Easy ways for Kids to Make Money – 28 WAYS!

37 thoughts on “Easy ways for Kids to Make Money – 28 WAYS!

  1. Hey Alison I'm really want to start a like candles , bath bombs and soap sort of thing with subscription boxes added but I need a little help could you maybe give me some ideas

  2. Usually, in Canada you can only sell stuff outside, but you can't keep the money. Only for charity or something…

  3. I really want to start a little stand w my best friend but my mom hates me selling things so I’m going to have to do it in secret

  4. Were planning on growing fruit, veggies, n flowers selling them n making homemade breads n salsas to resale.

  5. Is it not scamming when you are selling free rocks that you can pick up from off the ground for $1 or something?? Just asking

  6. My brother made money by inviting all the kids in my neighborhood he and all his friends dressed up as super hero’s and entertained the kids for 5 dollars

  7. I'm saving up for a PlayStation VR which is like, $350 dollars and its winter which means no lemonade stands. hot chocolate stands people, hot chocolate stands.

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