Don’t Do These 5 Things With Your Money

Don’t do these five
things with your money. It doesn’t matter how much money you make. You could be making $100,000, $200,000, half a million dollars a year, but if you spend every
dollar that you make, you have the cash flow
pattern of a poor person. If you spend like a poor person, you’ll always remain like a poor person. Today I’m gonna teach you five things that you don’t want to do with your money. Remember, it’s not just
how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep. (gun buzzing) First thing you don’t
want to do with your money is to gamble it away
or buy lottery tickets. You see how do you think
those casinos in Vegas, they have these beautiful hotels, right? They make money from
gamblers just like you. Lotteries are for suckers. People who buy lottery tickets, they believe that they need
luck to become wealthy, to become rich, which is not true. Do you know the chances
of you winning a lottery in a single state? It is as high as 18 million to one. In multiple states, sometimes
it’s 120 million to one. That is your chance of winning. So you tell me the odds. And more importantly,
when you are gambling. When you’re buying lottery ticket, what are you telling to yourself? What are you telling to your mind? Is this, the only thing
I’ll become wealthy or financially successful is
that through the luck of draw. It is simply not true. So don’t gamble with your money and do not buy the lottery tickets. Hey, what’re you guys doing? Stop it. Give me that. Give me all the money. Give me the money. And learn your lesson. Now get back to work. (wind whooshing) Second thing you don’t
want to do with your money is to buy things that you don’t like. Don’t get me wrong. I like nice things, but I buy them because I like them, I enjoy owning them or having them. I get pleasure out of it. But most people, they spend money that they don’t have to buy things that they can’t afford to impress people that
they don’t even like. Why? Because of low self esteem. They need validation. They need approval versus
buying what they enjoy. Buy what you enjoy. Don’t do it for other people. Do it for yourself. As Jay-Z said, if you can’t afford to buy it twice, you can’t afford it. Hey, man, you know, I look good. Man, I look good. I may be broke, but I look good. I may be broke, but I look good. You know what’s not cool? Being broke. You know what’s cool? ♪ Da da da da da ♪ The third thing that you don’t want to spend your money on is things that would rot your brain and rob your health. I’m talking about cigarettes I’m talking about alcohol. I’m talking about drugs. Don’t drink. Don’t take drugs Don’t smoke. Because of social pressure. Because it’s cool. Because your friends do it. Because they think you should do it. No, you gotta keep your brain sharp if you want to be successful. You don’t need to have a drink to have a good time. You can just have a good time. Get high on life. Don’t get high on drugs. Don’t get high on alcohol. What the fuck are you guys doing? Read my book. Give me those. (glasses slamming on counter) All you just gotta do,
you got to follow that wave man, follow that wave, like follow the bands and
then the moving average, do one and two and three, just put in 5K, we hold,
and we moon in two days, and we’re gonna double your money man. Got it? Got it. All right, let’s do this, just put it right there. The fourth thing that you
don’t wanna do with your money is to invest something
that you don’t understand. Don’t invest because
your friend tells you so, or some sales person, some
broker tells you to invest. You know why they call it broker? Because they’re broker
than you are, right? Don’t invest because you saw someone making a bunch of money,
you are driven by greed, only invest in what you can understand, what you know, you
gotta study, investigate before you invest. What happened to all my money man? Oh my God. The fifth thing that you don’t
want to do with your money is don’t loan money to friends. I’ve had this happen multiple times. There’s a reason if someone’s
struggling with money, it’s not the first time
they have money problems, chances are they always
have money problems because of the habits they have or bad decisions that they make. Now there’s a difference. If it’s an emergency and
you’re helping them out, then don’t expect to get the money back. The problem is when you
loan money to your friend, and I’ve had this happen to me, when you loan money to your friends, and they cannot pay you back, there’s a lot of guilt,
the guilt kicks in, and then what happens,
you lose your money, and you lose a friend. A much better way to do this if you friend is help, help him solve the problems, if he has addiction problems, he has a gambling problem, solve the problem from its core, right? If, you know what your friends need help and you are able to help and
you are financially able, then just give them the money, but don’t expect to get it back. You see the best thing
that you can do with money is to invest it in yourself. No one can take that away from you. Investing in your own ability
to improve your capabilities, to learn new skill sets, you
can never go wrong with that. So click on the link below
if you want to know what is the number one investment
that you can make. What is the number one skill
that you need to develop if you want to make
more money and also keep more of the money that you have. So go ahead and click a link now.

100 thoughts on “Don’t Do These 5 Things With Your Money

  1. I just love the way you help Dan…I learn a lot from you…love your work …you have me as ur number one fan here in the Philippines

  2. I am so glad that I have been following these points. Yes, I havent yet become as successful as you. But even when I do, I'll always look upto you. I love you Dan. And never can I not like your videos.

  3. 5. Don’t Loan Money to friends
    Was happened with me, 5 Year's past, he didn't return it on my worst financial situation.
    putted me very bad financial situation.

  4. Hey Dan, your video is more of explanation than your seminar the reason is because even the lay man can understand.

  5. Sir Dan its an honor listening you ,the way your video is created the topic ,the presentation the props,the graphics and your very own success story is itself a life lesson and unmatched , love from Pakistan .
    furthermore your presentation and relation making ability on aspects .. are the best.

  6. If we ain't supposed to get high off drugs or alcohol why do you have a bar in your suite or house 🤔😂🔥

  7. Totally agree that if we loan money to someone, don't expect they will pay as they are already struggling with money. Might take yrs if they do pay back.

  8. you are such a great role model for the young generation. such great advice. I'm liking you more and more with each video I watch.

  9. i like all you talk now here
    dont invest if you dont understand -you know dan -what do you think about bitcoin please i want from you

    isaias -from ethiopia

  10. I just witness an uncle buying 10 pack of cigarettes for $150… im over here tryna buy things for diet below $10. Its really insulting for me when people buy things to destroy themselves

  11. Funny:
    I don't gamble. It's a waist of money and time.
    I don't buy a new Iphone, because I like linux based phones like Librem 5 more.
    I do not drink, or smoke. I can't think when I'm dizzy. ( I do buy tons of caffeine stuff tho )
    I didn't invest in cryptocurrencies. Because the algorithm is way too complicated.
    Every time I've given someone a present or helped with money. I didn't even asked anything in return.

    HMMMM… Wait for me Bill Gates. I'll destroy Microsoft.

  12. What if I only need 1k to start my business and I don't even have that because of the age barrier and not being able to get a job. ( By the way my dream is to have a good business where my father doesn't have to work as he gets older. Because right of this moment we are a one income family and still being able to have a roof over our head and good clothes on our back. My mother is a stay at home mom and works really hard to help me with school, she wants me to be successful so I can get out of our small town and she wants me to explore the world and have a big happy family.) (P.S. I'm only 12.)

  13. I tried to gamble and lost my money. I drink sometimes, I buy thing I don’t need, I loan money from my friends, and I invested to something I don’t really understand. Hmm no wonder I’m broke😔. But I believe majority of us has gone so far to this and I believe life is just teaching us a lesson. And you reading this, it’s time to CHANGE!

  14. I've come up with my own quote to live by and I developed it from personal experience.
    "Those who take the path of least resistance deserve the least assistance."
    I now hold a US patent. Work 7 days/week living by myself without other people's headaches while I inch closer to my success with my invention.

  15. Instead of buying Starbucks or drive a Mercedes Benz. I still buy tickets. Np more than $10 a month. I know. But take a chance. You never know. I don't buy bottle water.

  16. Well when I was 14 I had ten pound and then I bought a lawn mower that needed working on so I fixed it up made £30. Then I brought another for £25 pound then I made £60 pound then it got bigger and bigger and I made £400 pound in 2 weeks non stop investing.

  17. You are right not to play the lottery
    But in my life I also want to do something I have my plan to open the business. For that I need the money. Iam a abroad student . I also work but that is not sufficient for my study fee and my family and the business that I have dream.
    So right now only hope is to win the lottery until I stay abroad because in my country there’s no such thing like lottery.

  18. The number one.. investment i can..make is to read books…and take action which help in sustainable development of our economy….and taking everybody to next level…books never leave me alone😃

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