eTwinning 2019 winning project: The story of a 1 €uro coin

– Good morning children!
– Good morning! Behind this project,
‘The story of a 1 €uro coin’, the idea was to show
how a common currency is common ground, and how easy it is
for European Union countries to work together. Good morning boys and girls. Studying the Euro is important
because it unites us. We all have the Euro, so that’s a nice starting point
as a subject for all the schools in Europe. We did a lot of
different assignments in the project. There was a pre-project survey. They had to fill in some answers
on the questions about the Euro coin. Then we did an interview. They could interview
somebody at home or on the streets. Initially,
after we created the questionnaires, we wanted to conduct the interviews
internally and externally, in groups and individually. The Euro is a difficult currency, but necessary. The questionnaires came back
both positive and negative about the Euro. Half of the people answering said that
they were disappointed and preferred Drachmas, and the other half were saying that
they preferred the Euro because it makes life easier. I learned about the Euro, that it has not always been around
in the European countries, that there were
different currencies in different countries. The third step was
what is on the Euro coin, so they used the internet to find out
what is on the Euro coin of many countries, and after that,
they had to make their own design for a Euro coin in clay
and they liked it a lot. My favourite part was the clay. My design was William of Orange because he was
the first king of the Netherlands. Then the step after the clay
is the creative writing. So they had to think about a story that the coin would make
a journey through Europe and all those stories were put together
in an animation film at the end. The Netherlands group
dealt mainly with the script, they wrote the stories,
we worked on the background, and all together
we tried to create a common script, so that we could tell our story. It was the most interesting part of the project because the children
were seeing the result of their work. Hi Marc, how are you? Every time that we met one of our partners,
we either used video or TwinSpace, the platform where we all had a profile, and used to communicate
with the rest of the students from the project. We managed to communicate and
get to know each other through games, and since we divided our tasks,
we worked perfectly together. Nice to see you, bye! I preferred the eTwinning lessons
because you have to speak English and that will improve your English skills. I like the eTwinning project more
because we try harder and get good results. I felt that we were united together,
and we worked as a group. I think their view has changed. It broadened their views
but also the perspective from the Euro coin, and they know more about
the history, the culture from other countries. So it helps them to broaden their view. It is very important to us. Most of the children had never had
the chance to leave their island. The project gave us the chance
to meet new people, new ways of working, we gained better vocabulary,
generally provided a lot more things than expected. A lot of the students
felt more European than before.

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