Exotic Fruit of Brazil

See my happy face! Eduardo knows everyone here and knows the best fruit stands. Then we went with his friends, his acquaintances and while he was buying when they learned we weren’t from here they started giving us fruit samples and we ate like six different fruits that neither of us knew before we even saw fruits that we didn’t even have seen in Colombia. We have a video that we will put here. But we bought many and hope that Eduardo helps us explain how they eat and everything and we will make a video trying them. You can find the pastels, I think you find in some regions of Veracruz but here they are totally different. The idea is the same, fried dough but inside as Luke says it had Bamboo and other fruits … other vegetables that I don’t even know what they are. Very delicious. Well, Eduardo our friend explained that here they have many types of bananas. Here are some little ones, like medium-sized, big ones. He told us that there are 5 different types of bananas and there are businesses that are exclusive to only bananas. We found avocado. It is the first Creole avocado as they say here, that I see, in the whole market. Here it is very intimidating because if in Mexico you are shouted to buy. Here is another level. They shout, and there was a man who didn’t even know what he was saying but he even hit the table and you can hear them as if they were competing. As they want to get your attention and you go to the other extreme to buy in their business. They don’t want to get your attention when you pass in front, no. They want you to listen to them from the other side of the market. Well, I didn’t know this fruit at all and the first time I saw them before Eduardo explained and tried them, I thought this was a tomato. A tomato regularly in Mexico you use it for salsa and in the United States the ketchup and all that. It’s something that gets used salty, not sweet. So when he told me, ah this is a fruit, I said this is a tomato for me. And this one, to me it looks like a pumpkin. It has the consistency of an apple. When you bite it it is like an apple but it does not taste like an apple and this when you bite it has exactly the consistency of a tomato. These, both are called persimmons. One is stiff or hard khaki and the other is soft. And they look almost the same but they taste slightly different consistency more than anything. And let’s start this first. To know they are good, our friend told us, Eduardo, that this color looks good. I saw them a little more reddish and now that we bought them in the supermarket yesterday, the reddish ones are like a little sweeter and these are greenish yellow but when they turn orange or all yellow they are good. This we have not tried. Then let’s see how it tastes. And well, let’s cut it a little more. You can eat it with the skin, this can also be with skin but there are people who just eat the center. And like … there is a fact. The lady who helps our friend with cleaning told him that when she arrived in this region she bought these thinking that she was tomato and made a sauce and realized that the sauce was very sweet but it was because she made persimmons in instead of tomatoes. It’s delicious. It tastes like fig to me. The fig, I don’t know if it is Mexican but it tastes like fig to me but sweeter and without that watery consistency. And generally, well, figs eat them on time. And this cold, with this consistency. The consistency of tomato and sweet, is super fresh. It is one of the best fruits I’ve tasted in my life. And one of the saddest things about these trips is that we probably won’t try this again in a long time, maybe never. Bon Appetit. Tastes like apple. The texture is exactly the same as an apple but it is super super super sweet. If you ever see them in Mexico. I don’t know, there are times when fruits are exaggeratedly expensive But I don’t know. If it were 100 MXN the kg I bought it like that without thinking.

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