Do We Live in a Police State? | Ron Paul

Really, Dr. Paul doesn’t need an introduction to most of you.
I’m sure everyone in this room knows all about his congressional career and presidential campaigns but
I’ve had a chance to meet him and
some of his family members. It’s been a very great experience for me and we all know what he’s done for
liberty over the years and all the personal time and effort he
gave. I’m not sure everybody really
understands how many hours in his life he probably gave on flights, in airports,
and speaking to groups that were a lot
smaller than this back in the 1970s and 1980s before we had, you know, wonder-us technology that can bring
us all together. But, apart from what he’s done for
liberty, I mean almost single-handedly he has brought thousands upon thousands of,
especially young people, to the works of Mises, Rothbard, Hoppa, and to the Mises Institute its self. So, we
appreciate that and with without further former adieu, Dr. Ron Paul. Thank you very much! It’s nice to be here. It’s nice among friends. I understand you’ve been spending a little
bit of time talking about the police state and I’m sure there’s been dire warnings
and we’re worried about it. I remember writing
an article for my freedom report, must been 10 years ago or so maybe even
longer, and I said do we live in a police state?
And I recall somebody writing a letter and they said, “Where are you? Are you wondering whether we live
in a police state?” And that was 10 years ago, so, now things have changed everybody
knows we we live in a police state and I think that’s progress, not progress that
we all live in a police state, but progress that the people are waking
up. They realize what’s happening and
they’re getting annoyed and I think that is a great degree of progress that we’re making. You know all revolutions, from my
viewpoint throughout history, have always been a revolt against the police state. When
governments get out of control they over control the people. Whether you go far
back as Roman times to more recent history, finally the
people rise up and a either the system
exhaust itself or aggravated enough to motivate the
people or the intellectuals came along and said there’s a much better way. You know, when- in the 20th century I was born
in ’35, and I consider in my memory probably one of the most important in
years for the acknowledgement, any attack on
the police state, was 1989. I think 1989 was a fantastic year: first, of course, we know that the Berlin
Wall came down in 1989. Within a few years the soviet system was totally gone and it wouldn’t have surprised Mises.
Mises told us before it even was well organized
that socialism doesn’t work and it would fail. and sure enough it it didn’t fail.
But, the people rose up and finally when they stormed the walls- you know the berlin wall, and started
tearing it down next day or a few weeks the
whole wall was torn down and Germany was reunified and soviet
system collapsed at three years later. So, in many ways this revolt against the police state with miraculous and
fantastic and I think one of the most important
things is that I remember the cold war so well because I was drafted. I got put in
the military and there was this fear, I mean there were missiles in Cuba and we have a lot of
worries he and all of a sudden, they just went away and there was an intellectual reason for that but there was the collapse of a failed system that happened, but 12 countries just were divided away and they got
their independence back again. There was cessation and it was- to me was like a miracle that this
happened and when Gorbachev, you know, resigned: turned the leadership
over to Yeltsin. He literally, you know in a way, handed
over the keys to a nuclear arsenal and I think that is the way that we might look at how, you know, the police state may
dissipate or disappear. So as bad as it is, there’s still if we do the intellectual work right and
get the support. Intellectual leadership has to be there
the masses the numbers of people have to go along either out of need for
it or they have no place else to go and
certainly of bankruptcy helps us along. But, also in 1989, matter of fact, a short couple months before the Berlin fell, we hand the incident, minor little
incident, at tiananmen square and this was fantastic. Back then, I imagine the
internet was working but it wasn’t as active as it is today but I remembered the
people did have some cell phone but they had faxes and we got a lot of information and there were- a lot of coverage of what was happening then. But, during the tiananmen square incident, they
called it, we know that that it was
referred to as a massacre. The tanks came in, a lot of the Chinese were revolutionaries were killed and the
government won. The one incident there that i think is fantastic, was the incident involving the tank man. I was so impressed, and I’m sure so
many you remember that one chinese young man, right now nobody really has
his name, some people suggest he was a 19-year-old student, to walk out in a column of tanks coming down the streets to take over and he
just stood there. And, the tank would turn and he’d walk over
and get in front of it. You know, I hear some pundits on a few of
our TV stations and making fun about who’s brave and who isn’t brave and that people who fight us overseas, they’re
not brave because they’ll sneak up on us. But, I would consider the tank man one brave sort of man. And, the picture impressed me a lot and I
mention it and it was in 1999 I recall my staff, knew how much I admired the picture, went
out, they didn’t just take a clipping of the picture or take it off the internet, they actually purchased it through AP, because it was an AP photographer that did this, and got
permission and framed this for me as a picture that I’ve had in my office. I think is so symbolic about
man against the state. Okay, in the soviet system
we had the failure of the state. It was glaring
and the Soviet system collapsed and they admitted it but that’s not the case in China. You
would say it was a total failure, the young man was pulled away and nobody
ever found him again, probably was shot, the government
won; they had the tanks and there was this
tremendous oppression once again. But, I am convinced the tank man won. He won
because he ushered in an age, China has changed, they still call
themselves communists but guess what I’ve had business people
tell me the you can start a business in China
easier than you can start a business in United States and thats pretty bad for us and probably good news
for China. So, this is something that I’ve often thought about and the tank man, you know, represents the independence and the liberties. Now, I call him a hero, but today who are our
heroes? I mean, from the media they’re always
people in our military who have killed a lot of other people. The people who are great
sharpshooters, the people who dropped bombs, the people who run drone missiles and they never get
criticized in the major media for killing innocents
but they they become a hero. Everybody who has a uniform now is a hero, but what about somebody who
wants to tell the truth? What if you have a Edward Snowden that
finally speaks out and talks about the truth? He becomes a traitor in there eyes. I
call Edwards snowden a true hero like the tank man. I think the results of what has happened in China: not only are they more
capitalistic but there are bankers, even though they call themselves a communist (country). But, there was an article in the Houston paper here just the
other day- Houston became the sixth American city that had daily nonstop flights to Beijing and I thought isn’t that something. When I was in high
school I remember very clearly a teacher that Carol and I had in high
school was redrafted, he had been in world war II, he was one of our coaches, was sent to
Korea and got killed. I said, just think of the difference that
is gone going on now because I don’t think- I think the
founders were right, we’re not as likely to fight the
Chinese now over an incident because there’s so much
invested. Now, does that mean I’m going to defend the Chinese government? No, that’s- I would hardly defend them on their own civil liberties but I look at it this way: I’m not in
charge of that I was always quite willing to avoid getting in
that discussion in Washington, I said our responsibility is the deal
with the violations of civil liberties in this country and not think we know what to tell the
Chinese what to do with their violation. You know now just recently we’ve had
some more revolutions going on the Arab
Spring a I’m sure Daniel, who’s the real expert
on foreign policy, would know exactly how many revolutions there have been and there’s been a bunch. Some look like, you know, they’re questionable. But, I
think to get a million people on the street there has to be a sentiment, the people are disgusted with what they
have. Unfortunately, most revolutions end up being coopted; we go from one tyranny to another many
ways this is what happened in russia. Although, it’s better off they got
rid the soviet system, they have another form there which is
closer to unfortunately they drifted toward us with Keynesian economics and corporatism and drifting more toward fascism. But the Arab Springs there were
quite a few I’m sure the people were unhappy with their dictators and yet they do want them to join a leader that would lead the way and
solve all the problems. Well, I think the worst example of us being
involved in one is Egypt, you know we propped up a military
government for around thirty, forty years to the tune of
forty billion dollars and then when people become
disgruntled we support the rebels and we get him thrown
thrown out. We insist on democracy! Democracy is much
better than tyranny. So, may have an election. may somebody,
but we don’t like them! So we have to say well we don’t like you
anymore, we’re going back to the military dictatorship that now, of course, we’re gonna have another
election and we’ll pick and choose. Well, I think all that mischief that we
get involved with and because these Arab Spring revolts
didn’t work out so well I think it’s because we shouldn’t be involved and we should
be out of those things that would be much better off if we weren’t involved at all.
But, you know in this country there’s been a fair amount of resentment against
the police state already and this is where I, you know, tend to be
optimistic. I’m still hoping things are going to be a lot
better than they seem because if you look at it right now, you’ll say it’s getting worse because, you know, look at what the NSA’s doing, what
the FBI and CIA is doing. The CIA has a mean one thing about this known and I release some information we found
out I as congressman I did now but we found
out dad to the CIA gets fifteen billion dollars a
year and the NSA gets $10 billion a year. $25 billion dollars but we’re safe and free,
so why should we complain? You know they’ll take care of us and
protect our liberties and you know you just have to send them some
money in given a little be your freedoms up and everybody will be happy. But, this is a movement- I think were really in
the middle of something going on in this country because though I mentioned at the
beginning about the revolution that the Mises institute has been
involved in and other organizations in a similar fashion changing people’s minds, we have also seen that something’s happening here and i’d aidid, you know in a
political sense which is a consequence of the intellectual changer, from 2007 and- does anybody recall what December
16 2007 was all about? There might be a few.
December 16 was the anniversary of the original Tea Party. And, the
campaign effort spontaneously wasn’t my idea,
I don’t believe is was any idea in our campaign, was to let’s, you know, let’s have a
demonstration! Let’s support these positions that have
been expounded in the campaign. So, they had a fundraising day and I’m they also had events
around the country and there were only probably hundreds in involved in some
of the events, but thousands if not millions of people
started to realize something different was going on in in that campaign. So, yes I think that
was and the word revolution was
frequently used with our campaign. So, there is and was a revolution going
on at that a particular time but that was tea partying and we had a lot to say about what the
principals are, what we believed in and that was the movement. But, what about the success of that? Where’s the Tea Party- how long did the
Tea Party have a have relatively pure message about
liberty? Not too long, it was coopted people saw yeah there’s a
movement they’re disgruntled, let’s capture this and use it for
our side. So guess what, a few republicans in your
organization they thought it was a good idea to actually-
politically they used it to their advantage but they co-opted the issues and in
particular the issue they most co-opted there was a foreign policy issue
and I don’t think that was that was by accident. So this was something that certainly was was going on and the people the people knew data a true revolution was occurring so I the Tea Party movement is still
there but I believe the real revolution is
still there and it’s loud and strong I would like to see that it be more,
you know, carry through intellectually as that one single man
was able to do; the tank man because he won in the end. You know,
eventually in many ways China was
demilitarized and they stopped fighting the wars so I think that there’s every reason
to believe that the police state is
going to continue to crumble because it’s out there. I think one
thing that we have to accept about who gets the credit. Let’s say that
I’m right in we keep moving that way and we will make a large advancement in undermining the
police state I mean if we worry about who gets the
credit it becomes a problem. I think
everybody and nobody gets the credit, it’s an intellectual thing and it’s gonna be
diverse, but I am convinced that we’re moving
in that direction because a lot of good things have
happened since then. First off, you know after the campaign I remember in ’07 the
issue of the economy came up and I took the position I thought the
economy was in shambles, there’s a lot malinvestment, bubbles there and something big is going to happen and at least by the fall of ’08
we had two presidential candidates rushing back to Washington to vote for
the bailout. So, that was a big issue that was an
issue that those of us who were unhappy with
what was happening and the gigantic nature our government and that
things were going wrong and I think there was this tremendous confirmation how bad the economy was and
a collpase of what was going on but I I think the
message was just like when the soviet system collapsed, it was clear evidence that socialism
can’t work and it’s something different had to
replace it. But I think what’s happening now, especially
with this last collapse because just printing the money hasn’t solved the
problem, I believe now that we are witnessing the
period of time when Keynesianism as a whole has been totally discredited and they’re
not going to stay in charge much longer. Another place I think the revolution has won is say about the Federal Reserve. I mean you know how long- I’ve been working on the federal reserve
since I first went to congress in ’96. Few people would talk about
it, but since 2007 we have had two times the house
represent voted to audit the Federal Reserve! That means
the people are behind this; eighty percent people say we ought to audit the Federal Reserve. So I would say
that is an achievement along with this change in the attack on the police state. But it’s also in another place in
money there’s been a victory and that is in
competing currencies. You know, I don’t think- I don’t work under
the assumption that if we get 10 more people in Washington things are going to be okay and we’re
gonna win the vote. That’s not going to happen. What we have to do is get enough freedom to
release the creative energy and come up with alternatives to the government and right now you know
we have competing currencies. There’s competing currencies out
there I don’t even understand them, but if they’re competing with the Federal
Reserve notes, I’m all for it. Of course, ultimately I think the metals
will compete with the paper but if you have computer money that
works and they don’t put you in jail, that’s all the better for it. And of course if you have competing currencies in a private market the prohibition is against fraud. You
can’t act like a government and counterfeit
the money and commit fraud but at least the principles out there
where competing currencies are existing and even those individuals,
like Bernanke when he’s asked he doesn’t come down hard and [say] “oh we have to stop this” if it ever becomes a truly competing
currency I think they may have second thoughts about it but anyway I think it’s another
place where we’ve had some victories. And the other thing
is there’s a change in attitude I mean the police state up until now
has always had, “the president decides when we go to war,”
“congress has nothing to say about it,” “we go the UN,” “we go to NATO”
and “the presidency, it’s a unitary presidency,” and “the president has this power to do it,”
but guess what, what happened when the people decided
they weren’t ready for a new war in Syria? The people spoke out they were talking
our message, “don’t do it,” and hold back on starting to bomb Iran and guess what
we’re talking to Iran, hopefully that continues. At the same time it looks like Assad is
a friend of everybody now they’re actually talking to him and he’s wanting a peace conference. I mean, to me it’s pretty neat it’s- pretty miraculous, so I think in many ways we are winning this and undermining, at least on
principle, so much of what the police state stands for. Take another area where we’re winning and Tom Woods had a lot to do with this,
and that is emphasize the issue of nullification. I’ve always argued the case that
notification has come. Probably won’t come with congress
passing laws, say okay we recognize that that’s a basic principle
and we’re gonna ride alongs make sure that the states can nullify the laws. Always assume the worse the
federal government gets and more broken it gets, the more people will act out on their own. But just think of what’s happening with
nullification. I think this whole thing about the
drug laws, I mean the states have taken over and as of January- and when
people ask me about the legalization of marijuana I always make the very strong point: I don’t have a whole lot of interest in
marijuana, but I have a whole lot of interest in
freedom of choice and people making up their own minds
about issues like that. But what of the NSA? We’re making great progress now because of a hero like Snowden. He’s telling us about it,
information that’s the most important thing that’s what you have to know and have to
have in order to make a some decisions but several states now and communities are fighting back. Like the place where the big NSA building is in Utah, they’re moving to deny utilities to to the building. I think it’s a great idea! I think there’s another- I think there
might be some of that going on in California. Just deny the utilities so people can resist. They have
a neat old building there, but they don’t have water or electricity maybe they’ll have more trouble. Who knows what they’ll do but it
means that people can stand up to the state. Also, one thing I frequently admit is that I don’t have, you know, full
grasp of all the technology that is available. I use a computer, but I have to work at
it. But, I have great faith and confidence in free minds and the government now is way too
intrusive everybody knows about it I believe that
private enterprise can come up with things that can monitor what our government’s
doing and make sure that we can exclude that
can protect the private exchange information. I
don’t know that technologically but I happen to have confidence that that
could happen and there are people working on that all the time; on the Ron Paul channel we get people on
that work on this issue and really believe there are ways you can
circumvent, is not going to be easy, it’s gonna be
tough and you’re gonna meet resistance, but I think that is the best way to fight it rather than thinking and that tomorrow all of a sudden we’re going to have sensible people running our government in Washington DC. We now recognize that, mainly
because what’s happened the last six months, that whistle blowing isn’t a bad thing. Supposed to be a good thing but then as long as you don’t tell secrets about the government- you’re allowed others secrets but not about the
government so therefore whistle blowers are usually treated Bradley Manning you get beat up tortured
and thrown into prison but I think the American people
now, by large majority, think Snowden’s a pretty neat guy and he’s been very helpful. So, I think
whistle blowing he is helping us a whole lot to tell us more truth about what’s happening to the government and this will be
beneficial when we know the truth and we see the failure when we saw a failure of the economy in ’08 and ’09 that was helpful to make our case and I
think the more failure we have economically and politically, the more opportunities at work we’re
going to have. Also, it’s been taught to too many people for too long that deficits really don’t matter. Now,
conservatives always said they were concerned about deficits but we know that they weren’t concerned
about it because as long as you’re spending for the military-industrial complex and for big corporations and banks and their privileged clients you know it wasn’t a
big deal but I think people now are saying well maybe there is something to
this. It looks like Detroit’s about to run
out of money or is it true that they already ran outta money and I understand somebody told me I,
I hope this is true, that they can’t afford the police anymore but the city’s become safer. And all the matter of that is the way we
take care of ourselves and provide protection not only economically but physically. It should be
by us as individuals or friends and neighbors and families to take care of it. So, all these
things I believe are moving in the right right direction and
exposing the government for their short comes in there and their fallacy . When I think about the tank man, he was representing something that I often mention and Victor Hugo said, “an idea whose
time has come, can’t be stopped.” can’t be stopped by a tank. So the tank man had the right idea and
his vision prevailed; really, the tanks the didn’t stop him. Yeah, you know, momentarily they
did but ultimately the tanks can’t do it. But the ideas and what’s happening in
this country today are so powerful and so exciting that there’s reason for us to have at least enough hope to keep plugging
away and we recognize this so we won’t become despondent because next year we have an
election and Republicans take over the house and then two years after that then we have a republican president, how wonderful, and then you didn’t get good
results. Well, don’t hold your breath for that these things and I’m talking about here
whether it’s personal security and surveillance, or competing currencies, whether it’s the
Federal Reserve, whether it’s don’t bomb Syria, guess what?
It has nothing to do with partisan politics. The issues we’re winning are nonpartisan, they’re endorsed by the independents. The
independents now are the largest number people compared to
Republicans and Democrats. So, these ideas- and it’s not compromise; it’s not coming
together by giving up a half for what you believe in, it’s by sticking to your guns and believe
in something and you can bring both left and right
together with this freedom message. I am convinced. I’ve worked a long time on promoting the
cause of liberty and a lot of people ask me, what does that all mean? Well, it means to
me that we each have a right to our
lives and a right to our liberties and our lives and our liberties do not
come from our government, they come from a creator or they come to us in a natural way and there’s also a responsibility that goes
along with this, the responsibility is to take care of
ourselves and never demand, never take from other
people. There is a golden rule involved in that you can’t steal from your
neighbor and we’d like to apply that rule to the
government too. They can’t take from your neighbors as well. You might argue, Ron, you’re just kidding yourself, what happened to you in South Carolina when you suggested
that we have a golden rule in foreign policy? That we do not do anything to another
nation that we didn’t wanna have them do to us. Well, in that very very strong republican forum that day I got booed. Could you
imagine that? I mean, that’s so embarrassing. Being booed on national television. But, I tell you what, though, I really think our time is coming. It’s here, and it’s changing, it is ideological and if we understand this principle of liberty what I see happens is that releases the
creative energy and we don’t get dependent. And you may say, well people
are always dependent. I think that is true, people they will
always be, matter fact it might even be the majority, but the majority always follows leadership.
In a leadership, in the world, throughout the 20th century
had been really vicious tyranny. Today, it’s
still dictatorship in economics and
regulations and statism and a police state mentality. But, I really am convinced that we are moving in this direction where people
are recognizing the benefits. So, if the majority into the leadership is representing a certain viewpoint, this is also the reason why I’m a strong believer in private education and home education as well, to get the people to grasp roots. You know, there was an interesting
statistic from North Carolina the other day that I thought was pretty neat. The governor was in and one thing he did he he cut off- because they’re on a money,
he cut off the extension of unemployment benefits.
Guess what? Unemployment went down. People went out and got a job now, isn’t that astounding? I didn’t get a check from the government, maybe they’re serious. Well, they’re going to be serious ’cause we’re broke. I’m gonna welcome the bankruptcy
because it’s gonna wake up more people but it’s up to us to fill the void- fill the voids to be able to protect
oneself physically and financially at the same
time, ultimately the protection comes from protecting and moving the cause of liberty. And, we have a much better chance than even the soviet system or the Russians because their traditions weren’t nearly
as good as ours. We, at one time, had sound money,
you know, and we believed in civil liberties, we had a pretense with the
constitution that we’re supposed to have this freedom and property rights and contract rights and that’s when we were a bit more vibrant economy and the wealthiest in the in the
world. Did you see the statistic the other day by Heritage? We’re twelfth now as far as having a free economic system. Ethiopia- no, uh, pardon me? Estonia! Estonia’s ahead of us now! You know, I remember a very short story about Estonia, Carol and I had a very good friend that the husband fought in the Russian
Revolution with the cossacks and came here. They became very close friends and he
was a fishermen and his wife was an Estonian and she went back she had a heartbreaking story when she came back. And this, of course, in 1960, the height of the Cold War. She went
back there and the family was so glad to see her the celebration was to get an egg, one egg, and fry it and watch her eat it. And I thought, holy- they didn’t even have any idea that this woman, because she moved to
America where she worked hard, had a big business she could go and buy 10 dozen eggs in a
day and wouldn’t even be a blink of the eye. But now, they’re a head
of America! So there must be some good thinking
people in Estonia and must have a better
tax system. Who knows exactly- somebody sitting here probably knows- so things must be better there. But it turned around! And we’re going in the wrong direction but there’s no reason to believe that
we can’t wake people up on those issues that I mentioned. We have woken up, we have seen the changes. It’s very positive. One other personal reason why I
think the concept of liberty is so important is that it releases this creative energy but if our personal goal is virtue and excellence, which is a personal matter, it is so much easier to work on that in a
free society than when the governments involved. You
know, when the government thinks they know what is virtuous and what is excellent, and what is fair, and what kind of economy
we have, and how we have to spread our exceptionalism around the world, that’s where the real crime is. So in
Liberty that all falls on ourselves. When governments get involved in this
idea that they know what’s best for you to do to know how to promote virtue and excellence, believe me there’s no other way to do that without
the crushing of personal liberty. And it’s been going on
for a long time I believe the American people are are
waking up and there are exciting things ahead and it should not discourage us, it should
encourage us to do all that we can because the work of an institute like the
Mises Institute does their job, the attitudes will change. It will change even more rapidly because of our ability to spread information today and it’s going to be much more rapid as we
see the deterioration of the state. And, believe me there’s a different
attitude about economics and I could see it was very dramatic after the collapse of the economy in ’07, ’08. And they have to admit the truth and I think the statistics are going to start bearing that out. Today all you read about is, well, stocks are going great and yet the poor are getting poorer,
the middle class is getting smaller, and there’s more grumbling. And the
reason why this is so important, and this is not a theoretical thing for me, this is important because it’s in our best interest to do this because
if people don’t understand this, then it’s going to be political chaos. That’s what we have to fear. You know, the soviet system didn’t end up with too much political chaos and China got by with it. There’s been more in these Arab
Springs so-called revolutions, but there’s a lot of demand out there.
Hopefully, it’ll be more like what happened in North Carolina: cut off the benefits and go to work. That’s going to be a better way and hopefully that will be it. But that
opportunity’s coming and we should all be excited about that.
I want to thank everybody once again, want to thank
Lew and Jeff for having me here today. It was great visiting with you. Thank you
very much.

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  4. All movements are quickly extinquished by greedy politicians and thier self interests.They use the two party system to divide the american people.Wake the f up. we all want basically the same thing yet who ends up wealthy and above the law? sure the hell aint the common person.

  5. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the fall of the Berlin War was yet another American ploy in hopes of achieving world domination.  Think about it.  What's easier: trying to take control of the entire USSR all at once, or having the USSR disassemble itself into separate countries where the US would be able to manipulate world leaders, and thus gain land and resources that would otherwise not be theirs?  The Afghan War clearly shows that it was about gaining the fields so they could continue with their drug obsessions.

  6. The great Revolutions of the past never began from the barrel of a gun, but from the critical recesses of the mind. When the veil of the illusion is taken down from your eyes and you finally see that monster in front of you whom you've been taught to love and trust your whole life, only then is when you decide to break away from it's grip. When the minority begins to spot this monster, they then tell everyone they can. That minority overtime becomes the majority, and the revolution moves from being based solely in the mind, to being applied to action.

  7. Paul's revolt is growing in popularity, and more people are listening. I suspect he won't be around much longer. True threats to the State do not last. I hope I am wrong because Paul is a true glimmer of hope in this evil world, but I predict some odd accident will befall him.

  8. Most Americans have no idea what they lost out on when they let the mainstream media tell them who to vote for.

  9. "Everyone knows we live in a police state."  If only that were true.  The New York Times clearly does not know we live in a police state.

  10. This man was in Congress for how many years….??..and did not expose the corruption….the corrupt elections, the criminals in office… I am no longer enamored with this guy…he is just another 'official'…another politician….

  11. An alternative to hallucinating government? A society of mutually voluntary interaction based on the principals of self ownership and non aggression!

  12. Libertarians are great at pointing out problems, but short on solutions; they inevitably infer that people just need to elect the "right" candidates, but that's just hoping for benevolent dictatorship, since the People can't overrule their own government. 
    Until democracy is restored, oligarchy will reign; and fascism is INEVITABLE under it.

  13. Huge Paul and Mises fan. However, to say Mises predicted the Soviet system would fail is a bit disingenuous. He stated that in the 1920's this system failed some 70+ years later. Saying he "predicted it" implies that one can draw Mises statements directly to the cause of the collapse. With 70+ years in between causing an infinite amount of variables it can not be rationally said he predicted it. Congressman Paul predicted the economic collapse because he did so on the house floor and it collapsed in almost the exact way his speech said it would. That is a prediction, Mises statement about the system not being able to work, was not a prediction.

  14. Pretty good speech, but I have not heard of drone operators being referred to as heroes. Also, the whole "middle class is shrinking" has become a real cliché. Same with poor getting poorer.

  15. Truth…early stages, the worst is yet to come. Why is it being organized this way, they are engineering this financial-economic collapse and just want to be prepared for the waves of social unrest that are going to hit when the next crash slams ashore…

  16. In Syracuse NY, the police beat innocent children over the head until they are not breathing and soaked in blood. Then they take the little boy downtown and get him naked and mess up his mind for the rest of his life. Then they say we are really gonna fuc* you up. There is no protection and no recourse from the brutal heinous crimes of government authorities.

  17. I've seen it personally, and WE have 'seen' it since the fugitive slave act. End all slave patrols now.

  18. You can thank your insane, sick, demented and malignant narcophobe war machine (drug war) for bringing in the police state. The drug war has dropped one huge, foul smelling, wet sloppy and tenacious stool on our Bill of Rights, Constitution and our due process of law during these last 30-40 years. Not too mention allows government to steal your property without just cause.

  19. We have to prove our innocence of illegal drug use to get a job even though we haven't been charged. Whatever happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty? And these drug "screens" are notoriously unreliable1

  20. Every US war since WWII has been fought under the direction of ONE MAN, the President, without the Constitutionally required Congressional Declaration of War. The War Powers Act is not only Unconstitutional, it's PLAIN STUPID and downright INSANE! And, by the way, the military draft also violates the US Constitution, which forbids involuntary servitude. It doesn't make an exception for the military.

  21. Thanks a lot to 'he who shall not be named' Israel. Ron Paul and everyone else that makes money telling us how bad our situation is without ever intending to change it.

  22. germany is not re-unified. we are not – as stated on the un´s list of member states governed by a German government, but still by the federal republic thereof, though it clearly states on the un´s website that the federal republic merged with the gdr into the united Germany. the only thing that changed is that not a single official document or letter from which department or ministry it may come is signed in a legally binding way since 1990. strange, isn't it?

  23. Yea you can get arrested for anything now adays. Like one guy posted a picture of himself holding a gun and it said im ready for the revolt when the traitors try to take away our rights it said something like that and he got arrested and sentenced to 3 years in prison. America is becoming the very thing we fought against and its truly disturbing.

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