DotA 2 Guide – Lina Done Quick

Hello everyone Smallkiwi here and this is
how you play Lina.
Lina is an intelligence based ranged nuker.
Her Q is a damaging nuke in a line. Her W
is a delayed AOE stun, her passive E grants
attack and movement speed whenever she casts
and her ultimate is a single target heavy
The most important skill to master when playing
Lina is landing her delayed stun W. To do
this lead your targets a small amount, and
whenever possible cast it on multiple opponents
in a team fight. It is best to combo this
with her Q and if its up, you may choose to
cast her ultimate on a different high priority
target. This will grant lina the maximum 3
stacks of her passive E and allow her to continue
dishing out significant damage while her spells
are on cooldown. Also remember when attacking
towers to cast your W and Q on creep waves
to gain attack speed to take the tower down
Lina is unique as a nuker in that her passive
allows her to scale somewhat into late game.
She is also a somewhat effective farmer and
an excellent pusher, thanks to her W Q combo.
For skills you should max Lina’s Q first,
followed by her E but take a point in W at
level 1 or 2.
Take tangos and don’t forget to buy a courier
if no one else does. Get a circlet to start
with and Use any money you have left to get
Mid game you can build Lina a lot of different
ways depending on your team composition, but
for a support build get yourself a bracer,
arcane boots and a Eul’s scepter and if
you’re fairly fed you could build a mekanism.
Late game consider a scythe of vyse or aghanims
scepter, and if you need defense get shiva’s
guard or linkins sphere. If you prefer to
stack attack damage get a daedelus and/or
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