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In this video, I will share how to earn $6 or more by just saying if it’s happy, angry, sad, or many more emotions of a person. Is it your first time to be here and want to earn extra income online? Click on the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads. The name of the website is emotion miner. What you’ll do here is watch a short video and in the video, you’ll say on each clip if the person is happy, if the expression of a person is happy, if the person is friendly, or if he’s interested in the topic. That’s just how easy it is. Emotion Miner. I was able to withdraw here already this is the payment they sent $6 for basic tasks This is their very first task. Actually, it’s only for $5 but when you sign up, you’ll get a $1 bonus This is their receipt or the confirmation that they sent a payment $6 It took 5 days for the payment to be received after I requested Here in Emotion Miners, they have 2 tests First is English proficiency test Second is the quality control test English proficiency test is for 2 tries only It’ll just take 3 to 5 minutes. If you failed on both tries, your acocunt will be blocked in Emotion Miner I will give you a short but powerful tip for the English Proficiency test. You’ll see it in my facebook group You’ll see the link in the video description and in the pinned comment If you have any questions Comment on the comment section The next test which is Quality Control in short, you are not allowed to guess Guessing is prohibited here because they’ll know about it For example, 1000 people answered that the person is happy and you’re the only one who said none of this or sad, if it’s always like that, that you have a different answer, they’ll see that and they’re reviewing it they review it personally for their quality control The bad thing is, you’ll finish the 15 videos first and when you’ll request for your payout, that’s the only time they’ll review it So, you work first and if you just guessed it, your work will be disregarded they’ll just throw it away and they will not pay you. Emotion Miner is not for those who are just guessing or those who are rushing because this is a real job You’ll see here, It works in PC or mobile So, for mobile users, it’s working Get paid as soon as the work is approved that’s true When they approved my work that I passed the quality control, in less than 24 hours, I received my payment. you’ll see “Fun” That’s true because the interviews re sometimes funny so, it’s like comedy and I’m enjoying watching the video and categorizing them It’s not that hard too. Just a quick explanation, what is their business model? There business model is like AI or computer intelligence we are teaching it on how to say that this person is happy after playing the video or if this person is sad. We are helping the AI or the computer to determine the reactions or people’s feelings in the videos That’s their business model This is like a research where they’re payng us for the research that they’re doing. In my opinion, it will not last that long maybe just 6 months, 1 year, or 1 and a half year will it last Because it’s like it’s just for a research company and once they reached their goal where the AI was able to get or we’re able to teach the AI already and the AI already know how to determine people’s emotions, they might already stop. Because they are only paying us for the research As of now, as of January 6, 2018, they are still paying and still running. The link of the website is in the description and pinned comment of the video. First thing to do once you’ve signed up in Emotion Miner is to fill up your profile click here on your name, then just fill that up The details they’re asking like your name, gender, birthday Enter your real details I am always telling you that If ever you encountered problems because of fake details, that’s on you alone. And another one before I take standard task, you’ll go to the tutorial, and accomplish atleast one test each there atleast one test only If you failed, you can take the test multiple times And one more thing here on networking you’ll see here that I don’t have any invite and I was able to withdraw I earned $6 without inviting you’ll see it there that I don’t have any invite So, I was able to withdraw, took a test, and I get paid without an invite You don’t need to invite here for you to earn money. In your dashboard, you’ll see here that there are 3 kinds of tasks Standard task, Extended task, and Jedi Master task In Standard task, the reward is $5 once you finish it what’s nice there is that’s fixed as long as you finish the task, $5 as long as it pass the quality control in short, you did not guess It’s just easy to determine if it’s happy, sad, or other people emotion category You have a deadline there which is 1 week If you start a task, you can’t start other tasks so, that one task, is for 1 week You can return to it every day Let’s say one video per day, like that. Or even 5 videos per day What I did was I did my standard task in 3 days Don’t rush it you might be stressed out that you are rushing your work you might not be able to determine the right emotion Here on Extended task, the pay is higher but you’ll do 45 videos this time for a 1 week deadline. The best thing of all is the Jedi Master Task although it’s longer, But the pay here is fixed $100 as long as you finish the task and it has a longer time to finish which is 2 weeks The number one advice I can give you, although you’re not required to do this but if you do this the higher the chance that you’ll get right answers here on emotions What you need to do is switch to whole video. Start from the beginning Most of these interviews not always but most of the time they are telling a story straightly but sometimes, something changes but if you watch the whole video, you’ll see the full concept the whole story of their guest But then of course, it’ll be longer you’ll spend more time But for me, there are videos like for me, personally, for this kind of show, I sometimes enjoy them think of it not as source of income think of it like you’re just going to watch a video you’ll just enjoy the video then you’ll just get an extra llike extra $6 once you finished a task or it depends because they have different prices Here on fragments, these are like the scenes scene 1, scene 2 that you’ll guess the emotion of. Here at the bottom you’ll just choose emotions there they are all different There are some like that then engagement, Hostility, contempt, In this actual website once you passed you’ll be given a training it’s just fast only 10 minutes training they’ll show what engagement is, friendliness, but there are other emotions here depends on the set of videos you’ll watch Sometimes there are happy, sad, anger, so, there are different one. They have a training for that You’ll see a lot of options and in the middle, there’s none of these. If you think it’s not in the emotions choices, you can put none of these if you think like this, he has friendliness there’s also none of these and normally, if it’s like that, in your next video, the options are just the same. But then of course, it will change. Not because that’s how it started, it’ll be the same until the end Because sometimes there are scenes that suddenly changes speaker’s mood like for example, He changed mood then suddenly became angry so, that’s like hostility Just finish that until the end then once done, click on save and play next video There are also shortcuts but I’m not really using them Here on the left side, you’ll see videos that you need to finish So, I need to finish 15 videos to finish one task Each video is different my number 1 earlier has only 30 scenes I only guessed for 30 emotions If you click on switch to video, you’ll see the full video You can go back to switch to fragment it’ll go back to the scene earlier. For example, scene 9, 2:25 and if you click on switch to whole video, you’ll be taken to that scene too but in full video You’ll be able to watch the continuation That’s what I can suggest if it’s a bit difficult for you, if you don’t want to watch the whole video, watch it by scenes and if there’sa part that’s difficult for you, that’s the time you play the full video or make it a bit longer like for example, instead of just 6 seconds, watch 15 seconds of it. or maybe 20 seconds For you to get the emotions correctly if in case you don’t want to watch the whole video But my number 1 suggestion is to watch the full video The show is nice anyway. And you have time anyway. If you’re already sure with the emotions you put, click on save and play next video We’re on number 2 video now we’ll go to number 3 video You can’t go back to your past video so, you can’t change the past video You’ll now see here You’re now workling on 1 of 125 available tasks and you also have a percentage that’s somewher 20% to 25% and you’ll see here the deadline Deadline is on 11:38 January 6, Saturday You can also click “Give Up” If you want to continue, click on continue If ever you forget something about the emotions, click on the question mark Then you’ll see the full list of summary of emotions then just do a recap If you finish the standard task, you may now click on withdrawal Just enter the amount, for example, $6 Then you’ll just enter on the paypal account your paypal account The paypal account that you’ll enter is the one you’re using to login in Paypal click on send a request They have 2 payment methods First is Paypal, and second is Payoneer If your account is Payoneer you’ll see the instructions here just follow the instructions for Payoneer. You’ll see here, they emailed that it was successful and passed the quality control check my first task. They also included here that all completed task are also due to quality control They will check all of it It doesn’t mean that you passed the 1st one, you’ll just guess the succeeding tests not like that you might fail if you do that The difficult thing for nice websites is they run out of task because they’re paying high and they’re really paying. They are running out of tasks you’ll see, zero task available If you click on start you’ll see that no task available but they’ll upload new tasks in the end of this week Let me remind you, do not guess. So, you’ll not be ding in quality control so you’ll not be disqualified I will give you tips about the English Proficiency test and I’ll give an update once there’s an available task here in our Facebook group Just like our Facebook group If you liked the video, please click the like button If you want to see more videos like this, like extra income onlines, click on the subscribe button and the notification bell to get notified for new uploads Thank you for watching.

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    Mas suggest ko na ngayun ang Payoneer as Payout option: https://youtu.be/wpukMSzGHAE (may bonus kpa na35$)
    for the English proficiency test TIP: https://kumitaonlineph.com/english-proficiency-test-tip/
    or check it on my fb page: https://www.facebook.com/JamesTristanRuiz08/posts/1119166358186633

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  4. Hi ! The page is still paying? I have a doubt, the payment of $6 was for only one video or for the 125 videos you mentioned. Sorry, I watched the video with subtitles, that's why I didn't understand that part. Thanks! I hope your answer.

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