Dragonfly Capital Partners’ Haseeb Qureshi – “Biggest threat to bitcoin privacy… Neighbors”

I think Bitcoin is somewhat private… like,
the reality is most people are not
trying to like most people’s threat model
for their privacy is not the government…
it’s not random people on the Internet…
it’s the people around them and their direct
competitors, right? And so it really depends on
what you’re doing that defines your
privacy model, right? And there a lot of
people who just actually don’t care and
would be completely ok with doing all
their financial activity out in the open.
There are some people who care tremendously;
would not want anybody at all to know
and it would provide the great distress
to know there’s a possibility that
somebody might know what they’re doing…
And so I think, you know, the nice thing
about crypto is it allows people to opt in
to whatever level of privacy they need.
For the most part that will
assuage most people’s concerns.

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