the health now? Just anything you changed up with there any other scares or seizures? It’s been a little while now. But yeah It’s it’s it’s iffy, you know, because because The fact is I can have another seizure at at any time and I would not like to find myself in that dark place again, because that’s all I remember From the 48 hour induced coma is just darkness You know, I had a near-death experience when I was a teenager. I Had a massive electric shock and that experience was actually filled with light. I Left my body. I think I was 19 or 18 years old I came out of my body I was up around the light in the kitchen looking down at my body sprawled on the floor and I just remember thinking There’s very really interesting I wasn’t afraid at all and there was there was a sense of a vast Expanses beyond and then I was back in my body. I didn’t get the tunnel of light I didn’t get the relatives the deceased relatives saying it’s not your time I was just back and I’m functional but when they put me in that induced coma following the seizures No light total darkness. It was just like I’d been taken offline, you know just switched off and and all that comes back to me from it is two things a feeling of claustrophobia and Of course a ventilator tube was stuck down my throat You know and to wake up with that still down your throat and you’re looking, you know, I’m not waking in the man You know, what is this what has happened to me very very strange So it can it can happen at any time? But I’m taking quite a number of precautions to try and make sure It doesn’t and I refuse to let it get in the way of my life I’ve got I’ve got stuff to do I’ve got books to write I’ve got journeys to make and I’ve got a family to love so it’s all good And you know, I just have to embrace it. Hmm Do you think that early near-death experience might have taken you on this path of your life somehow or to think differently? Somehow I I’ve had I’ve had a lot of course to think about that in the last couple of years And yes, the answer is it did it? Definitely did because right there at a very early stage in my life I got very clear evidence that we are not our bodies You know, the body is part of us it’s the vehicle that we Manipulate and move around this physical universe in but we are not our bodies and we cannot be reduced to our bodies Consciousness is a giant mystery And and I believe it manifests in physical form for certain specific reasons There are lessons we can learn here in this in this level of vibration in physical form where there are direct physical Consequences for what you do? Important lessons to learn but I don’t think that’s the whole story at all I think it’s I think I think it’s just part of a much bigger much longer journey Yeah You know Before we jump into this book and I really want to find out Why you wanted to write this and why now as well, and it’s a trilogy, right? It’s the third one in in the in the series. I don’t see it that way. Okay, I What I what I would say, is that for more than quarter of a century I have been Focusing on the possibility of a forgotten episode in human history of a lost civilization and Undoubtedly, my best-known book in that field is fingerprints of the gods that was published in 1995 and then a series of books after that the message of the Sphinx that I wrote with Robert Bauval Heaven’s mirror the big photographic book that I did with my wife santhu an enormous book called underworld that I published in 2002 based on seven years of scuba diving looking for structures on the submerged continental shelves that were above water During during the last ice age, but what I see it as is a continuing journey I don’t I don’t really neatly packaged it into into into trilogy. My previous book magician’s of the Gods was Headlined by my publishers as the sequel to fingerprints of the gods and I think that’s fair enough Because that was that was taking a global frame of reference and and looking at all the new information That had come out since 1995 for example in Fingerprints of the guards in 1995. I made a very clear statement that My evidence suggested very strongly that there had been a global Cataclysm Somewhere around 12,500 years ago. 10,500 BC And that was the that was the central Figure in fingerprints of the gods that there had had been this event but I couldn’t really say exactly what the event was that something awful had happened to the world and I explored quite a number of possibilities in fingerprints of the gods as to what that could have been But what then what then happened as we come through? 2007 2000 2008 2010 is this mass of new evidence? That comes out on precisely what I was talking about a global Cataclysm and the dating on it. This is science This is this is not some, you know journalists sitting writing a book at home this is this is 60 leading scientists in the field of astrophysics and and geology Very strongly and firmly Presenting evidence of a global Cataclysm caused by a comet impact twelve thousand eight hundred years ago So I was three hundred years out In the estimate that I put forward in fingerprints of the gods in 1995 and More than 10 years later science comes back with with with new information So I don’t see it so much in terms of a sequel as more in more in terms of following the evidence where it leads and and when the evidence starts to mount and becomes Overwhelming then I will do a book on it And I remember you saying before that with every year we’re finding out that things are older than we thought they were all the time and it always seems to be Confirming a lot of what you’ve been talking about. I I have been blessed in the in this in this way In the C period time because if you had done your research fifty years ago Maybe this wouldn’t even happen and would not have been happening now and perhaps it would have been impossible For me to do that research fifty years ago But but what has what happened? Is that really in? 1995 I was I was treated by the sort of the scientific community as as this Total outsider. How dare he speak about this? He knows nothing about this. We are the experts and he’s wrong and and what’s happened since 1995 is that the evidence drip by drip has kept on coming in that actually validates What what I was saying before? That there are missing episodes in the in the human story a huge development was the site of gobekli tepe in Turkey Along with others like John Anthony West and Robert Schoch I’d been arguing for a long time that the Sphinx is Much older than it’s supposed to be that we’re looking at a twelve thousand year old monument Not a four and a half thousand year old monument And the response of the skeptical community to that was but if there was a civilization capable of creating something like the Sphinx 12,000 years ago Then they must have created other monuments and we don’t see any big monuments from 12,000 years ago And therefore the Sphinx must be the age we say it is and then What happens? Klaus Schmidt in the German archaeological Institute discover gobekli tepe and lo and behold it’s eleven thousand six hundred to twelve thousand years old Exactly in the window of the Sphinx Firmly dated no No dispute about it a giant megalithic site and suddenly the notion that the Sphinx is much older ceases to be in left field and Starts to become much more central because we’re seeing is part of a pattern and that’s what’s been going on Across the whole area that I work in right and yet some of the critics still say that those are independent occurrences That it isn’t all linked and I know you’re on rogen with Michael Shermer and this was part of the dialogue I remember him saying that he still could be independent. I know that happened about six months before some of your medical pieces What did you learn from that conversation with him and the feedback? well First first of all, it helped me to understand that in dealing with history and particularly in dealing with prehistory there is a difference because history is based primarily upon written documents and prehistory you’re dealing with Objects artifacts that are dug up dug up out of the ground. I began to realize how ideological this is that actually when I’m dealing with academics with archaeologists or professional sceptics of any of any kind I’m I’m dealing with people who already have an ideological position and that ideological position is confronted by the position I take So in an ideological war what you try to do is to destroy your opponent in any way fair or foul? And it’s how it’s helped me to understand that there is an ideological war over our past for example When it comes to large-scale Animal extinctions which happened at the end of the Ice Age what they call the megafauna the mammoths the the mastodons the saber-tooth Tigers the you know The the the giant sloths all of these all of these creatures were in the world Until twelve thousand eight hundred years ago, and then they were gone overnight very very radical rapid change now The mainstream for some reason in this ideology doesn’t like cataclysms. It doesn’t like cataclysmic events It doesn’t want to think that there have been that that cataclysms have played a role in the human story so seeking for a way to explain the disappearance of the megafauna the Natural option for mainstream archeologists is to say oh that was human Predation that did it that was human human hunting that did it and suddenly we’re required to picture a group of hunter-gatherers Who are so incredibly efficient and so ruthless that they wipe out the entire? megafauna of for example North America in a matter of months I don’t know any come together a community that behaves that way they respect their prey they live with them They they they co depend upon them. They don’t wipe them out What does wipe them out is a giant comet impact which melts the ice sheets and causes huge flooding over over North America so there’s a there’s a tendency in in the study of prehistory to want to keep the past kind of nice and calm and Just the way it is now. There’s even a word for it. It’s called uniformitarianism that that And it’s a doctrine that things should have unfolded in the past much in the way that we see them unfolding now So if we don’t have any giant cataclysms happening in the earth now, then there wouldn’t have been any cataclysms in the past And yeah We know about the dinosaur and they were made extinct by an asteroid, but that was 65 million years ago Surely within the human story. There’s been no such thing and and as a result scholars who attempt to investigate the possibility of a past Cataclysm often find themselves in the crosshairs of very vicious attacks from their from their colleagues as though somehow they’re upsetting the applecart in Some way and that as though we shouldn’t think about these things. I don’t Think that it’s deliberate planned censorship, right I think it’s the I think it’s the mindset of the of the individuals who we have entrusted With interpreting our history for us and that is a mindset that is troubled by cataclysms It doesn’t want them to have happened whether consciously or subconsciously and and looks for other reasons to explain Why things are the way they are? Yeah, it’s important you say that because it’s not in your mind that conspiracy It’s don’t think so a natural tendency for them to shy away from these things Yes, because also keeping things in the status quo keeps everything. Yeah the way it should be. Yes women They’re saying jobs their institutions alive. Absolutely and so they just Naturally become uncomfortable. Yeah and resist when they hear these new theories very much. So and and this is a Classic example that I go into in this in this new book of archaeology going radically Drastically wrong and it’s partly connected to that so called overkill theory where the megafauna were supposedly wiped out by this ruthless hunter-gatherer population and it’s an archaeological theory called Clovis first and It dominated American archaeology for 50 years The notion that there’s a culture that archaeologists called the Clovis culture. We don’t know what they call themselves They’re called the Clovis culture because what’s called the type site the the classic site that they were at is near the town of Clovis, New Mexico in a place called Blackwater draw Near Clovis, New Mexico, and apparently the archaeologist needed to go to Clovis to get beer so they called it the Clovis culture Okay, and this Clovis culture? There’s no there’s no evidence of it in north America before thirteen thousand six hundred years ago It flourishes for about eight hundred years and twelve thousand eight hundred years ago It vanishes completely from the picture The position of archaeology for 50 years is those were the first human beings to enter American? No human beings entered the Americas before Thirteen thousand six hundred years ago, and those are the same Archaeologists who repeatedly called me a pseudo scientist or a pseudo Archaeologist for suggesting other possibilities but lo and behold what do we find round about? 2010 onwards the evidence becomes overwhelming that Clovis was not first not first at all Not first by even a tiny margin a huge margin first by it first by a huge. Margin. Not not Twenty five thousand thirty five thousand fifty thousand as part of the research for this book I went to the San Diego Natural History Museum and interviewed. Dr. Tom Demery. Who’s the the chief? Paleontologist there. The reason I interviewed him was because he just had an extraordinary paper published in Nature in April 2017 And that paper documents human presence in North America one hundred and thirty thousand years ago that’s ten times as old as the Clovis culture And all archeologists admit this now that the Clovis first was a mistake. They got it wrong completely wrong Human beings have been in America for much longer than that But what they don’t comment upon is the careers that were ruined as a result People like Jackson Mars who excavated bluefish caves in the Yukon He had his career literally ripped to shreds by his colleagues because he was proposing humans in America 25,000 years ago. He had his research funding withdrawn. He could only continue on his own on his own buck nobody was supporting him but he was right he was right and this happens this happens again and again, So what when archaeologists of that type say, you know Hancock is a pseudo scientist. I say hang on a minute You guys are the pseudo scientists. You guys sold us Clovis first for 50 years you guys Withdrew funding from research that might have exposed that lie earlier you wouldn’t let it happen and that’s not right It shouldn’t be that way archaeology archaea Archaeologists should not take the view that they have got a firm and fixed picture of the past Because actually we know so little about the past they should always be saying this is our provisional position But we are open to other possibilities because if they don’t say that those other possibilities are going to come along and kick them in the ass pretty Soon and that’s what’s that’s what’s happened with Clovis. First and close first is not a small matter Because if human beings have been in the Americas for a hundred and thirty thousand years instead of for thirteen thousand years Why there’s a hundred thousand plus years that archaeologists just haven’t looked at Because of their preconceived notion that there was going to be nothing to find there was actually a dictum against digging below Clovis levels you know how in archaeological strata that it’s like a layer cake and you have certain levels and the view was let’s not waste research funds digging below Clovis because we know there was nothing before Clovis what an idiotic What a ridiculous position to take those archaeologists who did risk it and who dug deeper like our Goodyear at topper in the Carolinas They found human stuff going back tens of thousands of years earlier So, you know I think we’re dealing we’re dealing with an ideological discipline and I think it should be it should be more Provisional in what it says and then what it claims and it should be less it should be less despising of People who consider other possibilities because that’s a useful thing to do It’s useful to consider other possibilities, even if they’re wrong We should never science should never get locked in a narrow channel And say everything outside the bounds of this channel is not subject to investigation. It’s really a mistake I mean I was surprised when you went to America with this book because I thought what’s in America? You know and because of all of the assumptions I had making, you know, I had been taught as a kid it you know The simple that the narratives was simple as little as I knew that there was nothing else exactly this was this was the view and this is why America is so is so interesting because what we have in the the Americas North and nor and South America is a gigantic landmass enormous ly rich in resources Just the kind of place. Where a civilization could emerge and Then you take the Ice Age and you recognize that for very long periods The Americas were cut off from the rest of the world, but yet incredibly rich in resources So now we know that there were human beings there from a hundred and thirty thousand years ago And we know that archaeologists haven’t been looking at what they were doing. Now’s the time to ask. What were they doing? What was what was going on in in in the Americas in in that time and again a need for? archaeologists to be more humble how much have they really looked at take the Mississippi Valley Civilisation which plays an important role in this book the famous sites her sites like Cahokia or Poverty Point or The the Ohio sites such as hi Bank and Newark Amazing, you know huge geometrical earthworks absolutely stunning but the trouble is that in the eighteenth and nineteenth and Twentieth centuries there was massive large-scale destruction of these ancient monuments They were not considered to be worth preserving the needs of agriculture and industry were more important so what we can say is that round about 90 percent of the monuments that were in the Mississippi Valley in say 1700 are Gone now, they’re not there So archeologists in drawing their conclusions about that culture are drawing it on a tiny fraction that’s randomly left by chance From the mass scale wipe out that was that was caused and then when the archeologists come to it with preconceived Ideas about what sort of culture it should be that’s another form of censorship that imposes itself upon the past We should let the past speak for itself and was that just human destruction without people thinking about it? Well, I mean first of all There there was the view you you know things have changed We live in a live in a different world today But America in the 18th and 19th centuries was in an aggressively expansionist expanding westward And that in and that involved taking the land of the indigenous inhabitants Well, if you’re going to take away, you know tens of millions of acres from people and stuff them somewhere else Then you need a good excuse to do so So so what you do is you depict them as savages and you say that actually we’re doing them a favor you know, there’s that there’s a quote I Put in the in in the book concerning the horrific Project called the boarding schools project in America where Native American children About 90% of them were physically removed from their families and stuck in boarding schools in another state far away punished if they wore any traditional clothing given the whole ideology of Western civilization and encouraged to cut themselves off from their roots Well of no wonder we’re a species with amnesia if we take the entire cultural memory banks of the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas and Deliberately wiped them out. Yeah, and so what are their some of the things that we’re going to learn from reading this book? What are some of the new insights about both North and South America? That we might have just previously assumed what I did. There’s not much happening there and not much we can learn. Yes Well, there’s there’s a whole range of things actually the first the first a most important issue to understand and I’ve really done a great deal of work on this is that North America was at the epicenter of a humongous global Cataclysm and it was particularly bad because it It was a comet the the evidence is really compelling on this now There are people who are proposing Alternatives one thing nobody disagrees on anymore is that there was a cataclysm twelve thousand eight hundred years ago The best case as far as I’m concerned is the comet case and we have a group of more than sixty leading scientists Who are making that case very very strongly in the pages of all the mainstream journals But we have to consider the nature of that Cataclysm It was very very odd at that time North America had been and the world actually had been emerging from the Ice Age for several thousand years The world had been getting warmer. The ice sheets had been getting shallower if they were let’s say two miles deep at 12:21 thousand years ago. They were about a mile deep or less by twelve thousand eight hundred years ago so the world was warming up and then something radical happens you get you get a Massive deep freeze that descends on the planet. So the planet goes back into the coldest of the Ice Age suddenly literally literally overnight And and you get at the same time this this massive die-off of animal species and very weirdly You get a rise in sea level now normally in an episode of freezing You would not expect the sea level to rise What you’d expect that extra water to do is to reform as ice on the existing continental ice caps But it doesn’t you get a sudden spike a very rapid spike in sea level right at the beginning of this event That’s very very puzzling But what can explain it perfectly perfectly is? the impact of several fragments of a disintegrated comet with the North American ice cap the heat and the shock generated by those impacts releases enormous floods of meltwater which go where they pour Primarily into the Atlantic Ocean and they’re they stop the Gulf Stream in its tracks The Gulf Stream is part of the central heating system of our planet. It keeps the planet warm. It’s part of a global Meridian or oceanic circulation That goes on taking warm water from the tropics bringing it up to the north putting it down bringing it round again it stopped completely for about 1,200 years At the beginning of this of this episode and that was caused by that release of meltwater Which is measured in the sea-level rise that we see at that time Recently just just recently there’s been news of the discovery a very large crater in Greenland Actually 32 kilometers wide it’s been discovered with remote sensing and and actually a lot of the evidence For the cataclysmic event that took place twelve thousand eight hundred years ago does come from Greenland. Why because they have Had permanent ice cover in Greenland for hundreds of thousands of years right through to today so they’re able to put down big tubular drills deep into the ice and Bring up a core which will which has different chemical elements at different levels And from that they can tell what the climate was in the world at that time and more than that They can tell for example well were wildfires burning What was was there a huge amount of they call it? Biomass burning going on that leaves specific chemical signatures in those ice cores in Greenland. The biomass is not burning in Greenland It’s actually burning in North America but it’s carried by the winds the The smoke and the and the soot are carried by the winds to Greenland and and show up there, you know, so we have this Discovery of a very large crater in Greenland We’ve already had from the ice cores evidence that are called impact proxies for example platinum iridium melt glass Nano diamonds they’re caused by the heat and shock of an impact But now we have a 32 kilometers wide crater in Greenland The scientists who are working on this regardless as a global event. There’s evidence of impacts as far south as Antarctica as far north as Greenland as far east as Syria and Right the way across the Pacific Ocean as well as a global It’s a global Cataclysm But the heart of it was North America and the North American ice cap The Laurentide and the chordal air and ice caps were joined to the Greenland ice cap. They were all they were all one thing So this is to my mind is likely to prove to be further evidence of the cosmic nature of this Cataclysm that occurred twelve thousand eight hundred years ago and it’s on a it’s on a scale that were it to Repeat in our world today Which actually is not impossible because the remnants of the original giant comet are still in orbit And they form a known meteor stream called the torrid meteor stream through which we pass twice a year If we were to have another event like the event that happened twelve thousand eight hundred years ago I can say with absolute confidence that our civilization would not survive it It would not survive it all these great buildings all this amazing machinery all this tech. None of it would stand us in good stead We would be we would be gone as a civilization It would become a punctuation mark in the human story And when I look at that scenario bearing in mind that we do pass through the torrid media stream twice every year For 12 days in June and for 12 days in November we pass through it When when when I look at that situation I ask myself Who in the planet today? Would survive a disaster on that scale what kind of people would survive it and I know it wouldn’t be me I know it wouldn’t be I know it wouldn’t be the majority of urbanites or indeed scientists Or or any of the creations of the modern world the people who are really fit For survival in a world in turmoil are the hunter-gatherers. They’re the the meek of the earth You know the the the in in in Namibia in the Amazon jungle People whose daily business is survival. They would hardly be knocked sideways by this event They would just take it in their stride and they would carry on they would not suffer the psychological damage can you imagine the psychological damage of billions of people who are used to living in the comfort of cities with every Necessity laid on for them every day without any Difficulty in acquiring it that suddenly all that stops Can you imagine the effect of that on on the educated Western mind? It would be extremely bad, but the hunter-gatherers would survive And I I think that that actually was the case twelve thousand eight hundred years ago as well I think it was the hunter-gatherers who survived and passed on passed on the message. So so one part of one it is the I’ve tried to really bring this home how Central America was to to this cataclysmic event that took place Across the whole world and then consider. What did that? What did that obliterate? What did that event? Obliterate what did it wipe out from the from the human story. This is the lost civilization I always talked about this you see when you’re when you’re looking for a lost civilization and I mean a civilization something that we would recognize as a civilization I’ll tell you directly I don’t think they flew to the moon and I don’t think they had airplanes But I think that we’re talking about a civilization More than 12,000 years ago which was as advanced as our civilization was say in the Late 18th century or early 19th century. In other words, they could navigate the world. They could explore the world They could measure the earth accurately. They had precise astronomy They could create beautiful maps that were accurate in terms of latitude and longitude that kind of that kind of level of civilization I think I think that’s what was that’s what we’re sitting there. Now, you need a place where such a civilization can evolve and You need to explain why archaeology hasn’t found it yet, and I’ve considered many possibilities over the years back in 1995 with fingerprints of the gods Antarctica looked very interesting to me Later, I became very interested in what’s called the Sunda shelf Which is the area of land around what’s now the Malaysian Peninsula and the Indonesian islands out to the Philippines? That was a continent sized landmass that was above water during the Ice Age and is underwater now Very interesting to look there and see what’s see what’s going on there at that one place that nobody ever looked Precisely because of the ideology precisely because of what we’ve been taught about. The Americas was the Americas. Nobody looked there it was not considered worth looking there and I think that’s a huge mistake because it the Americas standout as a candidate with this amazing richness of resources and The second thing because of the character of the Ice Age there were long periods When the Americas were cut off from the rest of the world Cut off from the conflicts and the difficulties going on in the so-called old world What a beautiful and amazing place for a civilization to evolve a civilization That was separate that was different that had its own way of doing things that is that is one of the reasons why I think we’d need to take America very very seriously because we Now know that the archaeological story we’ve been taught about the Americas is complete and utter bullshit from beginning to end Clovis was not first. Clovis was a late comer to the Americas We know that archaeology has not had its eye on the ball because of Clovis. They’ve not been considering the pre-clovis ages It’s only now that they’re beginning to look at what happened before? Clovis so they’ve just closed their eyes To to all of those possibilities and then of course on top of that you have the massive destruction of that took place in the Mississippi Valley and across the Americas of Native American culture and of Native American memories So so we’re left with this puzzling series of mysteries which need to be explained and As I go through the research I find certain things Ringing bells with me. I’m working in the Mississippi Valley. I’m at Moundville in Alabama And I’m looking at a notice board It’s just the beginning of my research into this into this interesting culture in the Mississippi Valley and the noticeboard has been put up by the by the site and they’re they’re telling us about the site and what they say is that Whole site was about afterlife beliefs And that it was believed that the that on death the soul of the deceased would ascend to the constellation of Orion and Then would pass through the constellation of Orion to the Milky Way and then would make a journey along the Milky Way where? It would face trials and tribulations and be judged on its behavior during life The weird thing is that exactly the ancient Egyptian system of religion. It’s exactly the system It’s too detailed to be a coincidence What is that narrow star shaft in the Great Pyramid doing if not pointing at the lowest of the three stars of Orion’s belt? To send the soul of the deceased up to Orion Then indeed a journey along the Milky Way trials and tribulations and the judgment the same story exactly But how do we explain that how it can it be a coincidence? No, I don’t think so Details are far too complicated So what’s what’s the answer to this could ancient Egypt have directly influenced the Mississippi Valley? well No, actually because ancient Egypt has ceased to exist as a civilization by the time that many of the Mississippi Valley sites rose to prominence Couldn’t have happened then the conclusion I come to is that what we’re looking at in both areas in ancient Egypt and In the Mississippi Valley is a legacy of ideas from a remote common source Which actually influenced cultures all around the world and it’s why we find these astonishing similarities I think a deliberate effort was made by the survivors of that Cataclysm Those who came from the lost civilization a deliberate effort was made by them to try to restart their civilization and they used the hunter-gatherers with whom they coexisted in the world at that time as their seed bed to try to plant and Re-establish these ideas and that’s why we find the same ideas cropping up all around the world in cultures That would definitely were not in contact with one another and trying to explain it by direct contact doesn’t work What does work is going far back 12,000 plus years back? Going right back to that time when these ideas were seeded all around the world You


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    Disaster-stricken civilisations might lose the ability to create and use its high-tech developments but not also its knowledge of low-tech such as simple but essential utensils. Unless the disaster was the instant-stupidity comet, of course..

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    I wonder if Graham's ever considered the possibility he's being purposely targeted by a group who wishes to silence him.


  37. I think Graham Hancock is great. he has educated me, no doubt, however, he never gives a nod to Zecharia Sitchin wrote about the presence of a great civilization in the Americas over 200,000 years ago. I think the reason Graham doesn't give him a nod, is that Sitchin theorizes that It was Aliens from another planet that founded that civilization and all civilization on earth for that matter. the lack of a nod is an obvious shun of this theory, which makes Graham a hypocrite. I think that theory is as good or better than any theory Hancock has posited.

  38. What people should understand is that when these guys speak of lost civilizations what we should do is take out the idea of that civilization looking like one in sand or something but imagine that civilization looking like New York, or Shanghai. When u can imagine a civilization that looked like that but 10,000 years ago then u will understand…

    Maybe this is why those civilization were always destroyed by nature

  39. Such a amazing gentlemen love listening to him and he's so right in what he talks about we are so much more than our body's and there's so much we don't know keep up the good work graham your work is so interesting and I believe we have lost so much from our pasts and also so much has been hidden and coverd up by our governments and higher up .

  40. I find these people amusing he is like me wanting to prove this or that. But in his case and all the rest of them they make these statements and proven so called wrong by the next scientist wanting his paper published. Super comical we know now it i hundred thousand years. How does he know Lol This is a theory and the age of the earth or that dinosaurs did not exist with man is all theory. From billions of years old to they argued for ever about floods to this and that then someone finally has such good evidence it can switch their thinking. Interesting now you have idiots admitting there was a flood when you listen to them for decades telling you impossible. Anyone that thinks a meteorite killed them all off Or that dating of things is correct like himn probably believe in peter pan and tooth fairy. No one on earth can prove the age of thse layers and anyone can make a machine to test something to make it millions of years. Why not listen to history instead of people telling you that people from the skies came and then a flood came. Thousands of artifacts of many species of dinosaurs that were not even known by science at the time have been found from Tyrannosaurs to different raptors.
    Super comical when people like this say we know. You know nothing you are a theorist it is not fact you cannot go to court and prove any of these dates. It is all guessing and you presume the dating is correct but thousands of objects tested show your dating methods fake. From volcanoes you list as 150 million years ago yet proven happened hundred years ago Lol the list is on and on you guys all except this rock geological strata crap. The flood caused this you idiots that now you admit occurred Belonging to MENSA many laugh when we read these bizarre opinions with only theory not fact. Just liek you said guy they were wrong so are you.
    The earth is not millions of years old likely. Even if it was life was not on it of human origin. Could you imagine like a typical arab with 4 wives pumping day and night for hundred thousand to million years plus and anaimals there would be more crap and bones to the cieling of the heavans then the crap you guys pitch.
    Stop claiming we know until you can prove hundred percent that no one can argue than you answer we suspect,. So sickening the IQ of typical archaeologist they find foot prints of humans with dinosaurs aka dragons thousands of examples but always ignored. I have watched these theories change near yearly for mass decades due to each new kid just like you when you were younger you challenge professor and want your own paper. Again stop stating fact none are fact they are fiction until can be proven

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