Genesis mining #2 – Enabling 2 Factor Authentication

Genesis mining – Enable 2 factor authentication
This video will demonstrate how to enable the 2 factor authentication on genesis mining to improve the account security.
Open your browser and access the genesis mining website. (Link in the description)
Download the following application on your mobile phone: Google authenticator
Enable the 2 factor authentication, as shown.
Open the google authenticator application and scan the bar code
Access the genesis mining website and try to login using the account password and the google authenticator code.

2 thoughts on “Genesis mining #2 – Enabling 2 Factor Authentication

  1. What happens if I lose my phone with the Google Authenticator on it – how can I log into my account? Any ideas?

  2. Just used your code to up grade my Genesis-mining Dash account. Thank you for your original video. my code, if you think like using it is HWvl6U. Thanks in advance!!!

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