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a bitcoin is set enough to do here
pretty soon right so it’s a good day
that we will be doing these alt coins
because I think when Bitcoin breaks out
as it climbs a lot of these alt coins
should benefit as a result MS naughty
crypto said what are your thoughts on
ADA so let’s check it out and also if
you’re not subscribed to nineties
channel make sure you do that she does a
lot of introductory videos for our
community a lot of times I’m not able to
you know kind of kind of take the time
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great job in putting this information
together so we will check out ADA a b8
let’s type it in on PL 88 to the BTC on
the 343 let’s see all right first thing
we see long term money not looking good
not looking good at all second thing I
see right off the bat is we had a chance
right there and we didn’t we didn’t do
it right so that’s like strike two
right because if we would have hailed
and I remember back here I like data a
lot I was expecting it to break out and
then something happened see JB’s took a
lot of that money out of the market and
the whole market basically went down
another thirty percent right so let’s
see where we’re at let’s try to
correlate this stuff that looks pretty
good right there we didn’t make it on
the 382 the only thing we did we came
back down to the two three six let’s see
if this hole
where would it be so now we have to try
to make some sense of that right if we
do it quick that’s what it gives us
I like this one because then that will
allow us
this there you go
right and so what it looks like with
Aida is that this is the lowest level
possible in order to have integrity for
the whole system and that basically
means that is a two wave cycle that’s
gonna be our run rate see that
and whenever we break out probably it
from the where do we break down
that’s gonna be our channel so what I
did is I took that spot that’s but
that’s kind of like our guaranteed
growth rate so to speak a lot of these
coins everybody’s worried thinking like
oh my god what think I’m like oh my god
can a theory him go to zero no can a to
go to zero no no I don’t even want to
get into it but no no it has to have
integrity right and it’s nowhere near as
manipulated as a stock market is so at
some point something’s got to give right
the the more something is repressed and
suppressed the more it takes freedom
seeks freedom and liberation so we just
tie into those future points where you
know something has to happen because all
of this happened and it had order and
integrity with regards to that linear
relationship that blue line right there
right so we can’t it would be very very
very stupid of us to say that all that
energy right there is no longer relevant
we think it’s gonna go down there and
that’s gonna be its new world and it’s
gonna live down there somewhere all that
will not fit anywhere down there it’s
not possible right it’s just not
possible so what do we what do we look
at we look at a slow-growth breakout
right there’s got to take some time like
ADA ADA was destroyed if it was gonna be
a quick break out it would have hit back
here somewhere right it would have been
like a one-two punch you know came over
and that breakout would have happened
over there we missed it we missed it
so all that energy actually that might
not be bad to do this energy right here
that we missed
that’s better that energy will need to
replicate itself again and we should
have and that comes like pretty close to
this area and that’s referring to
maximum positive energy so we should
have positive bull market energy by
Thanksgiving November in the November
2018 that’s a long time but basically we
have to make up that time this negative
energy dis loss right here in that first
triangle you got to make that up the
market has to make that up right so
that’s what it’s gonna take it it takes
equal time if it goes down it’ll take
equal time for it to confirm them up and
then you might be able to do something
like that but ADA broke about a month
ago and that’s unfortunate because
that’s a great coin but the market you
know the market broke it so it’s other
money to be made where else can we look
let’s go to chop number two my man Sykes
GT saving new to the channel loving it
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let’s check it out check it out TRX
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yeah I’ll just put it down there at the
bottom somewhere like that
and I said I’d like it over here all
so TRX I think that’s trying right this
thing been broke for wow that hurts all
so trying off the top first thing I do
like what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
because this is a newer coin and it’s a
big big big volume coin one of the
things I want to do I’m gonna take this
seven off just to look at the macro
energy but what I see right there boom
boom boom boom that’s pretty good for a
new coin in the crypto space if that’s
your floor that’s your runway that’s a
strong coin it’s a lot of people that
like this coin and put a lot of money
into it a lot of trust into it right so
that’s not bad that’s not bad so now
that we know we have a decent coin a
decent market what what’s next is where
is the floor where is our support and
where can we go from here and that’s
where my eyes look at it those are the
different levels that I see already so
one of the things you can do is you can
kind of draw it a sine line just take
boom-boom and that gives you a pretty
good idea if you wanted to take it here
you could do that but we didn’t hit that
one so I think the top of that 2:31 you
see how I did that I just line the top
of that 2:31 up with the top of that
curve matched it to the top of the 77
all of a sudden you get these nice
little polar areas just take the
intersections boom boom boom right to
where this was our first complete cycle
break out break down flat line break out
break down we haven’t hit our flat line
yet that’s gonna be our flat line trying
to be back in early November a lot of
these charts are showing November you
see I just draw them drew them two
different ways came up with the exact
same date that’s because a lot of this a
lot of the times this energy is already
set it’s just a matter of when
when it’s actually gonna fill in reality
right so again this is this is getting
into October again middle of November
maximum energy we should see to turn
around middle of October right we have
not hit our flatline yet so I would not
be buying tron right now it has a chance
and actually technically it broke that
chance but you know sometimes you can
give it a buffer that was its chance
right there and we just broke it so you
could see something just like ADA to
where you know we have to go down a
little bit and then you got to wait a
little bit longer to make up for that
down and that’s basically what’s
happened look at a chart see this area
it’s gonna go down then it’s gonna dip
back up and now you have a chance to
make some money but that won’t be until
October November this chart is broken
right they say it and trading all all
the time don’t try to catch a falling
knife so you know just wait till it
comes back wait till the seven is above
the 77 and the 77 is above the 231 that
way you’re making money or money or
money when will that happen right around
end of October there you go right
somebody say how about if the ETF gets
approved in September that’s fine that
has absolutely nothing to do with this
this is already set right ETF only thing
that ETF is gonna do is jack up the
seven but the 77 and the 231 take about
three and seven times longer
respectively to turn around when you
have a 231 on a 343 that has lost 45
percent and two months ETF can’t fix
that overnight it’ll help you know it’ll
give it a pop sure but even steal the
ETF is for Bitcoin and see this is where
we get into points of parity this is
where you know Bitcoin is achieving
dominance right now so Bitcoin goes up
hasn’t necessarily been good for the
altcoins now what we know for sure is
when Bitcoin goes down the all coins get
crust but you have these different
phases different seasons in the market
think of you know like summer winter
spring fall right at during one party to
hear today’s get longer during another
part of the year the temperature gets
higher during another part of the year
you know um something else happens can’t
think of what that LC is right now but
you know it’s all these different
variables they don’t it’s not always a
xx x to y relationship right sometimes
it’s it’s curvilinear it’s quite
quadratic right
I’m Quadra linear so there you go right
and so again chart like a boss playlist
on the website
you know I’m saying I’m though I run
through these columns I’ll break them
down like a fraction but I just watch
few dumb videos you’ll be right on your
way min BAM click that link trading view
that’s where I post a lot of these
charts after the fact and even on my
free time when I’m just you know in the
zone I throw something up up there so
make sure you check that out just to
learn how this happened so you can make
this money by yourself right last one
how many likes we got cuz y’all got
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last one BAM game of crypto said –
so let’s go ahead and jump into that one
as well I think I think miss uh so we
had Miss Rhonda 1c – – so I couldn’t
find your comment Rhonda but I saw this
one and I was like I you know we’ll
double it back one time das H – the BTC
mmm I like this one – what we were just
talking about this what I saw
okay 343 is really bad now notice it’s
owned by Nance I know from experience –
as an old coin it’s a legacy coin it was
out before autumn i ciose came out so
what I want to do I want to look it up
on older exchange probably Polonius
has most of the data right and so that
way we can like go back and see a full
cycle look at them that’s better all
right I’m gonna tell you three parts to
any cycle break out break down flat line
see that that’s what the 231 did so
that’s what I’m gonna tie into on this
to see what we can get with regards to
where we’re at right now and where the
energy is as well and that’s why I liked
it too because we didn’t hit it that’s
where if we were gonna go up that’s
where it would have happened that but we
missed it
see how it like slowed down I mean I
know you guys could probably can’t tell
but if I turn this seven on that seven
probably like popped right around there
look at that almost like almost like I
could see through the chop you see that
little pop right there that was like
that was – his chance it wasn’t a big
chance but it was a chance but we didn’t
get it right so now essentially we gotta
wait for the next go-round to have some
positive energy when is that gonna be
look at that early November once again
all right let’s see what else we could
get on this thing if we did a big one
let’s do this one that’s our that’s our
big flow right there so that one does
look a little bit better
like this one we could get like
basically this whole this whole run is
in here right so the big money is gonna
come back in the – right
let’s see what we can get on this one
you had a big money like stash and
that’s why I do like it but it’s just
not making money right now
yes Elsie and this is this is where this
is where it starts to get interesting it
because we have the big money coming
back right but they take their time and
a lot of times when they’re moving their
money in you wouldn’t even notice it
does he look this is what’s happening on
the inside of – the day traders are
shortening there they’re out there just
getting rid of it dump it dump it dump
it dump it dump it
but the 231 it’s not falling as fast
right and we know because that distance
between the seven and 231 is getting
that means the 231 actually wants to see
– go higher so the 231 is probably gonna
do something like that which means the
seven has to do something like that and
the 77 has to come under it in the 231
will come under that and that’s when –
will have its new run now granted it’ll
do some crazy stuff like boom boom boom
boom boom like a ping-pong ball but you
know when you average it out that’s what
you’re looking at right so – isn’t that
bad especially down here at you know 0
to 5 like that’s not bad given that we
know the big money is starting to buy it
and it’s inevitable that the big money
will always buy out the small money
right big bank take a little bit seven
days a week right and so up here when we
had this little pop we closed it in
within like 5% a little bit less than
that like three and a half percent you
see that between the 231 and the 7 or is
right now we’re at 25% that’s huge
that’s a huge difference that means you
got like 8 to 1 leverage on the upside
all right so that’s not bad so I would
say if you if you are willing to wait
six weeks you know that’s what you could
be looking at well one of the strongest
performing coins in the market a legacy
coin you know I’m old school and I’m an
80s baby so it’s like you know all these
flashy young flashy fresh fresh def
coins ank I am NOT they did – I see oh
no no no I’m about the points that just
came out put this stuff on the
blockchain made made a hundred million
out right and that’s what – did I – is
cash that was my first video back in
back in May of last year
and I think it’s cheaper now than it was
back then it’s like half the price I
want to say that’s crazy
ya know I didn’t mind back here I did
mine back here okay so it went up a lot
since then but still like this is this
is crazy and so this is uh you know this
is what we’re looking at the market is
hurting right but we don’t control the
money that’s what we have to remember
trust me oh you know first time crypto
investors sitting on his couch watching
Twitter and and and watching Bloomberg
and selling based off the story he heard
on Bloomberg he don’t control the market
institutions control the market and I’ll
tell you a secret
they don’t compete against each other
don’t tell them I told you they’re in
business to take your money not bears
but that’s fine cuz their money has been
documented in the market over time
undisputed data Roo do they agree where
do they disagree where does one buy into
the other where does the others stop
taken stop taking risks start taking
reward where does the other you know cut
into it those are the intersections this
is how it works and that’s what I get
into on the chart like a boss playlist
that’s what you know I go through my
videos every day on the boss alert
messages my people you know are getting
empowered getting informed getting
educated on the market this just ain’t
about you know 7 over 77 why don’t we
blue you know what to do this is about a
mantra a methodology and a rillette
problem reaction solution evolution to
uh financial empowerment right just so
happens I was able to quantify it on a
metric you can use on trade of you PO
free so there you go BAM it’s just that
easy to get paid for anybody that didn’t
know that’s how you talk like a boss oh
so without further ado I’m gonna make it
do what it do jump into the Facebook
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like I said freestyle Friday I just come
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there’s you know I’m saying this off the
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take drape
no I’m saying step inside to move me yet
I could talk loudmouth Carrollton the
coal ain’t here so I’m like screaming
right now they probably won’t listen Bo
like what’s going out one time I was
walking down the hall I could have sworn
I heard somebody watching my video
that’s pretty cool
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the people for the people by the people
to the people you know I’m saying
because I just want my people to be able
to be people you know I’m saying oh I
don’t like I like
we’ll having a trade day life you know
for a little piece of paper with some
some creepy dead guy’s face on it that’s
just weird
that’s just weird right all this is is
value its tokenized value they talking
about the first tokenized currency
exists on the blockchain no this is it
it’s a token it’s not real it’s all a
game to get as much of it as you can
what you’re trying to get value man you
manifested value what do you want you
want a nice house a nice car
cool vacation nice clothes what else do
people pay for plastic surgery double
D’s how you bow to somebody somebody
wanna or somebody bout to get them for
somebody else you know it’s all value
that’s it that’s it what do you value
different people value things for
different reasons right that’s why we
love the blockchain because it doesn’t
matter what you are who you are where
you are you have accessibility to that
value autonomous accessible and
effervescent right you don’t need to go
inside a banquet one of these and two
forms of this you know you know yeah
yeah katal tags you don’t need you don’t
need a hundred dollars a month minimum
or else they taxing you four or five
dollars you don’t have any overdrawn
fees you know why cuz it’s dead it’s a
debtors note and it says it right there
on a piece of paper just read the top
know what tender means it goes both ways
that’s why you can swipe left this white
bright run tail that legal tender it’s a
debt to one side and a credit to the
other it’s not a credit does don’t help
but it don’t help us at all
I hate getting cash cuz then I’ve got to
decide on what I got to spend it for I
can’t keep it cuz the only thing you get
when you keep it as a loss they call it
depreciation I call it extortion you are
forced to spend your money you can’t
save it they bout to make negative
interest rates you can’t put it in the
bank because when you put it in the bank
they own your money
I think Andres on Antonopoulos it in
this same concept with the ETF he said
not your private keys not your Bitcoin
I’ll say it is but the fiat currency not
your value as in you put their value
into a bank into a financial institution
into a fiduciary not your value guess
what it’s not your value
take it away give it away it’s goodbye
you know that’s it
there’s a whole new system a whole new
way of thinking a whole new status quo
and this is just the beginning so if you
appreciate the message if you appreciate
the opportunity to make some money
somebody they changed a life with this
technology I know you appreciate you
know walking down that road together no
I’m saying I appreciate you so here we
go let’s go ahead and do this again
shout out to everybody uh who’s been
supporting me month to month I really do
appreciate couldn’t do it without you
guys let’s do this
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Kevin doesn’t thank you there we go
I appreciate that Kim thank you so much
all right um boom boom here we go Texas
mocks hold me down but a Dirty South us
to Ronald Jersey Mellon in Poland
dinosaur what’s going on
good to see you know you in the building
who else who else who else
Winchester New York a Westchester New
York USA what’s going on Timlin boss
walking on the west coast
Tennessee Holland Dago spliff star
Angela brown um one more spliff okay
send me email good good
and I think that might be it Bama and
Australia shout out to the mates Down
that being said everybody it’s that time
of the day signing out this the boats
yeah boy BK no matter where you stay
brazil debate telephone i ate all the
way back out dude
jerk money good night good morning and
good day thank you for joining me thank
you for your time
hit thumbs up button smash that bell and
join the money team bam doors are always
open like subscribe and share your copy
and paste this URL takes somebody who
care about somebody that say they just
got paid trade may life for worthless
piece of paper for what tell them is a
new cycle is a new season is a new
mantra this is the evolution prior to
the revolution you see what i’m saying
it’s it it you have to evolve before you
revolve right they say it’s the end
times but it’s also the beginning and we
go write our own history this time
around till we meet again stay cryptic
yellow bees

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