Earn $10 weekly on High Paying Surveys and Watching Video Ads!

So here, GaionOne Group
I received payment of 25 US dollars
and the nice thing about this is that
it does not have a transaction fee.
So we can see that
this is a legit and a paying website
and another good thing about here is that it’s 100% free.
Hi everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado
and we’re back with another video
and as promised yesterday, that now i’ll start posting
videos, where we can earn.
But before we proceed, I would apprecaite if you click
the click LIKE button
and if you want you to earn extra money online
just subscribe to my youtube channel
because I’m uploading videos, where we can earn
pay-pal money, free bitcoins, alt coins, free loads
and other stuff.
Website’s name is Ezpoints.gg
and from here we can earn free points
that can be redeemed via bitcoin and via paypal.
This website has 5 ways of earnings,
number 1 is the offerwalls,
number 2 is by taking surveys,
number 3 is by watching video ads
and it has daily bonuses
and we can also join their raffles.
But before we proceed in their ways of earnings
let’s sign up first.
Upon signing up you can login using your
steam, facebook
or the vkontakte.
I don’t have idea about Vkontakte, but obviously
I’m using my facebook in logging in.
Verify your account
by simply going to your profile setting
and click verification and notification.
Alright, here you must put your mobile number
and it will start from +639 and so on.
It doesn’t matter if you’ll see a USA Flag
the important thing is that you put your mobile number
and automatically you will receive a sms code.
Okay we’ll now proceed in our ways of earnings
click earn
then from here
you will see all the surveys.
You can take surveys here in yuno
you will earn 325 points
it has 195 points, 130 points
and take note that in answering this kind of surveys
you should be honest with your answer and lessen
your fabrication, to make it balance
and for them to consider your answers.
In offers, you should disable the ad blocks,
you should not use a VPN,
you must use Google Chrome browser
and do not open more than 1 tab per device.
Here you can see other offers,
like ace-wall.
You can answer reviews
or answer surveys to earn points.
In this part here, you will download some apps
and they’ll give you points
when you download it.
Ezpoints.gg is more likely
with other classic surveys way way back before
that you’re required to finish answering the questions
you can watch videos or clips
where there are ads that you must watch,
also with surveys, task,
For website it has task for mobiles
and many other surveys that we can use
as our ways of earnings here.
After you finish taking the surveys
your icon will appear in this section…
Meaning you’ve already earned points.
And in case you’re part of the top leader boards
automatically you’ll be given additional points
to be able to get our pay-outs.
In this kind of survey sites
referral system is also significant
so to know your referral code, go to your account
then click settings
in affiliate system
I put here my referral code
which is Aiza.
you can also set your own referral
and here in their frequently ask questions
in their affiliate system
you can increase your comission up to 20%
and if your referral uses your referral code
you will earn a 1 dollar bonus.
How can we enter a referral code?
Click your “coins”
and click claim code
alrigth so, my referral code here is “Aiza”
and it’s up to you if you will use my referral code
but feel free to comment down your referral code
so that it can be use by other users.
In market place
we can exchange here the points that we have earned.
You can claim at roblox, bitcoin, lite coin, ethereum
paypal usd, paypal euro
or opskin.
I already earned 35,000 points
since I have been gone for two weeks
so what I did was I looked for other survey sites
and earned.
So now, i will share it to you
and let’s see if we can cash out,
I choose paypal USD
here we can set the points
or the amount that we would like to cash out
the minimum withdrawal is $5
so now I will get my 35,000 points
let’s see…
only $25 then click, check
I’ll put my paypal email address here
and I’m not a roboot
then confirm.
okay, “Your application has been accepted
and it will be process within 24 hrs.”
Alright, so let’s just wait til tomorrow
and see if we will receive our cash out
here in Expoints.gg
And we’re back again in my paypal account
and as I can see
GaionOneGroup is paying
and I have received 25 USD
that I’ve cash out in their website.
So here, GaionOne Group
I received payment of 25 US dollars
and the nice thing about this is that
it does not have a transaction fee.
So we can see that
this is a legit and a paying website
and another good thing about here is that it’s 100% free.
this how to use EZPoints.gg
we just have to do offerwalls, answer surveys
watching ads, daily bonuses,
attend raffles and affliate system.
I hope this video will help you
how to earn extra money online.
And please
don’t forget to like, comment down below
and subscribe to my Youtube and telegram channel
and follow me on my social media accounts.
Thank you for watching! This is Aiza Mercado
and have a great day!

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