Eagle Eye – Picking Up Coins Without Metal Detector

I took a train to another town… Playing with kitchen cabinets is my second hobby… 64 Euro?! I spotted a coin, while waiting for the bus. It’s a “One (Euro) Cent”. It was laying on the ground 3 meters away from the sidewalk! When I walked back, I saw another coin… Where was it? Camouflaged! Another Cent, difficult to spot. Maybe I should investigate this lawn… It’s the spot where I have found One U.S. Dime. Another coin! “Two (Euro) Cent”. Unbelievable! Two Cents. Next coin – One Cent. What is going on here… 2 x One Cent. There are many leaves that look like coins, don’t let them fool you. Two Cents. Shiny on the side that had contact with the ground. Another two Cent coin… One Cent. I feel like I’m out with my metal detector. This one was hard to spot. Two Cents. One and two Cents. Hmm… This was a leaf. There it is… Two Cents. Not bad… No, that’s not a prisoner transport van. It’s a public bus! Partners in crime. Trash… And treasure… “Detecting” time: 6 minutes.

39 thoughts on “Eagle Eye – Picking Up Coins Without Metal Detector

  1. Za każdym razem ,,CHODZĄCY BEZ SŁOWA" jak oglądam to zastanawiam się…- kiedy ujawnisz swój wizerunek lub w końcu coś powiesz?🤣😃😉 Pozdrawiam 👍

  2. Du hattest doch mal ein Video wo so viele Pfennige im Wald lagen. Vielleicht war da ja auch mal ne Bushaltestelle.😉

  3. Hi Ready .good find . Here in Canada a lot of people threw away pennies .now that coin is discontinued, a shame as they still price things and tax stuff on the cent .another way to steal from the People. Now I find Toonies(2 dollar coin, Loonies ( 1 dollar coin , quarters, dimes and nickels .. All just at bus stop or crossing the parking lot areas. Thank you for sharing

  4. people do not stop if they drop two or three cents, i know I don't. I should for in my life time I have been with out any money in my pockets and no hope to have any soon..

  5. My best find was one diamond earring, 1/2 carrot. Still have it from about four years ago. I do have a habit of looking around as I walk. Excellent finds🤙

  6. I would like to shop at your stores, cheap prices on sinks and cabinets.

    You can find pennies all over in the U.S. Most people just toss them. The older ones that are full copper are worth more than a penny each so people have recycled them for cash. The newer ones are probably worth less than a penny.

    So you ended up with 20 Euro, now go buy yourself something (O:

  7. That was very nicely done sir, eyes of a Hawk and 2 very good assistance. You were right about the bus lol it looked riot resistant 😀😀😀 enjoyed the vid

  8. Guten Tag! Wie geht es dir mein Freund? Wow, das ist eine Munze! I'm trying some German, hope you understand I'm not very good at it but will keep on trying to improve. Thank you for sharing, I always look forward to watching your wonderful videos they are terrific! I also appreciate your little assistants! Until next time , auf wiedersehen! 🙂 🙂

  9. You are in the money now. If you had an hour you wouldn’t be able to carry it all. Fun video my friend and partners in crime

  10. I do this a lot.  I look for treasure as I walk from place to place.  You almost had money for a bier! well in 1979.  Give my regards to Pinky toes and the General!

  11. Hallo MD24. Das gleiche Waschbecken darf ich auch mein eigen nennen. Der Syphonanschluss ist so ne Sache für sich. Haltet aber mittlerweile schon 6 Jahre 😜 Unglaublich, mit Argusaugen ist das wohl kein Problem. Sehr gut gemacht. Trash amd treasure war amüsant zum Schluss. Gut Fund fürs nächste Mal, LG

  12. Eventually all coins will be gone and everything will be electronic.. In days gone by, one coin was a week's wages and so huge to lose! Now we throw them away 🙁 I wonder why German buses have metal mesh on the windows…is there a zombie apocalypse we don't know about….:D

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