Ethereum trading course – learn to Take Profit

Hello dear traders, this is Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy and I’m very glad to welcome
you to the Ethereum trading course. In this course
I will share with you a trading system for the Ethereum, where we Take the Profit on 3 different places
and in the same time we protect our capital.
This is essentially important, because one of the most common mistakes in traders is that they don’t
Take the Profit when it’s in their accounts and they wait the price to reach the skies.
Obviously, the markets proved that this is not the reality.
I will show you how we identify the trend, because it is very important to trade in the right direction.
And I will show you in details the trading system that we are following, what steps exactly we take
to enter on the market, where we placed the Stop Loss to protect the capital,
and where exactly we Take our Profits.

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