Follow the Bitcoin price instead of obsessing over sports and politics #HalvingHype

hi everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister I
just had to make this spur of the moment
video because price of Bitcoin
jumping around 470 now and that’s that’s
more than it’s been for a while here in
the United States and also I guess in
Canada you’ll all these people who love
sports and politics is what they’re
talking about the hockey game the
football game the clinton the trunk I
mean I personally have spent so much
time in my life when the Baltimore
Orioles baseball team and your past
times can be fun but we have a country
just ups obsessed with sports and
politics and the state so much time on
these things that I mean it’s normal for
public money millions of dollars hundred
million dollars to fund these stadiums
with these are our priorities in North
America it seems like China their
currency is being developed and they
have all sorts of problems with with
capital controls and there are some
Chinese are finding ways to get their
money out of China and we’ve been seeing
the results for a while Vancouver real
estate prices are insane this is because
of Chinese me it’s affecting the real
estate prices all over the west coast
actually I mean tonight tonight it’s
affecting the Bitcoin like going price I
i believe some of this is caused by
Chinese people just trying to get their
money out of China and you know what all
of this is price hikes in real estate
you have a question North American
screaming and crying about it and blame
the Chinese well all we do is you talk
about the Dallas Cowboys
juju nothing to follow sports in in
hillary clinton i mean china is Hellas
Cowboys ok they’re paying off I mean
they are dominant big going they’re
buying places in Vancouver to get you
thinking about her future and that this
country and Canada I’m a people while
the price of Bitcoin in like oil leak
they follow the freakin scores of the
Golden State Warriors game they had that
much dedication even a quarter of the
desk a scene that occasion is funded by
price hikes is finding the CBO scoring
going up i mean pay more attention to
cripple currencies when mean more
adoption and more and the price would go
up and managing the price spikes in big
in big
if americans really got into it and we
have to hike to having we have to hype
becoming so Americans and Canadians and
Westerners really get into new currency
because the chinese are doing it their
boosting the price right now and they’re
gonna leave a lot of north americans
behind only two plane in the future of
wine I get into this too busy following
African NHL game NFL game or the NCAA
Final Four so I mean it would be a great
world country can make America great
interest in making america will be great
if you start paying attention to the
Bitcoin price and if only they follow a
frickin repin Steelers ok so that’s my
message for tonight I met him I said

7 thoughts on “Follow the Bitcoin price instead of obsessing over sports and politics #HalvingHype

  1. I love your videos man. I am in Canada, with no interest in sports. Bitcoin is where it's at. Woke up with a nice price increase.

  2. Your retweeted my #halvinghype hashtag post on twitter! It was pretty poetic. @earrazz #halvinghype and damn it I thought Adam Meister was the cause of the price going up right before payday. I swear if China wasn't one day in the future!!!

  3. Damn Right!  Sports have become the religion of the United States!  This is the desire of TPTB, constant distractions from what really would make a difference.  The promotion of a self imposed Slavery, with limited thinking, disguised as a freedom.  Thank you!

  4. I still follow sports in somewhat capacity but now i follow Bitcoin for the past 3 years and haven't looked back i enjoy reading new BIPs and seeing how Bitcoin is evolving .

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