You can perform the simple trick of making
a coin disappear by using two transparent glasses. This experiment uses the properties
of refraction of light. We have to perform this trick by viewing the coins from the side
and not from the top. So try playing by viewing it from different positions and see in which
cases can you make the coin disappear. First take these two coins and put one coin underneath
the glass and one coin inside the glass. Now start pouring water in the glass and you’ll
see the coin actually disappears. We have performed the trick. Now if you pour water
inside the other glass where the coin is sitting inside the glass, you can keep seeing the
coin. Of-course, if you go above the glass and start seeing you will see the coin in
both the cases. So the trick is to see the coin from the side. You see the coin is still
present behind the glass but you cannot see it; and there is of-course no coin underneath
the other glass. Now why is this happening. Now this is because of the refraction of light.
In both the cases, the path of light is the same except for the case when the coin is
under the glass, the light has to go from air to the glass and then inside the water
because the coin is under the glass. Because of the refractive index of air is much less
than that of glass, the light completely bends around the coin and so you cannot see it.
So if you change the viewing angle and come more closer towards the top of the glass,
you might actually be able to see the coin. And that is the science behind this disappearing
coin trick.

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