Ethereum crypto-dividend creation may happen soon! ETH community activated hard fork!

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you follow me on Twitter so a few people
had asked me that in the comments
section recently you know what about
this aetherium hard fork and I don’t
even know what the heck they were
talking about I mean I’m I’m busy with a
lot of things and no one gave me a
direct link until today I was us
something was sent my way called to my
attention and yeah it appears that there
is going to be an aetherium
I’ve called a friendly Fork a formation
of a crypto dividend for aetherium you
can go to the site c8 h F dot Co CA h F
dot Co community activated hard fork
they’re calling it these guys and
they’re probably out of China miners out
of China and they don’t want to go proof
of stake they want to keep aetherium
proof of work now and again I think the
change that aetherium is proposing or
Vitalik or whoever it’s supposed to
happen to September October I don’t know
all the details these guys are gonna do
their thing obviously at the same time
etherium will go its own way they will
stay the the old course that etherium
was on now again I don’t know all the
specifics if you go to that site they’ve
really fill it out it looks it’s pretty
professional-looking it’s in English
it’s I mean it’s currently it’s better
than the Bitcoin the excuse me
the be gold site I mean I know everyone
the be gold site is going to be updated
by the way if you’re interested in that
crypto dividend a Bitcoin I mean this is
exciting this is exciting stuff as I
predicted in August in my crypto
dividend debut video when I coined that
term I said it wasn’t just gonna be
Bitcoin doing this that there be other
ones doing it you and it should be
looked at as a positive that for holders
of these coins and that if your your
coin is legitimate enough to have its
own crypto dividend then it’s it’s
hardcore and you know what you could
disappear him as much as you want to but
it is it’s it’s up there and ranking
enough that people are willing to
friendly fork it the hard fork and now I
think some people gonna say this is an
unfriendly fork again go to the site now
I want to make this very clear I don’t
know that much about this I don’t have
inside information on it if you know
something about this community activated
hard fork I am trying to track you down
email me at Adam at Tresor help calm
again if again and you can email me
there if you want a crypto consultation
also if you just want to talk to me you
want help setting up your trade
or you know everyone knows that I offer
these services whatever but if you if
you know more about this situation if
you know about any any friendly pork any
formation of a crypt of dividend oh look
I’m sure let’s look god that wasn’t
supposed to happen
so uh yeah look horrible I told you my
god it’s supposed to go to the UH
we’re supposed to go to the haha that’s
live TV for you people here look at this
instead mighty so no yeah you guys like
that picture better yeah so if you know
more about this and you don’t mind
emailing a shirtless dude with his hair
messed up do that so it again this
etherium number three proof of work
whatever whatever you want to call it
tone days and I have both been
predicting this for a long time
Tony Bayes was the originator of the
etherium number three the etherium
number three concept and I actually link
to a video of in May where I was talking
about but I’ve been talking about it for
a longer time a tone has been talking
about it for the longest time so big big
props to tone Vaes on this one
definitely and you know what else do we
have here
yeah telling was right okay and so the
big line from that I take from that
website and I link there’s some reddit’s
about it and all sorts of stuff like you
know I can’t find that that I think
there’s a reference to a Twitter I
cannot find a Twitter account for these
guys again if you people know and oh yes
if anyone knows anything about this
email a dimitra’s or help calm but yeah
we want to be the center of it this this
place right here this channel is the
crypto crypto dividend central and at
the etherium classic price had gone down
lately maybe a little bit has to do with
this because you know if they’re gonna
have a
third aetherium it’s Skelly similar
aetherium classic in certain ways if I
mean in the proof of in the proof of
work way at least but these guys are
talking about doing some pre mining
stuff creating a larger supply again
check out their website see CEA hf0 CHF
nazia okay here’s a line CA HF community
activated hard fork chain will follow
and fork existing roles in the etherium
z– main chain except for issuance
reduction and proof of state we will
maintain our proof of work chain which
will be etherium proof of work chain
when etherium hard forks to proof of
state all right there you go yeah I
cover did I cover everything there that
you wanted to hear there’s a there’s
people in the chat let me look real
quick and what people have to say
BTC right that’s an accident okay so it
was an accident less Adam was a
definitely an accident you guys don’t
want to see that all right dad all right
everyone so there’s your little a
special real special video today you got
to see a little too much but you got to
hear a lot about crypto dividends what
I’m interested in here so hey again
email me at animators over help calm if
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10 thoughts on “Ethereum crypto-dividend creation may happen soon! ETH community activated hard fork!

  1. I've very recently converted all of my ETH to Bitcoin and Litecoin. This news gives me a bit of FOMO. I'm sure the feeling will pass. Hmmm I do wonder what this means for ETC. This is/was a planned long term hold!?!

  2. Here's experience from someone who's going through shtf right now. I'm in the after math of hurricane Irma in Miami and the power has been down for days. At the moment if your bitcoin is in a hardware wallet, you're screwed unless the battery is charged. And even then , you would need to turn on a hotspot with your phone. And that's if your cellphone service is operating. T-Mobile right now isn't working. I have ATT and it's working. Even MetroPCS is working. I would change services as soon as possible. And we got lucky cause the storm wasnt strong and the eye missed us. If it was devestation, it would be nearly impossible to deal with cryptocurrencies unless you have it on a phone wallet and the service provider is working.

  3. Hi Adam love your personality and enthusiasm have recently joined this site for free brought some bitcoin packs and have it working for me paying me bitcoin everyday what is your view on this please

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