EPIC Verizon Customer Service Phone Call

i want to do a quick uh… topic your
list before we take a break i came
across this phone call to verizon
customer support
i don’t even really know um… it’s not
new right i mean this is a phone call
has been around for a little while and
we’ve had a lot of run-ins lewis with
support from a number of different
places beget telemarketer calls we
recorded a lot of them and this was just
incredible what’s at issue here is this
guy’s name is george pixar lee has a
whole website devoted to verizon related
phone calls in this particular one
the person he’s talking to does not
understand the difference between point
zero zero two dollars
and point zero zero two cents okay
this is if you actually understand the
difference as many people do
it’s pretty always take a listen to this
policy what do i have here we go
calls in over forty five minutes now
allied god
for alcoholic wrote
let me just say that with uh… there’s
a question
kathy what do you recognize that there’s
a difference between point zero zero two
dollars and point zero zero two cents
dollars do you recognize it as if there
is actually what
that b_s_t_ requisition difference
between those two
but is there a difference between two
dollars and two cents
okay so is it desert difference between
point zero zero two dollars and point
zero zero two cents
that bs desert if if you couldn’t help
can under that actually it is the
is point five dollars the same as point
five cents
is it happening out
appa dollar in the same as half of the
clearly too
uh… one thousandths
of a dollar
which is your rate for air time as i now
understand it
uh… your eight for for fertility
budget so he’s going to get it right
lewis including you understand the
difference right
in that one is more than the other pride
and another two different numbers today
goes on and then it just goes on on on
and i have a hard time believing these
people really do this for jobless
interest then continue
usage and state i don’t have any
knowledge of that
blazers your two cents per minute this
was quoted toward was quoted to me
might bill rec reflect windsors you’re
tuned dollars per minute
which allen
idea to do this again
do you recognize that there’s a
difference between one dollar and one
do you recommend is difference between
happen dollar and a half percent
then deep therefore recommend there’s a
difference between point yours your two
dollars and pointers your two cents
so no
so there was another fifteen minutes
with this woman and eventually where we
get to it
is um… it is another point altogether
which i’ll play for you here and then
eventually this guy did actually get a
credit from verizon
but it took a long time to get anyone to
realize what on earthy was talking about
cheta is there someone i can escalate
he did not know if you cannot is not
adequate c
it back to me that what you think
restricted b
if i said to you
i’ll give you twenty thousand three-car
showed up to twenty thousand pennies
it matters will use a point zero zero
two dollars pointers are two cents
unfortunate seems like is our
educational system is is making an
ambiguity between pointers you’re too
dollars and pleasures are two cents a
very defined so nobody got it and act is
amazing because the the whole problem is
says that these the people they’re
hiring just don’t understand that this
is the basic math question
and the fact that this case they don’t
discard thirty minutes and numerous
other calls
incredible and i’ve had to deal with
stuff not that bad
the premium close for concert
hours on the phone yet this
in some ways a when i saw this i was
expecting something that like the old
they are well
a customer service calls well or
someone’s trying to cancel the
subscription and they keep you on the
phone for an hour
refusing to cancel your subscription
bright but some this this altogether is
pretty different pretty pretty scary
here there really is because imagine if
this was a bigger amount of money here
we’re talking about seventy five cents
versus seventy five dollars in but uh…
this type of misunderstanding could
definitely happen with other things
let’s take a break face book dot com
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five will take a break back after this
the david madman shelves david hackman
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100 thoughts on “EPIC Verizon Customer Service Phone Call

  1. OMG this is PHYSICALLY  painful. I couldn't go past 2 mins (from the beginning of the post, never mind the actual phonecall).

  2. So..what's the point of this video? To prove how superior you stupid faggots are? Look at you fucking dorks. And this customer is a friggin nerd who has obviously a superiority complex and who can't own up to what he did.

  3. What a waste of time. Say you were quoted incorrectly, request a credit, you'll get it. Verizon has millions of customers & hundreds of thousands of employees, this could've been solved in 5 minutes. It sounded like he was playing a game, like crazy people who call businesses for attention. $.002/KB is listed online, it's not a math issue, the person who quoted the rate used the wrong wording. A KB is equivalent to almost nothing, normal people ask for MB/GB rates. I'm not affiliated w/ Verizon

  4. European euros = known currency
    British pounds = known currency
    U.S. DOLLARS = known currency
    There's a reason you would never get a 75 dollar bill that states you owe 7,500 cents. I understand the technicality, but this call was moronic. No one measures our currency in cents.
    U.S. CENTS = get the fuck outta here

  5. I have a phd in math and it took me a few minutes to figure out what this customer prick was talking about.

  6. So david in your video you do not offer the explanation between .002 cents and .002 dollars.  It seams that the .002 is of less value?? so what gives

  7. Do you really have to complicate things that much? Call service representatives are humans as well. We get tired. We get mentally blocked. The agent maybe receiving calls for HOURS. You just have to understand that a call center is a stressful workplace. And you right there making his life more like hell just because you wanted to put something negative about call center agents on Youtube. For what? You really think you look good on your video? You just made a fool out of yourself.

  8. The comments on this video are ten times stupider than any of the Verizon reps in the video. Keep being educated YouTube!

  9. Lol he must have known that 0.002 cents was a mistake though, so he's being disingenuous. That said, I'm surprised so many of them didn't know the difference.

  10. This is why it is so helpful to have positive working relationship with the FCC. If  you find yourself talking for more than 2 hrs with a telecom company's billing dept.  over a simple billing oversight, Just take your complaint to the FCC, and watch how more cooperative they become.   If you are a US citizen, put your tax dollars to work and give the ol' FCC a try.

  11. Are people really arguing in comments about the person who's technically right being in the wrong? Since when does being right make you in the wrong? Internet… sigh

  12. If people seriously don't think this is /basic/ math then they clearly need a refresher course.  A cent is .01 of a dollar.  That is one one-hundredth of a dollar.  That means that .002 cents is actually .00002 dollars.  Which also means that they quoted him for the price of two hundred-thousandth of a dollar per KB.  Which is significantly less than $.002 as that is two-thousandth of a dollar per kb.  It is literally the difference between a bill totaling $200 and a bill totaling $2.  I haven't had any math class beyond that of a low level high school math class and even I get that.

  13. What the guy is doing is very Douchy to say the least. These guys work hours on end with people bitching non stop. Then have to deal with this guys bs? Screw that guy. Its nothing short of going to a store and asking stupid question just for the sake of asking stupid questions.

  14. This is pretty hilarious. Nowadays, employers are not extremly aware of the basic skills that employees have. $.002 is equivalent to 2 cents. .002 cents has a much less value, which is equivalent to $.00002. This country should enhance its education system because many people are being hired with no common sense.

  15. Canceling service with Verizon is like going to India and having a tooth extraction on the streets of MUMBAI without anesthesia''''''

  16. I am seriously not defending Verizon, but let's take it easy on humiliating the minimum wage worker who's been staring at a black screen for 9 hours straight, and was never trained in the background workings of a gargantuan company like Verizon, k?

  17. Please share your worst customer service here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/720397034699738/. Lets make this world a better place to shop and spend your hard earned money.

  18. David, this is NOT a 'misunderstanding' issue. Big long distance companies which work with 'minutes' such as ATT, VZN and others, purposely design it so 'YOU, ME, THE CUSTOMER REP' don't get it and therefore, they can pocket the 'PROFIT'.  How many people do you think out of millions would have the time to call in, stay on line and try to retrieve back their '75' cents?

  19. I see two virgins on this show.  What do you expect from call center reps that have gold teeth in their mouth and reheat fast food in the microwave on their lunch break?  What kind of service do you expect for $10/hour?  Why would they know math when they were trained how to upsell more movie channels to you?  It'd be like me asking you virgins how dehydrogenase converts adp into atp if theres a difference between that and a bnc connector.  idk…maybe when you grow up to be men youll have more common sense about society

  20. the original issue, im ettign he was whining about data usage in canada which is around 2 cents a kilobyte. doesnt seem like much till you realize that there are 1028 kilobytes in a meg

  21. OK since there are a lot of morons posting here, let me break down this children's math problem for you.

    "zero point zero zero two dollars" = $0.002 = 0.2 pennies = 0.2 cents = 1/5 of a penny = 20% of a single cent or penny

    "zero point zero zero two cents" = $0.00002 = 0.002 pennies = 0.002 cents = 1/500 of a penny = 0.2% of a single cent or penny

    it's the difference between being charged $1 for something versus being charged $100 for the same thing.
    you see how these are 2 different amounts?  he was was being overcharged 100 times more than he should have.  do you enjoy getting overcharged?  do you get frustrated when multiple people don't understand things that are very simple to you and the majority of others?

  22. While I don't know what the amounts are it should be pretty obvious to anyone that there is a difference.  I mead duh.

  23. OMFG how dumb are you people ?! This customer is a fucking douchebag. saying "point zero zero two dollars (.002) and point zero zero two cents (.002) . No matter how you say each of those words, it doesn't make a fucking difference because you're saying the numeric and providing the decimal value of the number. the telemarketers are right in this scenario and I actually feel bad that they have to deal with cunts like this..

  24. Even if the customer is 100% right about the math. These call center reps still have a certain procedure they have to follow to even VIEW what this guy is talking about. He should have said, "Line X on my X bill" then they could have visually seen the ATT error and taken the steps to rerate/credit the difference back to the customer. The employee has to get to the problem to change the problem in the first place. :/

  25. What do you expect when you call in with math questions? Easy ones, sure.. but these people are taking dizzying amounts of calls for 4 hours at a time, twice a day, five days a week..

    I'm not exaggerating – ambulances show up for seizures, heart attacks, and even fights, a handful of times per month (some call centers, more).

    I've worked in service and sales for these companies for the past five years (my whole "career "), and I hate to play Devil's advocate, but.. I should inform you that if you're inconsiderate to even the best of reps, you'll quickly make it VERY difficult to help you, and we may just stop caring. Once you've lost your rep's goodwill, you can kiss your time calling goodbye. Harsh, we know, but put yourselves in our shoes.

    Try to help your reps help you; also, ask them how their day is going, what the weather is like where they are, if they have kids! Give it 10 minutes and if they don't warm up even a little, or things aren't going well, dump the call! Call back and be just as nice to the next rep and you will succeed sooner rather than later.

    Hope that helps! 😉

  26. Yeah fuck this video, its fun for you guys who have fun jobs where you make fun of people who take SHIT from assholes every day who you want to insult you and humilate you daily. /dislike. don't make fun of hardworking people

  27. Dont generalize people who work for verizon asshole. Not everyone doesnt understand this concept. We are all human beings..dont treat us like we are stupid.

  28. Why didn't the customer just say "hey I was charged incorrectly, what are you going to do to fix this?" The customer service reps most likely had a system where they could have seen his bill or at least his account. It would have been way quicker…

  29. 0.002 dollars = 0.2 cents so they are really different. Im a Dish cust service rep.. no wonder they like our services more.. hahaha

  30. Someone called me awhile ago.. and asking for like some non-sense questions.. I asked the customer: "I just wanna ask sir, what would be the main purpose of this call?" He answered, and it took us 4 mins on our call..

  31. there is an actual difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents but in the business industry there is no such thing as .002 cents. It is pretty clear that the caller is just trying mock the difference and any agent would have hard time discerning the difference because .002 cents is not existing at all plus the ambiguity that rises with that stupid question with regards to the difference.

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  33. Wireless phone customers are the worst. Nearly all of them are entitled ass munchers who complain about small shit like fractions of a penny

  34. For those who don't get it:

    1 cent = $0.01
    1 dollar = $1.00

    0.002 dollars = $1.00 * 0.002 = $0.002
    0.002 cents = $0.01 * 0.002 = $0.00002

    They charged him 100x what they quoted him, I.E. roughly 71 dollars when they promised him that amount of data usage would amount to 71 cents.

  35. I love how David Pakman is amaze that nobody understands the .002 cents and .002 dollars but won't explain what it means. Clearly he's pretending to get it as a show

  36. Why not just say its .002 of a scent vs .002 of a dollar? sometimes how one words things cant also make a big difference.

  37. David Pakman and the other guy on the "show" are both gay together . The customer was a prick and this was a pointless fucking video.

  38. he makes no sense of your gonna call in were not FACE TO FACE and reps deal with over abunch of issues just look at Verizon's Facebook page nothing but complaints imagine the calls they get but X3 so if your gonna call in not stating the reason your calling in and not use the right terms, then prepared to not be helped what a dumb ass and hold this dislike fag

  39. I don't think that the reps didn't understand him. I think the reps got tired of listening to him and decided not to help him any further. Call center people deal with screaming, take the blame for shit they didn't do, etc. etc. daily. Call with a nice tone and a lot of the time they'll move heaven and earth for you. Otherwise, best of luck to ya, maybe you'll get someone sympathetic in a few hours.

  40. Who gives a frick? Your not relatable. Your annoying. Nobody care about that tiny difference. Customer needs to get a life.

  41. I'm thinking of taking away my business from Verizon. This recorded message tells me on my Verizon cell phone, that I have to put in a 4 to 8 digit number to get to my voicemail. WHAT!! I used to just press voicemail and I went directly to my voicemail on this phone I payed for. So I call Verizon to ask about this. The recorded Verizon message tells me to enter this temporary 6 digit number that they sent me on my email, and press pound. So I do this, and all I get is this same recorded message telling me to enter that number and press pound. After the 4th time of doing this I was about ready to throw my cell phone out the window. Are you starting to lose customers yet Verizon?

  42. At the end of the day, this customer was never told it was 0.002 cents, he was told it was 0.002 dollars, but he tried to take advantage. and claim that " HE WAS TOLD SOMETHING ELSE "

  43. why do you have to make it complicated in the first place? talking about money needs to use simple words and if possible simple math. if you can say $0.1 (a cent? instead of saying 0.001 dollar. you are just trying to make it hard for the reps to assist you.

  44. That"s way better than the service i got all day, the black sales guy at the verizon store had his back to me for a long time i finally said Hey I'm a customer I'm not getting paid by the hour here, still no help this was in Portage Indiana, then i called the win back number they gave me and got hug up on several times finally got the manager she tried to help but still the entire day lost to just trying to get my phone working with my number this has been a full 11 hours of full time work and still no service. FU VERIZON

  45. If I were the representative. Im not goin' to give a single cent credit for not understanding whts da difference between .002 dollars & .002 cents. Tel u diz, its totally the same (amount) exept the words dollar/s and cents. If u say "point" from da start that automatically tells u its a zero dollar, so regardless what number u see after the period sign, its only a cent/s left and not even a single dollar, wether u say point zero or point zero dollar and something cents. Did I answer ur question sir?strong customer service lines. I think diz dude should old enough to realize it. He's not even look like a 4 year old kid dat needs help.

  46. . this guy is going out of his way to be a dick. The customer service guy is just trying to do a job leave him alone stop with the b*****

  47. They could get sued or tooken down on YouTube for false company bashing . This was the “Comcast” call , this was not Verizon . The idiot that made this video deserves to be sued for the fuckery . Also , the customer just wanted to be an ass because he made it complicated for them . I get him wanting to dispute charges for being overcharged but he could have just made it simple (Which he thought he was doing) but really was making them think on the difference of how the actual COMCAST COMPANY has the bill generated in the system with the taxes , fees , surcharges and etc…and unless you’re in a field that actually deals with handling money in your hand or transferring money through electronic data based systems , then that silly ass math you learned in high school and college really wouldn’t even matter . He broke down fractions , percentages and decimals to a department that only reviews the bill and can’t even credit or waive any fees , he probably was in the wrong department the whole time but being a good representative the guy just tried to assist to the best of his abilities without trying to transfer him like the last agents did when he made something simple more difficult in his “I’m Educated So I’m Better” Condescending Nasally Tone . I get calls like this a little often and I don’t even have to review their bill but I try to cause I know they’ve been transferred a dozen times …I’m in a payment department that only processes payments and setup extensions or sends invoices , I don’t deal with credits or waiving fees which is what he was actually needing to get done but wanted to review the bill as if that’s going to make a difference to a department that does not deal with credits and waiving fees . Sometimes it’s not the less educated whom are stupid , it’s the well off more educated who wants to announce to the world that they have a degree in etc , and wants to outsmart you because they took that particular class/major/study but that just makes them look silly because they are not dealing with someone who took the same studies on that particular subject

  48. This video is ignorance and being unrealistic at its best first of all it would have never been charged on his bill that way he wasn’t smart enough to either go to a plan that includes Canada or discuss with a representative what Type of fees he would get if he did utilize Canada cell towers this is someone trying to be a smart ass legally the phone call should’ve never been recorded in the first place people are so extra and ignorant sometimes where they like to make other people look bad I came to this video to look up information about Verizon in it looked professional turned out not to be 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  49. As a customer service rep this shit is insulting because my company basically tells us to sit and take the insult. If we say anything slightly condescending, it's considered customer mistreat and we get in trouble. And if any of you customers that does shit like this, fuck every last one of you

  50. You know that dude, you are just one of those shitty person Ive ever known, making other people look stupid. Youre disgusting and I hope that someday you will get your "karma" as we say it in here. You suck boy, theres nothing good in this video.

  51. Caller: So you don't know the difference between the two figures expressed as decimal thousandths like I do? Knowing this, I keep asking you the same thing multiple times. I am so superior to you.

    Service Rep: I don't. But I do know the difference between you and the moisture that forms upon a frozen pig's anus if left out in the sun. One's a condescending asshole and one's asshole condensation.
    And next time you feel the need to autofallate your own ego, look in a mirror and go mock yourself

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