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16 thoughts on “Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic ⭐ BK Crypto Trader |

  1. I've said it before and will say it again, you saved me on the don't believe the hype video. Plus I'm starting to grow a small crypto profile using the boss method. I'm actually starting to catch up on medical debt. Thanks for what you do BK!

  2. Cornell university professor Emin Sirer is a thought leader in cryptography, his BIPs have been implemented into waves now and are running on the mainnet. If they can deepen the Deloitte partnership I think they can offer a suite of solutions to compete with Stratis and offer solutions in eastern europe and asia. The last piece is getting developers building on the platform. Leadership is proving to be competent, so I am buying the dips and accumulating.

  3. Great time to buy Mercury Protocol (GMT). It's still very cheap. ICO ended recently. Great project with alot of potential backed by Mark Cuban.

  4. Thank you BK, a lot of great stuff here. Please kindly let me know your availability for a one to one. I'm excited to learn some more and have dropped you a deposit.
    Josh (Crypto454)

  5. LOL just found a sheet I had written back in June, that said projections, Ether at $150-200. Funny it is at this price today!

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