Ebay Mystery Box ( Whats inside ? ) how to make money | I bought an abandoned storage unit

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it’s
pirate time we’re about to open up this mystery box that we bought on eBay and
we are gonna see if we made money or if we lost much like I am a father I am a
significant other I am a business man and I need to figure out with the
direction that they the world’s going right now you never know so we have to
keep money coming in I’ve been testing out different avenues one Avenue is I
bought a bunch of stuff of all my good YouTube friends and others who do online
auctions people like treasure hunting with Jebus storage stock or Locker nuts
and I tested the theory of I can buy stuff auctions and make money that way
and as well we did this too and we bought a mystery box I went on eBay
we bought this on eBay for $35 it was about 15 dollars in shipping it came in
a medium flat way which costs about probably 1350 whatever it was a $50 box
all together supposed to have $300 in female retail products basically women’s
stuff it had pictures of it and we’re gonna see if we can make money on ebay
selling all this let’s get to it and open it up source open our box here we
go always want to be careful when you open up a mystery box do you don’t know
where they may have put stuff brilliant I like you
mystery box seller because you put that cardboard across there so I couldn’t
damage it let’s see what we got here we got some this is skirt all right we got
a woman skirt made it Sears $30 it is a size 10 all
right we got a $38 skirt let’s kind of move this over to you like this and
let’s take this like this and we could see everything
can we see everything we have a blouse right here yes we could see everything
so we have a blouse it has a $23 tag on it simply by Sears this looks like a
little bit bigger I don’t know if you would wear this on with that outfit
right here then we have some type of fancy shorts here $35 I don’t know if
these are for showing at the club if these are going to work kind of sexy a
little bit almost 35 dollar price tag by simply style okay then we have some
capri pants 47 at Sears tummy control Lauren Scott Laura size medium okay so
we have a pair of simply styled size 14 they retail for 50 bucks wide cargo
pants come in here and we have a size medium Laura Scott almost like a golf
shirt with butterflies it’s kind of cute size medium alright I might just option
us all off on my live option and I and see if we can just sell it right away
let’s see size small Laura Scott it seems to be
about the same size this one doesn’t have a tag on $47 see it says 47 dollars
right there then we have a Laura Scott size medium
this is kind of like not it’s not that cute
so I’m not liking is the style of all this is kind of like a certain style is
pretty limited its new but it’s like this type of stuff that you see kind of
just that’s almost cute right got some rhinestones look at them who doesn’t
like rhinestones and this is $35 retail it says right there so real quick let’s
see we have here in retail what we came up with there was three hundred and
twenty-two dollars and 98 cents now what I want to do real quick is I want to
look up on eBay and just do a quick reference of what the brand sells for it
is basically almost all the same brand is called simply style let’s look that
up real quick this is something I ordered the other
day I ordered this from people I’m trying to get to make some stuff for me
and I’m all kind of liking it and I want to say perfections but I don’t like to
just have something that’s why you see me testing over the time but I’ve been a
long waited that’s pretty smooth huh that is stitching not a print and then I
ordered this to a hustle grinder wine on the side blank on the front unsure if
I’m gonna incorporate the two like this and put them on the same hat unsure if I
want to keep it simple like this and this was Alex’s idea Alex wanted to see
this one store stalker so I did him this way and I did one like this cuz this is
what I wanted to I personally wanted something that said my name on it
not just how to brine the wine well I get simple quick reference here I just
typed in simply styled and I just only did that and went this highest sold
period we came up with 56 dollars for a Vera Wang simply Vera’s it’s not even
simply style that’s simply pierced let’s scroll down here simply styled Sears
women jacket 54 and 54 the top two items sold all
together well there’s one for 37 49 that’s kind
of a cute one we see this one here for 35 kind of cool we see very not a whole
tons of them being listed by this branch so what we don’t know is will we get a
hundred on our online auction so I want to test the theory I know I can get a
hundred on eBay and a few sales a little bit of time but I want to know what I
would get if I auction them on the YouTube auction so that’s what we’re
gonna do with this lot like I always say nothing ventured nothing gained I knew I
would get a hundred dollars on eBay had I put the whole pieces up individually
and let him sit but I wanted to know the market I wanted to know what would
happen if I put them on my online auction on YouTube because I haven’t
done that yet with clothes we got 45 dollars total plus shipping brings us
back down to about $35 basically we lost on that box we got a video out of it but
we did not make money so now I know we will not do that again of clothes
granted many things do sell well on the live auction check out the one we’re
having tomorrow on my channel it’ll be great
Harold’s bringing over some military stuff it’s gonna be fantastic and don’t
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because with quarantine and all there’s not much else to do I love y’all thanks
for watching

17 thoughts on “Ebay Mystery Box ( Whats inside ? ) how to make money | I bought an abandoned storage unit

  1. As for the hats, if you do put the tags on one side, you might as well even it out and put your website on the opposite temple…or on the back.

  2. Gr8 video Pirate!!! You probably should buy and sell things that sells very well without much effort… Btw… Love the new hat's you had made with your logo!!!?????

  3. Definitely put the two designs together! So awesome!!! Great video! I think if the items were shown better you would have got more money. At a time like this, a lot of us are staying away from clothes ?

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