[ENG/JPN SUB] Stellar Gayoung Broadcast – Waiting for photos with fans! (feat. Hyoeun) (2017.03.12)

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Annyeong~(Hi~) Hahaha~
“S***s: Hello”
“r***r: Hi”
“S***s: Good afternoon (in Japanese)
Annyeong~ (Hi~)
Now… Minhee and Jeonyul are progressing a photo exhibition…
Staff: Should I buy only water from a vending machine? Anything else?
Hyoeun and I are taking a break.
Because we are progressing a photo exhibtion two by two.
Later, all members will do it together.
“u***1: Are you an idol?”
Yes, I am an idol.
See, I am on Periscope?
I keep my promise~
“w***2: Annyeong~”
“i***5: What’s on leader’s shoulder?”
On my shoulder? Ah, this one is ‘shirring’.
This style of dress is in fashion these days.
‘Unbal’ and ‘shirring’…
So, there is a wing on one side like this.
Ah~ I’m sleepy~
“i***5: Is that a feather?”
Yes, a feather. A wing.
“w***2: Are you on standby?ㅋㅋ”
Yes, Hyoeun and I are on standby after finishing our 1st meeting.
Staff: You look like a model of Jeju Air…
Isn’t the model Sohyun?
Staff: Isn’t it Song Joongki? Now?
Ah, Changed?
Staff: Who is the model?
“u***1: What should I do to date with an idol?”
Umm… Meet her in person first. Oops…
You shoud meet her in person first to have an opportunity to date with her…
“J***g: i love you from america!”
“r***r: Your lips are impressive”
“g***d: Do you have any plans to work in Japan in April?”
We might go to Japan on April.
What should I do with lighting?
“v***lr: Say hi to brazil unnie”
“w***2: kkk I’m hungry. Did you have lunch?”
Yes, we had lunch before coming here.
“i***5: kkk Then meet the idol on music broadcasting”
But, I think you are not able to meet her on music broadcasting
even though you become an idol.
Because idol groups use waiting rooms separately…
There is no such a love story in a broadcasting station.
Right? Hahaha. maybe not…?
“s***a: Gayoung have fun in Japan!!!! International Twinkles for STELLAR”
“c***e: can you say hi to elliot?”
Oops! The comment disappeared…
Mew~ Mew~
“j***i: you’re so cute ;;”
“O***U: By keeping eye contact between them..”
Well… Umm… Well…
I have never had that experience.
I have never had that experience so far.
“g***r: knock knock my door”
“g***d: I will go to Japan on April. I miss Stellars”
I think we will go to Japan, but I am not sure yet.
“S***o: Support from Hong Kong”
Thank you~
“s***I: love you unnie”
I love you, too~
By the way…This… Lighting… Really..
What should I do to make me prettier?
It seems like this angle is better…
I’d better choose this angle not to get backlight.
“O***U: It seems like miss Gayoung is getting changed much these days…”
What did I get changed?
“S***s: Ah, there is a mirror behind of you”
“O***9: がよんちゃんかわいかった. ありがとう”
(Miss Gayoung, you look cute. Thank you.)
“u***1: It seems like working as an idol is tough. Cheer up!”
“i***5: You haven’t had that experience because you are too tall”
That’s because..I don’t give a chance to contact eyes!
“w***0: Annyeong”
“g***d: Is it cold in Japan?”
It’s warm, but it’s too windy in Japan.
It’s cold because of wind.
The lighting … Difficult…
“s***a: What is your favorite stellar song?”
Umm,,, I like… My favorite song is “Cinderella’ and ‘Vibrato’?
“h***7: Is Hyoeun changing her makeup??”
Hyoeun… Hyoeun is eating some foods. Hahaha.
You raise your bangs?
Hyoeun: Look cute? Cute~
Hyoeun: I look like a baby.
What’s with you…?
Hyoeun: Waugh~ Waugh~
I am going to be crazy… these days…
All members fell into narcissism…
“i***5: Wow, this angle”
Right? It’s been ages since we last broadcasted together.
“g***d: Could you sing a Japanese song??”
♪ Tako Tako Tako Tako Takoyaki san~ ♪
Hyoeun: This is shocking My bangs! Hahaha.
Your bangs.. Hyoeun is wearing bangs like this.
“f***9: who does look like a baby?”
It’s me.
Ah… I don’t know what to say…
Hyoeun: See! A fan said I am cute..
I think the fan said to me?
“S***o: Everyone, If you say “ttudoong”, I will come with this sound “ttudoong”
Hyoeun: Ttudoong!
“t***r: Takoyaki!”
♪ Hyoeun: Tako Tako Tako Tako… ♪
Hyoeun: What was it?
Hyoeun: There is something before I sing this part…
♪ Hyoeun: Nananana Nananana Takoyaki san~ ♪
♪ Eccentric puzzled Takoyaki Song~ ♪
“i***5: Hyoeun, why are you stealing Jeonyul’s position?”
Hyoeun: What did she talk about?
Ah, I guess the fan is talking about what we did eariler.
Hyoeun: Ah, The youngest? The youngest, cute one?
No, ‘I look like someone.’ This kind of things.
“I am the goddess.” This kind of things… The fan is talking about this.
Hyoeun: I am not going to do this anymore.
Hyoeun: I should not shown me much like this.
Hyoeun: Gayoung, Where are you ‘Gayong’?(Going)
I’m not ‘Gayong'(Going) ~
Hyoeun: I am! ‘Gayong'(Going)~~
But, I will show you back of Hyoeun’s head with the mirror.
Hyoeun: Can you see me?
Yes, we can see back of your head.
Hyoeun: I have pretty back of the head.
♪ Hyoeun: Didididing~ Dididing~ Didididing~ ♪
Hyoeun: Don’t you feel like hitting my forehead?
Do you want me to hit it?
Hyoeun: My friends said that….
Hyoeun: I have a forehead which make them feel like hitting.
Hyoeun: isn’t it cute? really? Antennae…
Hyoeun: That’s not a sincere answer…
That’s not a sincere answer….
“O***U: Hit her forehead!~”
Hyoeun: My forehead is swollen
because Gayoung Eonni(Sister) alway hit it.
Don’t make me laugh~
You already had it when you debuted…
Hyoeun: My forehead is swollen because you alway hit it!
Look at your old pictures…You already had a prominent forehead~
Hyoeun: Hahahaha~
Hyoeun: My forehead is smaller than that in the past.
Hyoeun: Eonni hit my forehead more often in the past…
Hyoeun: But, now she rarely hit it…
Come on~
“w***2: kk Hit it more”
Hyoeun: Then, my eyes will be smaller.
Then, there is no choice but to hit it. Here…
Hyoeun: Huh! You are bad!
“T***y: neomu yeppeo”(So pretty)
“o***2: Teasing with the fact.kk”
“i***y: SAY HI TO THAMY”
“w***0: Ah, really pretty”
“uy***d: nice girl”
Hyoeun: I have same thing with Gayoung Eonni.
What is it?
Hyoeun: Can you see this one? Hahaha.
Why do you part your hair in the middle?
Originally, I part my hair on the left…
I changed it…
But, it returns to the original state.
Hyoeun: I just didn’t take care of it to part my hair naturallly.
Yeah,everyone has their own style~
Hyoeun: I am going to sell this one~
I will sell this one.
Hyoeun: 10 million won per one!
I think Hyoeun has a financial problem these days.
She always tries to get money by force after giving stuff…
A while ago, I gave her ID gum…
And, I asked her to pay one million yen.
“f***9: Give it for free”
Hyoeun: We should do like that to earn money for surviving, eonni.
You are right…ㅜㅜ
“t***z: Give me hearts~”
Hyoeun: Hearts! One million won~ Hahaha.
My account number~ Kookmin Bank!
Hyoeun: For Gayoung eonni’s heart… Ten won~
“i***5: What about hair loss..”
Hyoeun: Nope~ I don’t have a hair loss problem~
Hyoeun: Ah, the fan said hair loss ~ You are bad.
Because I have thin hair…
My hair looks like more white color after I dye my hair.
Hyoeun: If there is no hair parting, it would be weird~
Hyoeun: If people doesn’t have hair parting…
Hyoeun: Then…does it mean that scalp is black?
What…? Right! Right!
Hyoeun: If you get a buzz cut…
Does all your hair look like black?
Yes. Right.
It’s natural to have hair parting. Isn’t it?
“i***5: No… I didn’t mean that Hyoeun has a hair loss problem”
Hyoeun: I see.
“w***2: There is high possibility to have a hair loss
if your hair is thin”
Really? I don’t believe it…
What should I do?
Hyoeun: We look like some people…
“i***y: SAY HI TO THAMY”
Hyoeun: Some people in a sticker photo which is taken wrongly…
Because of light..
One Two Three!
Hyoeun: Like a photo applyed photoshop effects too much…
Hyoeun: My face looks like yellow.
We cannot solve the problem.
It’s not because of light in the room but because of sunshine.
Hyoeun: I want to go shopping. Let’s hurry up!
Hyoeun: We are going to go shopping in Namba.
Ah, look. Move aside.
It’s OK when you move aside….
Come here.
Suddenly, my face is shiny.
Hyoeun: Ah…Because I am the sun.
Nope. This is because…
Hyoeun: I said I am the sun.
It’s because my face twinkles more than your face relatively.
Hyoeun: I said I am the sun!
Hyoeun: I am the sun.
It’s weird…
Hyoeun: I am a person like a reflector.
Hyoeun: If I am not here, your face would be dark.
But, I think this is better. Hahaha.
My face suddenly becomes shiny when she comes to me.
Why does it happen?
“i***5: Aren’t you the moon?”
the fan said you are the moon.
Hyoeun: I am the sun. Taiyo! Correct?
I am…
Hyoeun: Eonni is … Gayoung.
“w***2: It’s because your forehead is shiny.”
Hyoeun: Is it?
Probably, it’s like this. The sun shines on your forehead
And, it reflects on my face from your forehead…
Hyoeun: Nope. I shine on your face by doing this.
It’s really weird?
Hyoeun: Look. Look. Isn’t this brighter than that?
Hyoeun: Look. Look. Look at this! Look at this!
Hyoeun: I am the sun!
Ah, it’s because your face is dark color. Because of your dark colored face.
Because of your dark colored face…
Hyoeun: I will bless you by shining on you~
It’s shining.
Hyoeun: I will help you to be filled with happy things.
Thank you.
Hyoeun: Always, take care of Hyoeun well.
My face look like the sun!
“w***2: kkkkkk Differences of skin colors between the two”
No choice. Accept it.
Hyoeun: It’s because eonni’s face is too white.
Hyoeun: My face color is more like this one.
A tangerine?
Hyoeun: Eonni’s face color is like this.
My face color is like this.
White? Yellow?
“l***7: Gayoung is the sun, Hyoeun is the moon”
Hyoeun: Nope~
“w***2: Is that an alcoholic drink”
Hyoeun: This is not an alcoholic drink.
A fruit juice.
“O***U: What are you guys going to buy…”
Hyoeun: Ah, What should I buy?
What are you going to buy?
Going shopping… Umm… This and that?
“s***a: I love you gayoung and hyoeun!”
“c***t: say hi please”
“f***9: You look like a stone for the game of ‘go’.
“H***7: Please say hi to Mexican fans”
Hyoeun: Mexico~
Hello~ Mexico~
Hyoeun: Nice to meet you!
My cousin is living in Mexico.
Hyoeun: Ah, really?
Hyoeun: If I go to Mexico…
♪ Hyoeun: Mexicana chicken came to see you~ ♪
That is Pelicana chicken ?
How can you change the name ‘Pelicana’ to ‘Mexicana’?
The company of Pelicana chicken made
CM(commercial message) song by spending a lot of money.
How can you change it.
Hyoeun: Acturally, I got some money
from the company of Mexicana chicken…Hahaha.
Hyoeun: Frankly, I don’t know the song.
What was the CM song of Mexicana?
♪ Mexicana~ Mexicana~ ♪
Hyoeun: I will bless you by shining on you~ Oh~ Oh~
Hyoeun: I am like an alien.
It looks like my fat under eyes is big.
Hyoeun: I’m not going to shine on you~
Nevertheless, I am still shining!
Hyoeun: You are shining because I am with you~
Come on~
Hyoeun: I am going to shine on you more~
Amazing! Weird!
“i***5: The curl of your hair looks like tight today “
Hyoeun: Looks cool?
Hyoeun: My hair is still keeping the curling state
even though I have brushed it 100 times.
Wow~ Cool!
Hyoeun: That’s true. Come to Japan.
“S***o: Sadako”
I got a new nickname. Sadako!
Hyoeun: Eonni. Ah. Right. Similar.
Hyoeun: But, you were more similar to Sadako when you dyed your hair.
Yeah, the color has drained… Wait a minute.
My friend, Sadako!
Hyoeun: I gave the doll to Jeonyul because I am scared of it.
Hyoeun: I don’t like it.
Come on. No way!
Hyoeun: It’s scary~
I going to buy this one.
Hyoeun: Why do you like this one?
Oh, it seems like they finished it.
Hyoeun: Finished.
Ah, we have to go now.
Annyeong~ Bye Bye~

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