Gambling in CS:GO: The Flip side of the coin

I don’t want to be associated with gambling.
I never have and I’ve avoided it completely with all of my content. As a fan of the game
I’ve just wanted to get on and to make entertaining content for it, pretending that the gambling
didn’t exist so that when it all blows up in everybody’s faces, I’m nothing to do
with it. But clearly this isn’t enough. CS:GO and gambling now overlap so much that
people will remember it as being the same thing. Regardless of whether I’m involved
with the gambling or not, my reputation and legacy as a CS:GO Youtuber is at stake. My
family and future employers will look down on me for being part of what the outside world
sees as being a gambling game. The latest controversy that h3h3 productions
recently talked about doesn’t surprise me at all. But it does sadden me that those involved
aren’t even ones that I see as being CS:GO Youtubers. To me they’re COD Youtubers who
have recently seen that there’s a lot of money to be made from setting up a gambling
site to cash in on CS:GO players. But the truth is this whole gambling scene
scares me. Maybe it’s just because I’m from the UK and here gambling is seen as a
naughty, naughty tightly regulated industry and then you look at CS:GO and it’s widely
available for everybody. To me it’s only a matter of time before everybody involved
gets a slap on the wrist. Or more. And it’s only then that we’ll look back at how messed
up things are right now. But the temptation to get involved and to
cash in is everywhere. I get countless offers from gambling sites to advertise them, or
to make videos of me playing on their sites using money and skins that they give me. And
the amounts that these companies offer is ridiculous. I’ve seen accepting these offers
as being a short-sighted approach since when it does blow up like it is right now, my reputation
will be damaged as well. But I’m beginning to think it will any way and I’m the fool
for not having made serious money in the mean-time. It’s certainly attracted more people to
the game. I’m not sure how much of that was the skins and how much was the gambling
that went along with it. And I’m not even sure if it promotes the right sort of community.
Even I’ve had a taste of how toxic it makes people. I took part in a charity match which
we lost. From this CHARITY match I received death-threats from players who bet that I’d
win and had clearly lost skins and money from the match. I can only imagine how much worse
it is for professional players. I’m going to state the obvious: the odds
are against you in gambling. The house always wins. And it tricks people of all ages. As
far as I’m concerned, nothing magical happens when you reach 18. You don’t immediately
gain the knowledge needed to make smart gambling decisions. The very fact that you’re doing
it in the first place shows that! Reaching 18 simply means that others are no longer
allowed to question your judgement about things like gambling. But it doesn’t mean that
there aren’t people older than 18 with gambling problems.
We’ll probably never know how many people have lost stuff from gambling. For every person
who’s vocal about their losses, there are probably dozens who are silent. Who are too
ashamed of losing money and skins. Many of these are under 18 and perhaps did it because
they thought the ‘Winning highlight’ youtube clips were representative of their chances
in general, or simply didn’t understand the full impact that gambling can have. Many
of these have lost far more than they were prepared to do. It’s very easy for people
of all ages to dig themselves into a very deep hole from gambling. It’s not fun, and
isn’t what gaming should be about. And with so many people in this community
encouraging it, we need more to offer the other side of the coin. Literally!
If you gamble, take a look at why you started. Are you sure you’re still doing it for the
same reasons? Are you sure you’re still finding every gamble fun? Do you ever gamble
to try and get back what you lost, only to slip deeper into the hole? If you want to
recover, stop trying to chase the hurt. It may already seem like an inescapable pit but
it can always get worse. Accept your losses, put your money somewhere safe and see your
time with CS:GO gambling as a painful life-lesson. In the grand scale of things, any minor victories
you manage in gambling will be nothing compared with how much deeper you can slide into the
hole. And you’ll only reach the bottom when you have nothing more to give. Get off the
ride now. In years to come you’ll be thankful of it.

100 thoughts on “Gambling in CS:GO: The Flip side of the coin

  1. 1:13 That shows, that these gambling site owners don't watch the creator's content before offering him or her some money on the site.

  2. there are some new trading websites that are cool and if you're offered to advertise them i think you should do it

  3. Only gamble with the free cash you get with affiliate codes. Then if you win, you win. Don't use your actual items of value.

  4. i only gabled couple of times im not an addict but i always won on betting teams i don't gamble anymore and from the skins i've earned i bought myself a game i didn't liked gambling even though i won a lot of times i felt bad and thats why i stopped gambling its cancer

  5. What people don't understand is that if no one opened cases there would be no skins to buy off of community market. Be thankful people make the sacrifice of opening a case

  6. I swear I avoided to see this video because I thought it would be only about a lucky strike when unboxing some very rare locked box. Now that I have seen this twice I feel this is a very good video for the ages. Thank you Philip for teaching great lessons.

  7. i just gambled what ever i won from gambling, worked up to around £500 then fnatic decided to lose vs a Russian team. I was a bit salty but overall i lost nothing and had some fun.

  8. i lost 1.50 gambling and decided it's pretty gay and ive never done it since

  9. i lost a few knifes to gambling back in the day 🙁 I can honestly say that i was one of those stupid kids who wanted to win like all the youtubers did (even though i wasnt thinking about that consciously). I got offered the source to a big site a while ago, and i must say i'm really happy i said no. I wouldn't have been able to sleep at night

  10. Gambling is shit. My family is ruined because of it. My mother got addicted to gambling without anybody knowing until it was too late. She was $100,000 in debt to loan sharks and since we're poor, we couldn't do anything other than abandoning her.

  11. what annoys me the most is that the content the youtuber has only shows profit as in they won a dragon lore as an example because they went all in and it was green or something whereas the chances of that happening are extremely low.

    And people seeing that they have a chance of winning something so expensive go on the site and get unlucky within the first minute and usually end up losing a lot unless they can manage to control themselves unlike the video they have seen.
    (just noticed 3kliks, went "spent 25.74 gained 226.66" within 33 seconds which is also a good example of something very unlikely)

  12. Phillip. Just cash in on them. We know you're doing it for the money and in my opinion, that's smart. You could be open about opposing gambling, but still make a video sponsored by one of those sites. With that money, you can get better equipment or something like that

  13. I've only gambled using the free offer codes that every youtuber these days seems to have (except philip) I get the free credit, play until it's all gone, say "that was cool I guess" and move on with my life.

  14. I only use the money from free cases on case opening sites. yes its only a couple cents but its not my money its free changes they hand out.

  15. Personally, gambling on csgo is really scummy. I just take their daily promo codes, save up, and gets skins for free and sell em on the market to get free steam money. Fuck these guys

  16. if I ever end up gambling then I will have a set amount of money (like $50) and I will only gamble with the money I win gambling off the base $50 I started with

  17. Since you're quite popular, if a site offers you money and want you to use items they give you to demonstrate the site, just expose the fuck outta them

  18. I'd understand a sponsor from a site like, but I agree that the whole gambling thing is tainting csgo's public image.

  19. I stopped after there was a bunch of videos exposing sites of faking odds and rigging it. If it's not fair (even fairly one sided) it's not worth it

  20. I won altogether about $1100 on skinhub and lost every single dollar…
    I went in with $25 and came out with $15 so I didn't lose that much but that small $10 sum is an absolutely soul-crushing reminder that hangs over me that YOU CANNOT WIN. They wouldn't have gambling if the people that made it couldn't win. PLEASE don't gamble.

  21. I didnt spend a singe penny on my CSGO inventory and i developed a 20 dollar one just from the free codes on the gambling websites.

  22. What this video realy exposes is that the price of items is all kinds of fucked, and items should be more expensive. After so many rolls, the coefficient of luck should be much closer to 1 instead of .7 as it was. This means that for every case, on average, including higher value outliers, you get 0.7x profit, which makes no sense.

  23. The problem is that it is fun… Addictingly fun… When you win, but when you lose you chase the high of winning again, because your lucky streak is just around the corner… Always so close.

  24. Gambling should only ever be done as a means of amusement, not to turn a profit. as soon as you start gambling for the win you are already on the wrong path.

  25. You cant imagine how hard I laughed when I found out that one of these shiny rainbow knifes costs half as much in real life that the fookin skin in a shitty videogame lol

  26. I have a friend on steam that asked me to give him some hydra cases. I answered "y" (As in why) But he thought it meant yes. And he's reaction was rather shocking to me. Like a kid on christmas. But instead of the gift bringing happiness getting him stuck in a endless loop of gambling & addiction… i myself gamble with care, but that reaction was still… powerfull to me… i did deny giving him the crates, but still. He even said "i must've spent over 100£ and won 2 pence"… and yet he wanted to do it again…

  27. I just take the daily free money put it on a huge multiplier and if I ever win then cool, but if not I haven't lost anything.

  28. I feel like 3kliks is the knowledgeable older brother while the sellout csgo youtubers are the greedy deadbeat younger brothers

  29. Your videos are more than entertaining. They are funny (with iBuyPower sticker you can throw your weapon farther), they are educational and help a lot to a lot of people.

  30. Impressive video and talking points!
    I entirely share your sincerely concerned views about gambling and it's implications; it's great to see a big CSGO-Youtuber adress the issue as a whole and with a kind yet firm attitude.

  31. Here's a silly idea: just buy keys for the cases you're given. Open them, and if you get a good skin, you can make your money back

  32. isn’t everything in life gambling i mean you make a child think of all the possibilities in other words odds which could be considered gambling in one way what about going to college if you go and aren’t able to keep up then ur in debt but if your able you could become successful therefor i think almost everything in life is a gamble and is why i don’t care anymore it’s your life do what you please don’t let other make decisions for you

  33. Heh, I've lost money from both scams and gambling a few years ago.

    Man, I'm so fucking stupid I should just kill myself at this point.

  34. I lost a couple hundred bucks and then remembered I wasn’t very lucky. So I stopped betting big. It’s fun to play 5¢ bets for an evening. Whether or not I lost the couple dollars I spent, I still had fun. It was just on a smaller scale.

  35. youtube 5 years ago: youtuber gets sponsored for a video

    "wow you fucking sellout, unsubscribed"

    youtube now: "hey guys, just advertising my new gambling website to my audience of young impressionable viewers"

    "haha no problem man, you gotta do what you gotta do, what with the adpocalypse and all!"

  36. Hey, my dude, I have a question for you: what do you think about gun regulations? Are they fair? Should they become more strict?
    Now that you mentioned gambling and how british culture reproves it, it made me think what your perspective on guns was.

  37. I gamble every few weeks, with only about 5 dollars at a time for fun. I wouldn't suggest it gambling but I do have the occasional win. My best is turning the remainder of my five dollars, which was 1.94 at the time into 157 dollars. It was a massive success and I have to say I treated myself to a nice dinner after.

  38. dude i really respect you for not gambling , if u dont cash out after you just started and won once , changes are 95% of losing

  39. I used to be subscribed to many youtuber that promoted gambling sites. and i was naive enough to eat their words and gamble a few skins myself. I started losing a lot and i stopped and started to reflect upon my actions.
    I eventually sold all the skins i didnt lose and left the game. when the huge contreversy blew up, i was quite happy, not because what made me lose money went down, but because i made the right decision.

    Even though im 2 years late, i still felt like sharing my experience

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