Georgia Police: Use Coin Flip To Decide To Arrest Woman, Body Cam Footage Shows | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Georgia Police: Use Coin Flip To Decide To Arrest Woman, Body Cam Footage Shows | NBC Nightly News

  1. So if I have it correct, she was doing about twice the speed limit and the cops gave her a chance to get out of it.  Seems more than fair to me.  It might be different if she had not broken the law.

  2. Just reinforces what so many of us have known for years, that cops are among the worst and least respected people in this country. Give any high school graduate a badge and a gun and they think they're God. Another reason I would never live in the South. Brazen arrogance, stupidity & hate of anyone who isn't a cop is the attitude which rule the police fraternity/sorority type culture there.


  4. Am I stupid? Because she was NOT arrested based on the coin toss, the coin toss was just a joke between them waiting for the computer to reboot. They said heads = arrest / tails = release. The coin comes up tails. The officer says, "so release?" and the other one says to arrest.

  5. Police officers are supposed to be the best of us. They are supposed to be professional. We are failing in so many ways, our standards have dropped too low.

    American exceptionalism is dead, and the state of our police, schools, Medicare system, and current administration are obvious symptoms.

  6. The police did not put her freedom in the hands of a coinflip.

    If they had they would have released her because the coinflip app fell on tail, which was supposed to mean release.
    These women cops were just joking. It was a stupid inappropriate joke.

    The woman's own criminal behaviour got her in to trouble, NOT the cops joking.

    Now this speeding woman appears on tv as if she was an innocent person and her sh*t doesn't stink.

    She is NOT innocent!! She committed a very serious crime putting other people's lives in danger.
    She should be ashamed of herself!!

  7. Haaaa!! If you’re not ticketed, it’s your lucky day, huh? And by the looks of your crying in the backseat, you were guilty of doing something wrong.

  8. Not all police deserve to be encapsulated with the actions of a few,but they should help identify the few that are wrecking the image 🤔

  9. I have questions. Has anyone seen the entire footage of this incident? Or just the the footage the liberal media wants you to see? Was she driving recklessly or dangerously? Did she deserve to be arrested? If you were on the road with this person would you be saying "where's a cop when you need one?" Has anyone (while at work) done something silly to break up the monotony of the day? Something that ultimately has no affect on anything. If someone was looking over your shoulder 8 hours a day, would your actions be called to question? Would you like it if we had robots for law enforcement? Robots with no emotion that followed the strict letter of the law. Maybe we could go back to the wild west. No law enforcement, every person for themselves.

  10. Every industry has bad apples. Police departments need to step up and fire officers like this. Paid administrative leave really.

  11. Hence why 80% of americans hate or distrust police. They dont protect and serve anymore, they just bully.

  12. Despicable pigs. Can’t wait for this civil war to go from cold to hot and I get to start pig hunting!!!!!!

  13. Anyone else remember the video of that cop who was chasing someone and did an unnecessary action-movie roll?

  14. Screw the cops the law doesn't exist until Hillary Clinton is in jail. The laws are selectivity enforced and the law is not justice it is just a gang shaking people down like common Highway men

  15. quick do a coin toss for those 2 cops as to where they lose their jobs and go to jail for a month or if they lose their jobs and go to jail for a year.

  16. The only thing worse than a cop is a female cop. The only thing worse than that is a group of female cops.

  17. Out of the three women, she's clearly the only good looking one. It's a clear case of jealousy by the cops.

  18. Well there you go folks, and I have respected and trusted cops all my life, the only one I put my trust in now is Jesus, and yes I do forgive them.

  19. Any other industry you would be fired immediately but police and the unions drag it out for months/years then find no wrongdoing or the officer can resign and just sign on to another department and carry on doing exactly the same thing

  20. Chief Rusty is studdering because your fate is decided like this all the time, but without the virtual coin toss. lol

  21. It's not just one or two bad apples, it's the gang like culture of a Police force. It's that the people that seek these jobs out are not like Andy and Barney anymore, they're seeking these jobs out because of the power that comes with the job not to serve and protect. If you try to defend this in any way it only means that you haven't been mistreated by a cop….yet. The ONLY good thing about this video is that they all are white, and that just shows that even white people(yes, I'm a white man from South Ga.) are being abused by these same cops…so just imagine if you happen to be AA or any other Race. I hope these Cops are fired.

  22. guess its ok to speed?.. is what I hear. Stupid of the cops to do that, just dumb stupid app.. BUT driving to endanger Because your late for work is stupid . reckless driving. and yes you can be arrested for reckless driving. Police smarten up some please…and nbc still sucks

  23. Good on the cops for doing the right thing and arresting a reckless driver. The coin flip was obviously a joke and they didn't even do what it said.

  24. Public servants on paid vacation for breaking the law. There's no two rights about it everyone broke the law(s). Just wondering how many times this has happened before?

  25. Well if she was going 85 in a 45 as the officer estimated it would've been an arrestable offense but I do say the coin toss wasn't necessary

  26. I'm developing software that can hack into please Cruisers and video cameras on the chest and turn them on without them learning not even the NSA knows we are there! Then everything will be published unaltered time date everything.

  27. If Rosewell, GA Police Chief Rusty Grant doesn't fire Officer Courtney Brown & Officer Kristee Wilson they all should be fired!

  28. Welcome to the United Police States of America… Oligarchy Police State… USSA! Bend over Sheeple the Government has a surprise for you… the Giant Red White and Blue Government/Tax/Police/SPY/Gun Control/Censorship/Warmongering Weenie! PACIFICATION BY FORCE! You will Comply or DIE!
    The US Cops are nothing more than Lying Coward Thug Domestic TERRORIST with badges! Blue ISIS!

    There is No Better "SLAVE" than a "SLAVE" that thinks he is “FREE”! Take Back Your "Rights" and your Government! End the Police/Deep State and Make the US Constitution the "Law of the Land" again!

    Wake Up Sheeple… you are not Free! It is all an Illusion to keep you under control! That should make you so proud… stand up tall and march down the street Waving Old Glory and singing the Star Spangled Banner! Baaa Baaa Baaa

    According to Our Government: Spying, Violence, Lying, Theft, & Corruption of Any Kind is Unacceptable in our Society… Unless the Spying, Violence, Lying, Theft, & Corruption is Perpetrated by the Government!

    Home Grown State Sponsored Terrorist Groups – Congress, Judges, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, NGA, TSA, DEA, DHS, BLM, EPA, IRS, State & Local Police, etc!

    _The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away, blessed be the name of the Government! Wake Up Sheeple… you are not Free!

    The Government cannot Legislate Morality, Security, or Safety… It does not Work! Law Abiding Citizens just lose "Rights"! Are you prepared to Lose more of your "Rights" and Expand the Police State!

  29. [Anne64's voice follows this machine transcript…] I cannot believe that in today's world a coin toss app was used I can't help but laughing anyway but a coin toss app was used to determine the young ladies for Speed I was beginning to wonder was taking place in an extremely extremely area where there was absolutely no technology but that's not true because it was done with an ant so there was plenty of Technology available I mean it's it's crazy absolutely crazy but I have to agree with the gentleman that said that is wonderful because we we hear on Vorail we talk to each other you don't type we talk and it really to enables us to get to know people and that's a good thing but this whole thing with the coin toss that is like one person said you can't fix stupid and that's quite true you can't I have never heard of anything so anyway everyone have a good night.

  30. a = heads r = tails, and they got tails, so if they were really letting the coin toss decide… they would have released her.

  31. The driver said in her interview 'I would have paid the fines' because she was guilty. Of course she is salty about the coin flip, but that was AFTER SHE DID 30-40 OVER ON A WET ROAD. Focus people, dismissing charges on her and punishing the officers is a shortcut to thinking

  32. [Link to NealE's original recording at]... Well I find this action totally abhorrent to anything we decide upon in our society that is of importance other than perhaps who gets the ball first in a football game. This video does make me wonder about larger issues. If the children we have elected to Congress can only decide things based on their part it's an outlook of how life should be lived. Maybe a coin toss would be a better answer. After all, each side does have an equal chance. Not so of course in this incident. But I'm not so sure that the politicians we've elected to Congress are after all any better than a coin toss. And that is a sad commentary indeed.

  33. fake news because the woman won the coin toss not to be arrested but they still arrested her= fake news

  34. Really Ms. Webb? The Officers put your fate in place? They may have just stopped you from killing an entire family with your outrageous speed on wet pavement. Ever think of that? These women lost their careers over being human for a moment in a career where it's getting harder and harder to find good poeple to do, and why is that we wonder? Body cams, great. But don't use them to ruin good Officers in a moment of being human on a very difficult stressful job! I would be thanking them for taking me off the streets before I hurt somebody.

  35. And they were hiding this video evidence hoping that she would plead no contest, now that a News station put it forward to the public they have no choice but to reprimand the the police officers. They were hoping to hide and cover the whole thing up is that Criminal it's b***** they were doing an investigation the outcome of the court hearing was going to determine the reprimand (0).

  36. For her actions they had a right to arrest her or issue a citation, but to use a coin to decide if she should be arrested is a whole other issue. Had the cop just used her judgement and not the coin toss we would have never heard of this case.

  37. Police is corrupt . Same as Politicians. Both these Junk think they are above the law like Hilary Clinton. What difference does it make when she is above the law. what a corrupt system.

  38. Makes just driving to work and home so stressful :'( if I ever do get pulled over I almost have a panic attack every time >.< so after I'll usually take a nap on the side of the road. Ugh so stressful

  39. The pullover was correct, if the driver was doing nearly double the speed limit in the rain. But if the cops wanted to arrest her, then they should have just arrested her and left the coin toss out of it.

  40. Ok, coin flip pure b#llSh!t. Her crying in the back of the police car then saying "Wow these people put my freedom in the hands of a coin flip" more BS. YOU put your freedom at risk speeding!!!! Free on a technicality, will speed again. Dumb Chic, Dumb Cops

  41. I find Police have way to much power . They can decide your outcome in a second. If their having a bad day. Their decision in that moment will make or brake your day.

  42. The officers should’ve been arrested for false arrest. And then stay in jail until their fate was decided in court! And let Victim flip the coin!
    A. Heads (5yrs In jail)
    B. Tails(sued for $100,000)

  43. This bombshell could’ve had a blemish on her record on the flip of a coin. I’m glad they caught these two because it’s hard telling how many others they’ve done this too. It’s clear to me they’ve done this before!

  44. The officer did the woman a favor. She got a chance to get away in this minor case! No reason to punish the officer. The woman should be thankfull and shut up !

  45. Yah these corrupt 🐷 pigs have been destroying lives like it’s a circus and we are the clowns. We pay there salaries only to be abused by cowards. Just think, we military veterans fight to uphold the constitution and these predators rob us of our civil rights breaking the laws and getting away with destroying lives one arrest at a time.

  46. ….and the same thing happens here in Johnson County, Missouri. If you file a complaint with the Johnson County Sheriffs office, and the individual happens to be a friend, the officer will engineer charges against the complainant.

    These are not professionals. They are kids with uniforms and guns. Unprofessional! Flipping a coin? What infantile behavior! I wouldn't hire these two girls at a fast food restaurant.

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