Flying to a New Country w/ No Money & Surviving for 24hrs!!

Could a stranger ever convince you to threw a party at your house or convinced you to swap your room for theirs for an entire day or even cancel all your plans to go skydiving on the spot
Well, you might think no one could ever trust a stranger to do any of these things But there’s one man who’s done it all and it’s Amar can do our in-house social butterfly and smiling extraordinaire It seems like he can do it all but today ladies and gentlemen unbeknownst to him We’re going to see our local hero struggle hard for the first time Today I’m doing a bend and then blur in a very different way. Let me expand the airport there because otherwise Thank you Hello a bit of a windy and rainy morning and I’m late Alright let me explain to you why the challenge this time is a little different All right, here’s the deal so far We’ve done abandoned ends and sinky Paris Madrid and most recently Bangkok, but every time we’ve done it It was always in the same city that we were all traveling to but this time I’m gonna do it a little different a couple of weeks ago I got a challenge from the company that makes the electric skateboard that I ride in bored and they asked do you Want to do an abandoned and where you fly out of the country that the team is in and go to a completely different city In another country without your wallet survive for 24 hours and then make it back I obviously said yes, and here we are the plane leaves in 10 minutes So I got to go but I’ll finish the story when I get to Copenhagen Copenhagen, I’m really really jet-lagged because I just got back from the US like two days ago. Probably wondering is this episode? It’s possibly a morgue. Yes it is I’m actually very excited and you this to be getting all around today? Because I love using the board threader on LA And now I can’t wait to ride this board around the city that I’ve always wanted to visit Question is how the hell do I get out of the airport into the city center? I have no money or wallet I’m so there’s a little bit of a twist today we will be joined by my friend andreas who is one of our favorite filmmakers on YouTube a Hundred percent go check him out. So he came all the way today to meet and help me shoot a little bit He’s gonna have no involvement with my challenge myself People are kind of reserved hard to talk to so I think it’s doing a bit tough one a really tough one enjoy yourself You’re really leaving man taking the train with a hot cup of coffee Awful first meeting Hey guys can ask for something I want a challenge right now and I end up travelling without my wallet from who the battle is wondering if there’s any way you Can get a bus tickets in the city. No worries man luck personnel of the day It’s not gonna be the last I can ask for something I wanted He doesn’t like I am on a challenge to survive in Copenhagen for 24 hours without my wallet now I’m supposed to live a full 24 hours using the help and kindness of strangers You can get me a bus ticket or a metro ticket to get into the city have any Danish money. No worries. Sorry I’m on my way to board a train and this ticket was actually quite cheap So it shouldn’t be too hard for a Mart to get on a train for something No. Thank you Okay, I just asked the cops or what? Looks like this is my only option right now It’s about 28 minutes to the city center Thank you, yes It was awesome To find someone to get me food right now right now. I’m on a challenge your challenge. Yeah. I’m supposed to survive 24 hours I was Oh my god Right now yeah to survive This I love go exploring I Just passed by some Americans I’m gonna try and catch up and then ask them I’m doing a challenge where I have to survive being in Budapest 24 hours without my wallet if you have a place to stay a couch or a floor I can crash on tonight we could have an offer but we don’t like You have a couch or floor than I can no worries. Thank you guys appreciate Got a few coins that American couple gave me so it’d be good for anything something for dinner It’s been an extremely fun day exploring the city and being able to get everywhere so fast But I’m just really concerned about where I’m gonna sleep tonight. That’s where I’m most like you sleep tonight I just hope that I don’t get woken up by like a cop. The towels are Expensive and like I don’t think people here have big apartments or anything. I still have faith I’m like just so tempted to take a nap right now. Maybe I’ll do that. Let’s just Along for 10 minutes This thing is not really meant for sleeping it was too good to be true. Oh it’s gonna rain it looks like it’s gonna rain Outside thankfully the Sun doesn’t set here until 10:00 p.m. So still got about two hours of sunlight before it goes dark and lonely Okay, so I was filming next to Jacob and then I explained the Challenger and he’s like yeah take my number and if you don’t Find someone later. Hit me up. Thank you for being so nice Okay Okay. Yeah, that’s perfect. So I will be healing out Jacob tonight if I end up not finding anyone else But at least I can go out with that energy. Just knowing that I’m not gonna be sleeping on the street Let’s go explore more now and potentially eat dinner with those coins that I won Oh, that’s within my price range right now. I’ve got 60 in my pocket. No way Nutella crepe for dinner Bring your bag the good old days in Paris Yeah You feel that I called rain This is the last money. I had the only money I have today and it’s about to go in my belly and it’s raining I’m for the night. Hey might be the last thing I ate today god only knows Smelt It’s about 10:00 p.m Till it hurts a guy that I necessarily Instagram hasn’t responded like half our discomfort that I’m doing is I’m trying to survive in Budapest for 24 hours Sorry Budapest Wow We’re studying abroad currently we live with like half of the study abroad students and half of like Danish people and one of our Initial is kind of low, but it’s really great. Very micromanager though. Let’s try this. Yes. Is it with the three push? You ready yeah see discomfort man, I dunno no, that’s why you just go slow slowly you go forward But I did it yeah tonight if you guys are up to anything special Less of like the bar vibe and a few guys my age tense resolve your issue of your roommate. I’d be happy if You’re real desperate us. No, and then like we can just beam back out literally on the balcony There were nice. They’re really nice Should I ask them so far? we’ve just had like he’s extremely certain definite feelings of people just coming up and being curious about shit like whether it’s the board whether it’s see Discomfort this girl just came up to me and she was like, oh, let’s see discomfort Look, that’s my life motor Right and I explained then the shoes in trees. And then now I possibly have another place to stay in case things get desperate So I was going for shelter for two flowers until shit picks up at night. Then there’s more students at me Alright it’s about 11:00 p.m. You pretty much just took a nap on this bench I still don’t have a place to stay that guy I met earlier I woke up to a DM from him saying that his parents said no I am extremely jet-lagged and extremely delirious and somehow I ended up sleeping with my helmet off It’s not working out for me this time, but I’m just gonna keep going I’m just gonna try I’m gonna head to where all the student bars are and hopefully be able to convince the not so drunk college Students to take me in for the night Without my wallet for 24 hours My board has gone it looks like going to sleep on the street that Well, that was the bar area I honestly don’t know what to do Never been stuck like that on a challenge and it sucks to be stuck when you’re all so jet-lagged and exhausted and hungry and thirsty But again, this is what it’s all about It’s that empathy that you get to cultivate for people who are less fortunate people who just can’t make the decision to go eat something When they want it’s moments like this when I’m more grateful than ever I am probably just gonna go on a sidewalk Chill for a bit trying mind that one person was not gonna be hammered right now and keep asking 12:36 and I’ve been sitting here for about half hour waiting for any signs of a sober person to All right, I’ve got pretty good and use these two girls Sabrina and Shelby who I met earlier today And that’s just me on Instagram and say you’re welcome to stay on our floor slash balcony if needed So that is really good news because about 16 minutes ride away So I’m gonna head there right now and get some sleep because I am just I’m done the Sabrina and shall be we go I think I just arrived where they told me to come I was literally about to like crash on a bench It came through dinner dinner protein bar all what I need right now. See you in the morning. We did it That’s 5 a.m. Woke up to a phenomenal sunrise after some amazing conversations with the girls It’s just always awesome to meet people who are on the same wavelength. I think everybody’s thirsty I’m just gonna leave in silence. You’re not saying thank you so much it Sabrina and she’ll because you’re ever in, California I need a place to stay. Do you know where to come? All right. Peace

100 thoughts on “Flying to a New Country w/ No Money & Surviving for 24hrs!!

  1. As a Danish citizen I feel ashamed of the lack of hospitality here. Next time you get a challenge and have to visit Copenhagen, let me know!

  2. I'm surprised they let you fly with that skateboard. Normally lithium batteries of that size isn't allowed 😬

  3. I really respect the challenges you guys do, they are ultra inspiring. So many great life experiences and knowledge I can see you get, I'm going to start my own challenges. thank you!

  4. Your all videos are superb and the must hit 10 to 20 million views and you guys I too like to join you in future .Good luck !!!!!

  5. How to find a place to sleep if you're a homeless man, just beg enough money that u can get a shitty camera and pertend to be doing a challenge.

  6. Copenhagen was the worst part of denmark to do this challenge. It's the most hated city in denmark. Trust me if you ever do this challenge again go to sønderjylland much more nicer and kinder people there.

  7. Easy if explaining the experiment to someone – and our YouTube videos have 2+ million views, armed with a high end selfie cam. Sure, you can crash on our floor…

  8. I challenge you to not use cameras and try this. no fade haircut goomed eyebrows. dress homeless. you ammar need to know this is not a challenge but rather a mere guilty yes or if not a yes because your doing a CHALLENGE FOR 1 DAY. Discomfort my ass. I CHALLENGE YOU AMMAR TO GO BACK TO EGYPT AND JOIN THE MILITARY. SEEK REAL DISCOMFORT NOT COMFORTABLE DISCOMFORT. #staywoke

  9. It’s a bit lame that you go to a different country to survive on the kindness of strangers, but then seek out Americans…

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