Frauds यानि धोखा 5 – Digital Currency – कहाँ से कमाई और कहाँ ख़र्च करो? 🤔

Greetings, friends! Come, let’s proceed to the last video of this series. I wish that you would be getting alert, and making your nears & dears aware as well. One question to you all … Who are the ones blessed to learn from others’ mistakes from the birth? Very right answer, only & only human beings. But, if some of us determine to not learn from others’ mistake, then what will you call him? Okay, let’s leave the answer! As it is said in the first video … You all will not believe us, but we do not require as much money, as much we run after money. And, in this process, we cross a line of greed … The beginning is from ‘Tax Evasion’, and eventually we wind up breakimg more laws doing many illegal acts to amass wealth that sits with us as ‘Accumulated Cash’. And, in a country like India, the cash keep increasing its mass. The families amassing money by wrong means either lose their next generation on ethics, or lay a foundation of them becoming bigger trickster. But, we do not learn from others’ mistakes. Well, we can keep chatting … let’s proceed towards our next & last episode A few, very sharp brains collectively propounded a new technology … in which all the past transactions remain recorded through a digital imprint. This imprint is called ‘cryptographic hash’, which is taken from the word ‘encryption’. And the data thus generated is called ‘Block-Chain’. Now, based on technolgy, some brainy people invented digital ‘Cryptocurrency’. And one such digital currency that became very popular is … Bitcoin The Bitcoin, between 2009-2011, remained confined to small fraction of the US Dollar. Thereafter, some business houses began to give recognition to it, following which some countries as well … Sporadically, some big industrialist or banker would put suspicion about it, but mostly people involved did not care much about it. Or probably they had some agenda! It progressed so significanltly that by 2017 Bitcoin clocked 1000 times in comparison to the US Dollar. In the process, may more digital currencies surfaced. A time came when some people hinted that digital currencies are a trick used in Hawala. People sitting on piles of cash, started converting their cash into Bitcoins. They loved it so much that it got a name ‘Bittoo” They often asked ‘how many Bittoo purchased today?’ And Bittoo was doing relentless runup. In 2017 Bitcoin started its upward journey, which maddening people further. Bitcoin, that started with $1000 or so, ended the year 2017 at $20,000 And people got after it with a vengeance. While some contries called Bitcoin legal tender, probably because there is not ‘Tax Evasion’, or their companies would be benefitting from it … Some countries said ‘No’ to it as well. India pronounced Cryptocurrencies as ‘Illegal’. We said that we endorse Block-Chain technology, and we will use it as well, but usage of Cryptocurrency will be illegal. Now, we need to understand that those keeping cash were simply ‘financial offenders’ so far, and could have been let off under Government Amnest Schemes, without being ‘criminal offenders’ by paying Tax … should either forget their money, or go out of India doing shopping, huffing & puffing. And, how much one can shop or travel? Meanwhile If investigated, their tag will be … ‘Criminal Offenders’ And if Indian Government does not pronounce it a legal tender, and if their kids refuse to take risk, then the entire money is wasted. Things to be understood well that without willing you opened Swiss Account … sitting at your very home, no!? And it has never been a case that something that goes up, doesn’t come down. Come 2019, Bitcoin price in Dollar terms came down to 3700 only. Those who exchanged cash with Bitcoin, they were neither here nor ther. Cannot spend these, and if they exchange it, the money would come in account. So, the whole life, saving money by evading Tax from the Government, in a way, becomes worthless. It boils down to same thing, running after money, (do not realise) where we cross a line that we stand on the other side of law. Walk further down, and you’ll be regarded as ‘Criminal’ Afterall, what for? Do we really require as much money for living? Will our coming generations will be thankful to us … will respect us … or will lament us as ‘Guilty’? There is a saying … “If next Generation is not capable, why amass wealth? if the generation is capable, why amass wealth?” I, your friend & host take your leave … See you again with more interesting anecdotes & stories Till then, take care of yourselves, and be safe!

3 thoughts on “Frauds यानि धोखा 5 – Digital Currency – कहाँ से कमाई और कहाँ ख़र्च करो? 🤔

  1. So, here is the first scam reported in India in #DigitalCurrency #Bitcoin. As we told that people shell off huge amounts to purchase the currency, and now cannot do anything about. The scam resulted into Murder!!

    “Kingpin of bitcoin scam worth Rs 485 crore murdered by associates in Dehradun”

  2. Reserve Bank Of India – RBI – has tried all the methods of guiding people not to get lured by any kind of disproportionate returns offered to you, and conveying that your money is precious for you. They tried the Cricket Team, and other advertisements. However, as the incidents are keeping on rising, they have finally resorted to their last card, I believe … Anyone who is watching @ (and there would be an overwhelming majority, I believe), would have seen Amitabh Bacchan conveying this message on behalf of the RBI. Please, please saving money from the cheats is the best gain you all can make.

    I am little disappointed that these videos are still npt being shared!! Although the viewing response is tremendous., and I convey my sincere thanks to you all.

  3. I did not realise at the time of uploading this video that there were scams amounting to Rs2000 Crores in #Bitcoin in India 🇮🇳 😮 “Cryptocurrency This Week: Bitcoin Plunges $2K, SC Rejects Amit Bhardwaj’s Latest Plea And More”

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