TestNet Date is 30th April – My BAD TestNet Date is 30th April – My BAD TestNet Date is 30th April – My BAD TestNet Date is 30th April – My BAD TestNet Date is 30th April – My BAD

100 thoughts on “GET RICH WITH VERGE (XVG) & CARDANO (ADA) in Hindi/Urdu

  1. Sir how can I join your telegram channel…. Plz help me I all ways like your video your channel is best…

  2. Verge 850 satoshi par buy kar sakte hain kya??
    Kitne ki bid laga sakte hain..??
    Stop loss kaise lagate hain??

  3. Sir ji binance android app mein stop loss kaise lagaye…binance web mein stop loss lagana aata hai but app mein bata do kaise lagaye…pls make video

  4. they lying there isn't no partnership will be done…they using investors to hype the coin…16th April they will have new excuses and bullshits

  5. If you know xvg is shitcoin, i bought this coin at 7 satosi at bittrex last year and nobody kmow about it. It was biggest shit and then it fly to 200 , after that it improve and make fake roadmap and new website etc..
    It is up lot now from bottom, so sell it now before u guys get big loss. This coin will dump to 50 to 30 satosi .. Chart of xvg almost complete .. Domt trust any coin , no partnership will work

  6. Hi Mene bahut pahle hi tokenpay parcheg kya h but muje wallet pe Mila nhi Jo wallet add Mene dya us time mein enhone coin send nhi kya jab enhone send kya to Mera add Cheng ho chukka tha ab kya Hoga Taal me

  7. Doing well…. I like these type of short term good news & videos…….other you tuber ne long term long term bol ke pka diya hai…..

  8. Mujhe aapka video accha lga!!!…iske alavaa Sabse accha lga aapka….INNE & UNNE…jo aapne video Mai Kai Baar use kiya

  9. Best channel. Veere di awaz boht sohni aa. Love from punjab. Sare jaane video jarur like kro. Veera jine v signals dinda 100% sahi hunde aa. Love u aa bai truck bhar k

  10. U r trail blazing… Jaw dropping.. pie eating…
    I've purchased xvg on 1000 sats
    Should i hold this or bear a little loss??

  11. Bro I really like ur videos I have made profit from u people…, please change the dp… make something like bull or something different…I really love to be part of ur channel,awesome bro

  12. Amazingly xvg dipped to 750 range satoshi and went back up as you adviced… what magic are you using to figure that out can you share?

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