Dropping MONEY on Black Friday! (RIOT)

oh you turn off yeah looking for us
that’s why Matt turns lights off that’s why there’s always no I swear there’s
always got to be a car sex in it video like in my videos I just I love it it’s
too much fun this man’s got low yeah we’re on our way to the mall right now
it’s Black Friday things are better get real crazy hopefully nothing too crazy
go down because well yeah but it’s Friday actually so watch your mouth it’s
Friday 12:20 yeah we’re at the stairs garden right now should be a pretty fun
night you can see what goes down alright so we got the squad aside the mom thank
you faster something wrong yo did you see that cop he was coming to arrest us
we’re going to jail no yeah weird I’ve noticed even though I got the footage
and it’s going in the vlog so I’m gonna pick up the camera as soon as we get inside chunky everybody’s inside already so there’s bottom right now we want to
show you video that shoppers and workers took inside of the mall after that
gunfire police say one man was shot in the arm this is like the most this like
the hardest mother could’ve chose there to go to and all the moms would come
listen this one is where all the malls asks fun okay
so it’s good I got shot not bad that’s my title second I imagine yeah this is
packed I don’t know where we’re going that we met up with chunky and everybody Oh No how do both my sisters at the mall
it’s good we still walking around trying to find the way exactly like that yeah we go io it’s as though we run the whole line
caught everybody hi everyone so I know what is going on here we in
the first store this maze holy like good like tens throw 70% off and then out of
that plus 20% off that’s a good deal yeah you can’t lose that so basically
free yeah but I’m trying to buy some shirts guys every single thing here is
extra light I’m not no day I’m extra large so I gotta find something medium
yeah I can’t find anything that’s a medium working I gotta make progress
whatever happens I’ll be blogging all night so so now we got Thomas Robyn have
over here as well you already know you better sign every paper they have all
around every single paper you know the yes all right so we better throw how much
bro we bought it though $40 he got 20 he got 20 we’re gonna get dollar bills and
we’re gonna throw all of you in front of the Nike store oh you got a bunch of
singles everybody go Yeah right after all this money off
right now often to all those people I accept well you know they’re all staring
already they’re all staring ready we are yeah yeah yeah ready you ready Moonstar war Hey security guard right there he was just
eyeing us and he hopped on his radio so we’re enough he called but I guess we’re
gonna find out where they got time machines at the mall now it’s a time
machine bra five dollars for ten minutes that’s messed up this man is lacking in
the time she’ll an even get copyrighted for this music play with me and we out
here the cops started following us we had to leave follow us I want to pull
out the camera cuz I don’t know if they knew if it was us or not but the second
they were seen the camera I asked them so I tried to keep the camera like in my
pocket as much as I could but yeah we walk it out right now it’s still packed
we check the time look to 13 in the morning guys but guess what
we still got tomorrow night so we’ll have some more footage for you guys
tomorrow night as well but amend this video I figure I’d love you guys someone
tomorrow that’s if it’s a smash that I don’t like my piece

52 thoughts on “Dropping MONEY on Black Friday! (RIOT)


    Btw I’m on the road to 2k! any help is appreciated <3

  2. You are the best keep it up and always much love and always will love your vids your vids Are Better Than Jake Paul and Logan Paul and I dare you to shut up off all the lights in Walmart and go to Meijer and do it because you never did it at Meijer

  3. Post notification squad another great video keep up the good work let's get it let's go stay lit all of your videos put a smile on my face Gang gang luzzisquad

  4. 😂 What the heck why you’re keep on giving💰💵 money to some people in Mall public? Its illegal & you will get yourself arrested to jail in real life by the police.

  5. I had the same idea but i wanted to do it in Timesquare 😂. People kept telling me no because they think i might get arrested lol

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