Gay Marriage Not an Issue in Argentina

interesting thing also gay marriage
which is legal in that in argentina
does not an issue never came up and it’s
in and i’m not saying it didn’t come up
in the sense that people were woralak
don’t care where are your rather that
they they’ve uh…
were all on one side of it it’s just
that it’s not an issue right i mean
here’s what were you step
but politics gay marriage two huge issue
you talk about all the time
comes up when personal conversations
it’s on television all the time it’s a
theme in newspapers people are talking
about a political shows because it’s one
of the ways that the religious right is
trying to
i’ll hold onto that very tenuous grasp
of power that they are quickly losing
as the conservative biggest kind of age
out of life and pass away and young
people replace them
it just didn’t come up i mean there was
not a single conversation in argentina
at all
that even related to
homosexuality and gay marriage at all
i’m not saying
that there isn’t homophobia in argentina
that’s not at all and saying but what
i’m saying is that translating that
homophobia which exists in many
countries in some parts into a
discussion about whether there should or
shouldn’t be gay marriage just doesn’t
come up because they’ve been den hasn’t
affected anything at all fit the same
way has in here in massachusetts right
hampshire any number of countries
freakin reading the tea with that is the
we we have our problems here there’s
there’s certainly an issue with with gay
marriage people are very fixated on them
there’s something else that’s funny when
we got into uh… when the items that we
will i
took a bus
to monday be there which is the the
capital of the country
and get into the bus station and it’s
one of these situations where you need a
taxi ride
you go out front
and there’s a big line you have to form
a line and there’s a guy it’s not clear
whether he’s working in any kind of
official capacity or whether he’s just
trying to get tips
he’s the guy who calls the taxes that
are waiting to get you into the taxi ok
maybe he’s working in an official
maybe he’s not as there is very common
in a lot of us uh… southern making
so all these nice taxis are coming up in
relevant nice taxes there’s no town cars
let me make it clear
nice for
argentina and why
nice taxes coming out finally gets to be
my turn to get into a taxi
nothing barely makes it up the road to
the where the guys standing and waiting
it’s making one of those noises where it
sounds like the mouth was completely
fallen off there is no muffler tall
the vehicle barely even at that uh… is
almost like
it’s exercise of a very small american
two door kar
but it has four doors
so somehow they’ve cram the four doors
in there with the door is is you know to
be wide you can barely even get inside
of it right ending this thing is going
to break down this is just not a good
i tell the guy were were a rebel okay
not having ever been there highest soon
the taxi driver will know where my hotel
is right
start driving around and the guy starts
looking a little bit less confident
and he says to me is it n
neighborhood paying your neighborhood be
so at this point i’m thinking what he’s
doing is he’s trying to test whether i
know where it is
and if i give any indication i don’t
know where the so tell as
if you take your only guest that make me
all over the place exactly typical
argentinian move never been to who i
don’t know if that’s common so i try to
play off like i’d just don’t remember
exactly because it’s been a little while
since i’ve been there right so i say you
know it’s been awhile since i’ve been at
this hotel i don’t remember exactly
where it is
grasping for any straw to make it seem
like i’d been there before and i would
know if he starts driving out of the
so he that’d at this point we dot drive
to some kind of debt and it’s very dark
it’s about nine p m at this point and i
forget about you know driving around
and they were getting kidnapped at this
point okay
and at this bastard getting very nervous
and i thought looking at the door to see
if there is even a lock on tickets for a
while and argentina that was a thing
where you would get into the cad
the doors that open from the inside they
take you where ever manda you know
baby take your money
and many radioed in asking for help
finding a place and i realized he he
really had no bad intentions and this
might me maybe me
being the paranoid
uh… kind of naturalized american
thinking the worst but really nothing
uh… nothing bad happened at all i had
to say it’s probably good to be
cautiously it is and the reality is that
you people in argentina will actually
tell you in who do i get completely fine
is in argentina that your you still have
to be careful about
where you get on the cabin into cabs and
that everything yes elva needless to say
we we were able to arrive
uh… unfettered
and and uh… un injured as well
yeah mark really need to
like so many money
so you’re great city
some random some ransom the here
it why wasn’t quite sure where the
briefcase at some specific destination
with a translator in
it’s funny because a lot of people say
that were insiders is like paris
if the streets were cared for for twenty
years and it just kind of started to
crumble a little bit
material the capital who i
is like one insiders if no one took care
of that for twenty years and the street
start at the further crumble
it was rejected it and all the place and
dealing with the whole part of the city
and all the sudden and trying to find a
i’ll go into some kind of uh… of of
uh… at the hospital slash
medical center where it is clearly
people walking about
there’s no toilet paper in any of the
why isn’t there toilet paper in the
bathroom because someone takes all the
rolls of toilet paper sits outside
and hans yoo toilet paper as you walk in
asking for a tip very very difficult to
google move we went to this uh…
kind of barbecue
haven in the center of of the old city
and none of the bathrooms of took a but
there’s plenty of people sitting outside
will hand you a role
so why would you say
do the aurora point you in the face well
there may be a language barrier with
that are now and also it you know the
smart thing really down there
and he’s just carry toilet paper with
that’s that’s just the city and they
know all part of what they did not know
remember that it’s uh… fire plan to
visit exactly and we actually went it’s
funny we i went to this uh…
of lead to a restaurant and it was
fervently fine restaurants and asked for
and the guy comes over and he basically
a ton of little slips almost like he
would get in a bar
and he’s been kinda just leaving them on
the table and he says okay it’s time let
me total it up for it
no formal
invoice anything like that
he takes out one of those calculators
that has like a little leather cover on
it you know those really really old
calculators aria he takes it out
and we’re talking about lake quickly i
plan saying like okay thirty eight
seventy five united twenty to one uh…
aka exchange ratio
and he starts adding it up on that thing
to give us a final bill of sale very
very different you know them places
we used to even in argentina where you
get like a normal itemized receipt if
sometime off of you know at the point of
sale systemic computer were acting
listed yet

83 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Not an Issue in Argentina

  1. Also not an big deal in Canada. SSM was legalized here in 2005. Amazingly, the sky didn't collapse and God's wrath wasn't inflicted on the country. Even our ruling Conservative Party doesn't want anything to do with the issue (in fact, one of the most prominent members of the government is openly gay). Americans need to grow up and join the 21st century.

  2. Wow, estoy realmente impresionado, no sabía que David habla español….
    (Wow, I'm really impressed, I didn't knew David speaks spanish…)

  3. Since David often has interviews and conversations with bigots, it's logical that you'd find a lot of discussions of homosexuality. Most gay guys don't talk to and about hatemongers several times a week.

  4. Okay, maybe that wasn't accurate to say, although I suppose neither one of us knows "most gay guys" 🙂 My view is that, if it's true that "no gay man you know" defends or cares about gay issues as much as Pakman, then it's a sufficient explanation that it's in Pakman's professional interest as a reporter and commentator, especially from a liberal, progressive viewpoint. But sure, maybe he is gay, doesn't make a difference to me either way.

  5. David, check out the movie, "Burnt Money." It is a 2000 Argentinian film set in both Argentina & Uruguay. It is the true story of a gay Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid -like pair of bank robbers, only swarthy & during the 1960s, instead of the 1860s. Good film that deserves a larger audience.

  6. Wouldn't be too bad in Canada, either, if we didn't get so much Americanized television and media. Not solely blaming it, just think we'd be a bit less on edge about the topic if we weren't so close to the American discussions about it.

  7. My biggest problem with America, my country is that how we handle issues builds up animosity within the population. That's why there will always be racism, sexism, etc

  8. In allowing emotions to effect the politics, we end up with years of hatred on both sides, as the side opposed to the issue feels some right of theirs was taken away. We have people crying "woe is me", when the issue doesn't impact those individuals.

    I personally find pride parades, demonstrations and the like to be highly irregular, and perverts the idea of we're all the same and equal, and yet I recognize they must exist to counter the other side.

  9. marriage is just something we made up…I mean..who "married" Adam and Eve in the Bible.

    Marriage actually means sex.

  10. Yea I agree Latin American taxistas are a lot better than we imagined, I am in Bogota and travel daily on taxis, all taxistas are very nice and they never try to kidnap you lol

  11. A lot of countries dont believe in a fair trial. So we should follow their example?
    A lot of country's police are deadly brutal. So we should follow their example?
    A lot of country's military forces while in war disregard the Geneva Convention and commit war crimes. So we should follow their example?

  12. People forget how crafty politicians are. The reason why there wasn't a gay marriage issue in many countries is because the politicians never thought it would be a good distraction to get people's attention. In USA gay marriage is used by politicians to gain votes, or to bring attention to where it distracts people from other issues. Lets remember; that strategy was used with Obama care, and if my memory don't fail QE2 as well.
    I think there will be no resolution soon…

  13. Every country has their own main issue. America: Gay rights.
    Argentina: Fighting over the Falkland islands with the British.

  14. America is already guilty of all those examples. you're slowly turning into a theocracy. religion destroys morality and conscious thought. what you should be asking is, if those countries are succeeding in certain areas we are not, why do we not take the good bits, and leave the bad.
    but instead you're infatuated with proving your ignorant stance that homosexuality is wrong in some way.
    I think You are wrong in some way. You are what is wrong with America. your founding fathers would weep.

  15. Even if some people don't like it, gay marriage will become legal in all states within a couple of years. They should just get used to it.

  16. Gay Marriage is not an issue in Canada either. since about 2005 anyway. even then there was not much opposition to the rebuilding of civil marriages. Canada's healthcare is far superior to yours as well, maybe instead of thinking of Argentina, you should compare to your northern neighbors, and try to be more like us 😉
    but then you dumbass Americans will think "oh noes, we aren't NUMBER 1 anymore!!"
    America hasn't been number 1 in anything good since the 70's.

  17. i think they started weeping when we add god to the pledge even though were not suppose to be a christian nation

  18. you're old president and new president are both war mongers dick cheney hates canada and will not come back because people had a protest to put him on trial in canada for war crimes

  19. we also wanted to put Bush on trial for war crimes too. I've yet to see him return after the last time he came and was welcomed with Boo's and chants telling him he should be jailed.

  20. 1. i doubt that following the example set by countries that excel in certain areas is comprable to doing all the bad things too. example a kid wants to be like michael jordan, hes probably not going to say "jordan gambled a lot so i should too." even children can differentiate between good & bad examples.

    2. we have already started to do all 3 of those things, read a newspaper once in a while.

  21. lol white males had to fight for rights to, only the lords got to vote once, then people owning land, then white males.

  22. well @paul19781105 we should be a country which is flexible that takes positives from countries, like gay marriage being legal in Argentina, and not take the bad shit like unfair trails and extremely brutal police (though it happens in U.S more than people realize).

  23. It is something more than that, it's an allegory, a symbolic story, about man gaining self-awareness and thereby losing innocence. It only becomes absurd when you take it literally, as some Christians insist on doing.

  24. Ok, so gay marriage is not an issue in Argentina. Excellent. Don't need to know about the cab ride. pulling chute at 3:20.

  25. Have you ever been to Argentina? How about Brazil? If you have you would be aware of how many people are cross-dressers and homosexuals. The culture is different than in the U.S.

  26. Im argentinean. also happen to be gay, weve had legal gay marriage for like 2 years now…people seem more tolerant about it. I dont see why its a big deal for other countries, its 2012 we should be talking about other relevant issues.
    I wish i could say england is busy invading other countries and territories but I forgot they have it all covered.

  27. mmmy yeah lets legalize necrophilia, it makes a lot of sense considering all necrophilics I have met (0). LOL good one.

  28. A body is an inanimate object… a living person isn't, quite a big distinction… although I don't really see why I'm replying to this…

  29. if you are a gringo Bs As and the rest of argentina is total hellll thanks to CFK argentina is on its way to become a corrupt murder-rape hell like venezuela. think again before you go to hell. uruguay is safer not montevideo but colonia is ok! if you really want to go to south america go to chile. its boring but its safer. you have been warned!!!!

  30. Oh you were serious… can you marry those organs? Do the organs have cognitive abilities? Are organs or a corpse a legal entity? Can an inanimate object marry another person? Are the legal benefits of marriage applicable to a inanimate object? Can they be applicable? These questions can go on and on…

  31. Excuse me? You do know the difference between a living sentient consenting adult as apposed to something that isn't a living sentient consenting adult, right?

  32. sorry, what nazis?
    the nazi's prosecution was handled at the Nuremberg trials. not in canada.
    what are you trying to get at?

  33. The US disregards the Geneva Convention on treatment of prisoners in peacetime. Ever heard of Guantanamo Bay? Bush set it up specifically on property that was owned by the US but did not come under the jurisdiction of our laws so that they could ignore US laws concerning the treatment of prisoners.

  34. I have no idea where he is from, but if his family is indeed originally from Argentina, there are substantial English, German and Jewish communities there. In addition, there is a huge Italian community, but methinks Packman would not be Italian.

  35. Argentina is at the forefront of change in Latin America. Uruguay and Colombia are both now debating gay marriage, and it is progressing through the courts in Mexico. Sao Paulo in Brazil just had its high court order all notaries to convert civil unions into marriage and to issue marriage licenses to gay couples in that state. The day will come soon when most of the nations to the South of us will have full marriage equality for all.

  36. Aunque… sabes, por lo bien que habla ingles, uno pensaria que ya se ha olvidado de como hablar espanol. O al menos esa es la impresion que me ha dado a mi.

  37. If he is indeed from Argentina, he probably is Ashkenazi. Argentina has the world's 7th largest Jewish population with about 250,000 individuals. Almost all are descended from Ashkenazim who came in with the rest of the European immigrants. The few Sephardim who came in earlier tended to intermarry with Argentines and vanish, like they did everywhere else in the New World.

  38. Im from argentina and couldnt stop laughing during the whole interview because when he says it like that its funny but im so used to where i live that i dont even notice this kind of things

  39. Dave, why will you talk about Argentina and not Ireland. It's because you might have to mention the gay marriage referendum May 22, 2015 which is this Saturday. You realize that the American people on the whole are against gay marriage. So why mention the referendum there. Right?

  40. Gay marriage is only an issue in countries that still have influential religious crazy people (mostly catholic), OR who's governments USE the easily manipulated RELIGIOUS population to make a big deal about gay marriage while CORRUPT elements in gov MANIPULATE laws to steal the GULLIBLE blind. As it is said in my country "cada quien hace con su culo lo que quiera!"

  41. That taxi guy is not working in any sort of official capacity, I can tell you that much.
    Also Uruguay is different from Argentina. Much more relaxed and laid back over to the east.

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