Financial Investor Website Reboot 3.0, Upcoming Content & Apps

hello everyone and thanks for tuning
into the financial investor channel my
name is Brent and today we’re gonna go
over my website some of the changes that
I’ve made for the better to revamp it
also we’re gonna be covering where I
want to move my website and channel here
in the future and I’m looking for
feedback as far as suggestions for
content on my YouTube channel on my
website and for applications you would
like to see develop a sort of financial
related investment investment
applications and if you ever were to
visit an investor’s website what are
some you know what’s them information
would like to see on there as far as our
portfolio or pictures as far as there
are trades or real estate you know you
just let me know in the comment section
below what would you like to see from an
investor’s website so here we’re going
to be discussing the changes before and
after and where we’re going to be going
to here in the future
so if you are brand new to my channel I
do make stock market and investment
videos weekly so consider subscribing
for future videos so right off the bat
here this is my old website lots of
empty space here on the left and right I
didn’t like that I really wanted to
revamp it we just had a thousand
subscribers not too long ago I really
wanted to do and update to my website to
make it clean to make it easy for new
viewers visiting my website in order to
move over check out my youtube channel
check out the content that I have
provided on there and I didn’t want them
to just hit the website not really know
where to go or what to see and there’s
kind of leave so here this is the old
preview had the banner across the top my
menu of items here had to subscribe to
my channel my blog search the site blog
hits an archive not a whole lot of
information there towards the top very
blank as far as what you can do on there
then it kind of this is sort of the path
that I wanted to go here in the future
so why do I want to see my website move
towards well I want to create a step by
step a three-step process so step one
get your mindset together
know that there’s always risk with what
you know whenever you’re gonna begin
investing but first you got to know
where you stand
what are your financials look like
what’s your gross income your net income
your expenses
what’s your net income minus your
expenses how much money you actually
have to invest that’s sort of the whole
step one process step two look up
different investment vehicles I have a
book here my Rich Dad Poor Dad it’s
called the guide to investing it’s got
dozens upon dozens of investment
vehicles out there maybe stock market or
real estate is not for you right now but
maybe you can invest in some other means
of getting your capital built up and
then you can begin investing in some
real estate so maybe start small with
stock market investing depending on what
broker you want to get into you know
just picking your investment vehicle
step to learning and reading about what
all your options are that are out there
step three is taking action whatever
investment vehicle you want to do if
it’s stock market go out there first
step is of course picking your broker
what do you want from a broker do you
want free trades do you want access to
retirement accounts do you want dividend
reinvestment programs you want you know
growth or dividend stocks you want
research tools you know all sorts of
there’s so many brokers out there they
all offer a variety of things I have my
three preferred platforms here depending
on what you’re looking for we have the
two free brokers free trades one doesn’t
offer retirement accounts one offers
retirement accounts this one’s a little
bit higher up you can get free trades
but it does take that $50,000 capital
and then you start to get a bunch of
research tools free trades free trip but
not partial shares so these this one
offers partial this one is you know and
so on
so I would be discussing quite a bit of
that kind of breaking it down and then I
want to provide more content so that
when you visit the website you can say
hey I’m already an investor start here
I’m brand new to investing start here so
start here would be getting your mindset
learned about your financials saving
money the whole mentality thing there’s
always risk
step two is hey you’ve already invested
a little bit okay let’s take a look at
where you’ve been investing in and so on
so right now my website was very
kind of everywhere so I recently took a
look at it and kind of changed it so I’m
not having this whole empty space over
here so let’s go ahead and flip over to
my new website here this is the
financial investors website so right off
the bat what what it’s here why did I
create the financial investor channel
and you know website well the whole
point was to track my journey as an
independent financial investor while
also providing content on financial news
talking about I arrays 401k stocks
dividends real estate and more that’s
sort of my thing you know I’ve been
investing since I was I think seven I
had savings bonds paper bonds that my
grandparents had got me that got me that
itch and then I said hey I want to save
my money buy some more bonds ended up
with 42 paper bonds I just cashed them
out this year in order to kind of fun my
business for my real estate investments
and I’ve done stock market for the last
ten plus years you know I invested in my
thrift savings plan my 401 KS my regular
individual counts my Roth IRAs I’ve done
quite a bit for quite a bit of different
platforms there now I’ve always had that
you want to get into real estate but you
know going into the military I was what
right out of high school and then during
my military career I was married I now
have a kid so house hacking where I’m
living in a duplex or triplex with you
know that whole thing is kind of out of
the picture because my wife does course
doesn’t want to live with somebody else
you know the same complex so we had to
build upper capital a little bit and now
we can begin investing here buying up
real estate and that whole journey here
ahead of us so that was the whole point
of creating the financial investor just
to kind of share my journey through the
stock market through real estate and
through other financial or investment
vehicles so anyways as you hit my
website here you see that this is kind
of like a banner here new really is
simple divot in calculator and I’m also
a developer I develop applications on
the Google Google Play Store so here if
you were to land on my website you could
download click on the link it would send
you right over you’ll be able to
download this put it on your your
Android check it out it’s basically a
little quick
calculator shows you punching your
principal stock price annualized payout
it’ll tell you how many shares you’ll
have what dividends you have earned and
what your new principal would be if you
had invested that money back in you know
the dividends back into the company or
yeah the company if you had invested
over so many years and if you made
additions either weekly monthly and so
on so I made the application if you guys
have any other suggestions for
applications I made that one here in
about a week or two and release it I
really need to do some updates as far as
the interface goes to make it nice and
clean right now I just kind of have it
pretty plain but and then my other one
here subscribe to my youtube channel by
clicking on the link takes you right
over to my youtube channel and begins as
you want to subscribe and there you are
so anybody visiting my website for the
very first time could see I mean
financial investors see what you know
what I’m about or what I pull in you
know what I’m trying to showcase
subscribe to my youtube channel
automatically shows them I have YouTube
channel I’m an app developer so here’s
where I wanted to kind of set up my
three-step process step one mindset
financials step 2
learning about your investment vehicles
step 3 taking action that’s here I’m
gonna be working on in the future right
now I just head it up so you can visit
my youtube channel my Facebook page my
group so you click on Facebook here
it’ll take you over to my facebook
financial investor page and then I also
have my groups there as well we can
actually click on that so we click on
here load up on the financial investor
click on groups we go over here to the
stock dividend value investing real
estate 401ks and more so here we just
kind of discuss all sorts of different
investment things here talking about
Elon Musk taking this company private
talking about market volatility so just
in general we have somewhat 2 300
members in that group right now so we
just kind of share general financial
investment knowledge and then showing
support for the channel and all the free
content that I provide via the
information on YouTube or through the
applications that I’m going to be
creating I want to go ahead and continue
creating at least 5 different financial
applications so I want to make a real
estate one I want to make
one for my kid or just kids in general
kind of teach them about how to double
your money I’ve created a simple concept
that my three-year-old you know he was
able to start with one penny and double
up all the way up to ten pennies and he
enjoyed the whole or the I don’t know
what you would call it but the task of
it all you know just kind of learning
and some of my latest posts I really got
to create some more post I used to write
up posts every single week talking about
socks with activities next week you
would click on one of these it would
just talk about it would provide a lot
of visual content I would also provide
my end of the month part of folio
changes I would talk about some
high-yield savings account this is a
link to like a a video I made a couple
other articles here but some of the
other one you know some of the content
that I posted it here in the past was
very visual talking about stock picks
graphs how they have done as far as
financials over so many years their
current information as of when I had
wrote up this article and why you know
where I believe they currently sat so
some of these look like there were
undervalued due to their yield of a
price they were under 60% payout ratio
which is a good payout ratio there had
dividend growth for 42 plus years very
low price to book value and a couple
other statistics here so I wrote up a
couple articles there even had some
comments here on the bottom and here
talking about my stock portfolio so
every month I would post this here
instead of making my videos I think I
still made my videos but here talk about
how much capital I had invested where I
had the money invested here by positions
as of the one month performance my
buying stock performance I haven’t done
these in quite a while and my portfolio
wives as far as the stock market goes is
it anywhere near where it used to be I
used to have 80,000 invested here
between what looks like my IRA Roth IRA
and my individual count now I only have
I think I have around 25,000 split
between my Roth IRA my IRA and my wife’s
Roth IRA so not too much there as far as
total cap
and now I’ve used the equities that I’ve
had in savings and my portfolios are
kind of fun my business to buy real
estate which I’m in contract with right
now I’ll have an inspection next
Thursday and I’ll be visiting on
Saturday kind of going over the
inspection and doing the walkthrough and
then I’ll take control of it I believe
that following week so yep and that is
basically it so yeah this is the updated
website can check out my portfolio with
dividend income my digital products
resources so I go over here talking
about books and best in vehicle
investing tools I think this is one of
the cool ones here investing tools if
you guys are ever interested in checking
out what sort of tools or websites that
I prefer to use check out here free
investing tools PE by sector check out
dividend information here dividend com
drip investing dividend history to get
all sorts of information free stock
screener free stock ratings and then
just general investing here different
websites to get you know investor
opinions and news on whatever
investments that you guys are interested
in investing in and then I have a bunch
of investing books most of these I own
myself I would only recommend books I’ve
either read or have had been suggested
to read so Rich Dad Poor Dad have that
on my shelf here guide to investing had
that on my shelf I’m shake will have it
on my shelf richest man in Babylon this
completely free over on youtube great
listen it’s about what is I think it’s
like four or five hours pretty quick you
can read it on a car ride somewhere just
here there from work until it an
investor dividend investing so here
stock market and investing books I own
all of these here I don’t own your
future paychecks and raises this more
covers your dividends how to get raises
every year how to invest in dividend
stocks value investing and then I have a
couple real estate here book so the
millionaire real estate investor if
you’re looking to get into real estate
there’s a sort of the main one you
should focus on reading first and then
if you want to get into that whole
buying real estate rehabbing it going
you know so much information those are
both recommended I have a bunch of real
estate other books I have one on my desk
here real estate investing by
mcgraw-hill and then I
a couple others on the shelf there so I
have to update this page but lots of
information there so check it out so
that is my website let me know in the
comment section below what you guys
think what sort of content you would
like to see added onto my website or
discussed on my youtube channel and if
you have any suggestions as far as
applications that are not currently out
that you would like to see out on the
Google Play Store I don’t have an apple
license it’s a hundred dollars a year
maybe at one point when I develop at
least three to five different
applications I have ads running on them
in order to generate some revenue and I
make 100 bucks I could use that hundred
bucks to buy it
Apple license which I’ll then be able to
publish both on Apple and Android those
are two of the most common ones but I
already have my Google license so I can
publish and develop on there so that is
it for this video
again if you did like it hit the thumbs
up button below if you’re brand new to
the channel hit the subscribe button I
put out all sorts of content dealing
with the stock market investments real
estate and all that fun stuff so that is
it thank you guys for watching and
tuning in I will see you next time have
a great day bye bye

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