Gold Coins Recipe l Ramadan Recipes l by Cooking with Benazir l English Subtitles

Welcome Peace be upon you Today we will make delicious and easy starter known as Gold Coins so lets start Add Crushed Ginger i have chopped half inch ginger You can add ginger garlic paste if you want Chop them finely Now add processed cheese grated This is optional Quantity of cheese depends on your choice If your kids love cheese you can add more mix well You can use any vegetable you like if you like you can use cabbage or french beans finely chopped after mixing well check for salt add as per your taste Batter is ready we will put it on bread now Friends if you like my recipes then please hit the like button and yes i like reading your comments i will cut them out in round shapes i will use this glass to make the cut outs Make this type of round shapes we will not waste these sides we will grind them to a coarse powder then store in a fridge and use them as bread crumbs take 4 tbsp of all purpose flour and 4 tbsp of water and make a thick slurry like this Apply the batter on the bread apply nicely covering the sides well now apply the slurry with the help of a brush Its ready now we will make all the other coins just the same way Now fry the gold coins in oil keep the flame medium we will add only three at a time just push some oil over so that they get fried well After frying them for a minute on one side we will turn the sides i have fried the top part for half a minute now turn sides again Our Gold Coins have been fried nicely now lets remove them

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