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At Piaget, who would have thought that behind these sparkling diamond wonders lies a small team of less than ten people; seven exceptional designers to be exact: three people in jewellery and three people in watchmaking, not to mention the creative director of the Maison Piaget for 17 years, Stéphanie Sivrière… It took almost two years to create this collection of fine jewellery called Golden Oasis, and the team is already injecting all their innovative energy into their next creations, equally spectacular… To better stand out from other high-end jewellery houses; for that is the challenge, while all of them are appropriating styles, through the latest trends and the era of Instagram. And succeeding in the most unexpected stone pairings is a challenge, when all houses are on the lookout for the perfect set of stones. At Piaget, the creation of a piece is a teamwork where everyone adds their own touch of imagination, dexterity and expertise, between designer, jeweller and craftsman… so many talents mix to combine and create the extraordinary… While incorporating some stylistic codes specific to the Helvetian house… like engraved gold. Here is a set that is very representative of the Piaget style, as imagined by Stéphanie Sivrière, a stunning necklace called the Desert Sunbow and matching earrings, with its small gold rods or, as on this other version baptised Endless Sun; fluid creations, light and easy to wear, because it was built in symmetry… In the Golden Oasis collection, we find more statutory ornaments, priced over a million euros; a few more classic pieces, but also pure creativity. The creative director of Piaget loves the emerald, especially those with that touch of blue that recalls the Amalfi Coast or the Costa Smeralda. A stone honoured on the delicate leaves of the splendid Luxuriant Oasis necklace, which demanded a year of research for its perfect, curvaceous composition, and the pairing of 177 marquise-cut emeralds and 172 brilliant cut diamonds. The pear-shaped diamond can be worn alone, or on a white gold chain. A unique creation that we also admire on the pretty neck of Olivia Palermo, the charming ambassador of Maison Piaget. Piaget has a long history of offering transformable jewellery and today, this playful side has become more than a necessity demanded by a new way of wearing the pieces, it has become a trademark. Perfect example with the incredible Secret Oasis necklace all in roundness with Colombian emerald beads: we can detach the top to wear it as two bracelets; we can detach the bottom part and transform it into a brooch or detach the pompom and wear it on a chain… Colombian emeralds continue with the Vegetal Laces earrings, an even more original piece Piaget has made its specialty. Spotlight on the Secret Oasis cuff, here the palm leaves made of diamonds that unveil a secret watch. Another stone that catches all the attention and this season has fascinated gemologist of the house: the yellow diamond. A solar stone by excellence to express all the heat of the desert, which is found all in shine on a multitude of pieces. Fancy vivid yellow, the highest level of yellow only found in Canada and Sierra Leone for central oval stones, which is one of the rarest forms, required notably 2 years of research for the Rising Star set, or in cushion cut weighing over six carats, surrounded by marquises cut diamonds, for the exceptional Golden Hour necklace, set on platinum and yellow gold. Gold worked to move the light and give off a shimmering and solar effect. A work of gold that is as beautiful on the front side as it is on the back demonstrating the care taken in every detail… Gold detailing again for the Secret Waters cuff and its Palace decor in pink gold. Opal is a stone that has been worked at Piaget for a very long time, especially in watch dials. Extremely fragile, a cool stone full of subtle colour allows you to play with light, like the Australian Black Opal dial. Diamond Veil lines to Blue Waterfall, after the heat of the sun, it is the coolness of the water and the intensity of the blue, which is revealed on a set of pieces which mix Sri Lankan sapphires and diamonds… On the Blue Waterfall necklace, the sun’s reflection sliding on a myriad of water droplets is evoked with the purity of diamonds; shades of blue and an exceptional blue Madagascar sapphire weighing 14.61 carats, the most beautiful stone that the gemologist of the Piaget House has seen during her career – issued from a private collection and which has been purposed into the old style cushion cut and set in a rhombus; impossible to find this type of stone today With taut lines, the purity, and lightness of her designs coupled with her work on symmetry, Stéphanie Sivrière’s goal for fine Piaget jewellery is to resolutely suggest inspiration by the abstract, without ever sinking into the figurative. Pink sapphires and pink spinels, on pink gold for a hypnotic light effect for this necklace happily dubbed Hypnotic Lights, which required two and a half pairings; a unique colour for these spinels that are only found in northern Vietnam, for a piece so exceptional that you will never see it anywhere else but in these images… With more and more exceptional stones for each line Piaget is gaining momentum more resources more visibility for this collection of fine jewellery Golden Oasis and a feminisation that continues to grow. A jeweller’s ode to the sun, the desert and the water that materialises the energy of this House resolutely turned towards the future and the light!

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